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Do I Really Need Super Fast Internet?

Most technology gets better with time and the internet is no different.

From listening to the high pitched noise of dial-up internet connecting at 56k in the late ’90s to the seemingly instantaneous downloading of the entire box set, we’ve come a long way in a relatively short time.

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And with each year that passes, we seem to be offered even faster broadband connections. A quick search online and you can see some providers offering eye-wateringly fast connections of up to 350MB. Wow!

The question is, am I REALLY going to use/need that kind of internet speed and is it really worth the extra monthly outlay? This quick guide will help you decide.

Can I afford the extra cost?

A top fibre broadband connection will cost up to and above £40 a month (almost £500 a year). For those on low or even moderate incomes, this can be quite a considerable cost versus a more basic connection.

However, if you are likely to utilise this kind of high-speed connection, either for leisure, work, or both, then this kind of extra investment might be worth making.

With an increasing number of people now working from home and able to claim some expenses for home working, the cost may be easier to bear for some. 

If you are thinking of upgrading make sure you get the best broadband deals before switching.

What do I use the internet for?

One of your main considerations should be your current internet usage habits.

Are you a Netflix junkie, do you play console games online, and do your kids have mobile and tablets sucking up the bandwidth?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you should opt for a fast package.

However, if you send the odd email and occasionally use the web to check the weather, maybe hyper-fast internet isn’t for you.

One thing that is worth bearing in mind is super fast broadband is often one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you get it - once you have it you get used to it and use the web more often as a consequence.

Do I need to switch providers?

Not all broadband providers offer the same speeds. Some offer basic and high speed, whilst others have multiple speeds available depending on your budget.

You may, in fact, need to change provider in order to get the maximum speed available in your area, for example, if you want to move to a fibre connection.

Another consideration is where you live as not every geographic location has the ability to connect to the highest speeds. 

In fact, many rural locations are a long way behind the speeds that can be enjoyed in more urban and metropolitan areas.

In conclusion, the choice of whether you should upgrade to a high-speed internet connection should be based on individual circumstances including usage habits, budgetary considerations and location.

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