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Squeeky Cleaners Review

A quick review of Squeeky Cleaners. Eco-friendly, 100% natural and organic cleaning brand that kills 99.9% of all viruses and germs.

Squeeky cleaners have a range of products to make all areas of the home and garden super clean.

Image supplied by Squeeky Shop
Squeeky Cleaners Life Bottle

Their range includes multi-purpose cleaner, limescale remover, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner or polish.

Today, I'm reviewing their multi-purpose cleaner. I think we'd all be surprised at just how many pollutants are in an everyday home from chemical cleaning products.

The Squeeky cleaners range is 100% natural, organic, eco-friendly, pet safe and vegan-friendly cleaning products which are great for the home and planet.

There's no need to be using harsh chemicals to keep your house nice and clean.

Plant based

I love that all of the Squeeky Cleaners products are plant based and are made with essential oils so they are safe and claim to kill over 99.9% of all germs and viruses; that's gotta be a good thing.

Time to rethink cleaning and go plastic free

So you may have your reusable water bottle and coffee cup, but what about all those single-use plastic bottles under the sink?

I don't know about you but I've got more cleaning product bottles under my sink than you can shake a stick at! So I'm going to sort that out and buy these instead.

Refills available

Plastic free aluminium concentrate refill bottles contain two doses so you can refill your Squeeky Life Bottle.

All you do id pour half (50ml) into your multi purpose surface cleaner Squeeky life bottle and fill up with water from the tap, give it a shake and you can carry on cleaning!

Do Squeeky Cleaners smell nice?

The products have their own natural scent, I can only comment on the multi-purpose cleaner as I haven't tried the others.

Because only natural ingredients are used I'm assuming they will all smell the same. Honestly can't say that it smells of anything in particular but it does have a nice clean smell if that makes sense.

What do I love about Squeeky Cleaners?

  • First of all, they are made in the UK. The bottle is plastic free as are the refills and the fact that you can buy refills is just brilliant.
  • They are pet friendly, organic and vegan, not that we're vegan but of course, it's another plus.
  • The product contains a natural degreaser and yet it makes a great job of cleaning my stovetop and also does a great job in the bathroom.

Where can you buy Squeeky Cleaners products?

Pop over to the Squeeky Cleaners Shop plus you can find them on FaceBook - search for SqueekyShop.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to try. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write anything positive.

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