Beer52 Craft Beer Club - Review is an online company that delivers exclusive small batch craft beers to your door.
Members are sent a selection of either 8 or 10 great beers every month, along with a little snack as well as a copy of their magazine Ferment.
Having been sent a box to try, I can tell you we think this is an amazing beer club to join.

On opening the box you find a few money off vouchers for various online retailers (very useful) along with a nice surprise snack.....Metcalfe's Popcorn Crisps are to be recommended!
Read on to find out more and how to get £10 off of your first box!

New Cirque Range from Premier Housewares - Review

Scandi style is a big thing this season and with that in mind Premier Housewares have just launched a lovely range called Cirque adding a subtle splash of colour to your kitchen.

The Cirque collection matches well with Premier Housewares new 'Slate' range of tableware which includes a Slate Cake Stand which you might want to check out. 

The simple design of muted colours from Single Oven Gloves, Double Oven Gloves, Tea Towels, Apron, Lap tray, Placemats and Coasters.  There's also a set of 4 mugs and a 12 piece Dinner Set to complete the range .

Cirque Double Oven Gloves are made from 100% cotton and are washable at 30c selling at £10.99 
They are comfortable to wear and are nicely padded - they have a hanging loop for easy storage.

Cirque Apron; height 87 cm x Width 69 cm with an adjustable neck strap.  Made from 100% cotton and is machine washable at 30c


Foodie Roundup - Zesters Graters Chocolates Snacks Nibbles and Beers

A quick roundup post of some of the lovely new products which I've been very kindly sent this month to try.
Microplane® Premium Classic Zester
The long, narrow, rasp-style design of the Premium Classic Zester is now available in white and grey and combines a long-lasting stainless steel blade; 400 micro-teeth with an ergonomic soft-touch handle to produce a high-performance grater.  I really love this grater it does a fantastic job with little effort.

Microplane® Gourmet Series
Red and green are the latest additions to the paddle-style Gourmet Series.  Five graters are available including Coarse, Fine, Ribbon, Large Shaver or Extra Coarse which deliver various grating results to suit your needs.  All blades have been made in the USA using clever photo-etching technology to make an extremely sharp blade - the Gourmet Series cuts quickly and effortlessly through hard and soft foods without tearing.
I say Microplane are the bees knees of graters!


Strawberry Blueberry and Apple Vitamin Drink - Sage by Heston Nutri Juicer

Strawberries, Blueberries and Apple are a great combination and make a thirst quenching vitamin packed healthy juice drink.  The Nutri Juicer from Sage by Heston Blumenthal makes juicing easy and I'm so pleased to have been sent one.

Since my mission to loose 9lb in 9 weeks my eating habits have changed and, as an update, I have actually managed to loose 4lb in 4 weeks not too amazing but at least I'm on track!

Fresh fruit is packed with nutrients, so my juicer was out of the box, all parts cleaned, instructions read and then after a quick trip to the shop to pick up some fruit I was ready to make juice.

Tefal ActiFry Recipe - Sweet and Sour Chicken

I must say I really do love my Tefal ActiFry and I have to admit before I had one I thought they were all about chips; but I was wrong, check out my Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings recipe.  The ActiFry is fantastic for cooking speedy and healthier meals; my sweet and sour chicken cooks in under 30 minutes.  Armed with my now ageing Tefal rice cooker cooking the rice for me, dinner was served in next to no time and was virtually fuss free. 

Please note; I used the Tefal ActiFry Express XL for this recipe which does cook up to 30% faster than the ActiFry Family.  Therefore timings may have to be increased by a couple of minutes.

I used Ketjap manis which is Indonesian sweet soy sauce but you can use dark soy sauce if you don't happen to have any.  I really like it as it's thicker and sweeter and it can be found in any good supermarket in the World foods section if it isn't with the Chinese ingredients.

Meat-free Sausage and White Bean Cassoulet

We keep being told we're going to have a heat-wave here in the UK; but it has to be said I'm thinking they are perhaps talking about next year!  So with summer sadly not too on the summery side at the moment, how about trying my meat-free sausage and white bean cassoulet? 

This easy one-pot meal is made with Quorn sausages which are high in protein and fibre but low in saturated fat this is a nice and filling but healthy kind of meal.

Sausage and white bean cassoulet

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Quorn sausages but their 'Chef's selection are far nicer than the regular ones and make a meat-free meal in next to no time.
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