Aunt Doreen's Corned Beef and Baked Bean Pie

When I was a kid I was a VERY fussy eater, a bit strange seeing as I can now eat for England.  Always hungry am I and I'll now eat 'almost' anything going!
My mate Jacky's mum Doreen used to make corned beef and baked bean pie and I would eat that - I loved it.  
 So, when I went I sometimes stayed over night and me and Jacky would chat all night long - we hardly slept at all!

Stilton Sauce for a Nice Steak

Sirloin steak, medium rare please, and can I have a Stilton sauce to go with it?
Thank you very much!
 Actually, I prefer rump steak - which is odd as I usually like anything that's more expensive!


Cod with Parsley Sauce

Nothing like the 'boil in the bag' stuff we've probably all been fed at some point in our lives!  This is proper homemade parsley sauce with a nicely fried cod fillet.  Oh and of course, you have to have mash and and peas.

Parsley sauce is so easy to make - you will need a balloon whisk.


Bacon and Egg Roll or Bap, Bun or Cob - whatever you want to call it!

Rolls, buns, baps, cobs - what a strange world we live in - seems it's all down to where you live or were brought up.
To me this is a roll but Paul (the husband) will insist it's a cob! 

 No recipe - just fried bacon and egg, brown sauce (has to be 'Daddies'
a sprinkling of vinegar a good shake of pepper in a ROLL!
Oh and a cup of tea too.
Roll, Bap, Bun or Cob? 
What do you say it is?

Chicken Chorizo Pepper Melt

Chicken fillets topped with chorizo, peppers, onions, red chilli and loads of mozzarella. Cooked in the oven till the chicken is done and the cheese melts nicely.  Might look a bit messy, but whatever it tasted good!
My fridge clear out recipe turned out rather nice indeedy!


Parmesan and Paprika Crumbed Chicken

 Crispy, crunchy, cheesy, peppery and totally delicious!
Chicken fillets covered in a Parmesan and paprika crumb and simply fried.
Easy to do and far, far better than shop bought coated chicken.


Chicken and Apricot Tagine with Preserved Lemons

This is supposed to be along the lines of the M&S 'Cook' range, 'Moroccan style chicken tagine with giant Couscous'. However, I had nothing to go by - no packaging to check what they put in and so this is from memory.  
Another problem, I had no giant couscous!   
So I made it up as I went along and it turned out to be delicious.  I served it with ordinary couscous.  With that said I will be making it again.

It's best to buy your preserved lemons Belazu is best and they are available in any any good supermarket such as Waitrose, Sainsbury's or Tesco.  
You can make your own preserved lemons like I did a while back - see here.  
However, the lemons we get over here are large and so they have to be cut into wedges to fit in the jar.


Meatballs in Tomato and Chorizo Sauce with Spicy Potatoes - Gastropub

Another of my Marks and Spencer copy cat recipes from the Gastropub range.  Every mouthful is totally delicious.  

Meatballs coated in a rich and tasty tomato and chorizo sauce, accompanied by crispy, spicy potatoes.
If the list of stuff looks long and too much to do, it's only because I've broken it down into three parts for each bit of the meal.


Jan's Beef and Red Onion Burgers

Burgers with loads of red onion and a nice heat from the cayenne pepper - served with whatever takes your fancy.  
But the law says you just have to top your burger with cheese if you do nothing else.
Cheese melting on top of the burger with a big dollop of American yellow mustard.....

Steak, Potato and Onion Hash - Gastropub

I know I'm always on about Marks and Spencer food, but when 
I'm filling up the fridges at work with all their lovely food, I think to myself, 
I could make that!
 Now, this idea came from their 'Gastropub' range. 
I added tomatoes to mine, why? because I like them! 
Topped with crispy crunchy potatoes that have underneath soaked up the lovely sauce, the result was one good and tasty meal!


Emile Henry Clay Pot from CSN Stores

You might remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I'd be doing a review of a product from CSN stores?
As I said before, they are currently are offering up to 70% off their already low prices too.

   I had to pick an item to review and this Emile Henry clay pot caught my eye - I love Emile Henry's range of cookware and I want all of it! 

The pot is 26cm although it does come in a larger size too.  Handmade of a unique Ceradon material, which means it can be used on the hob or in the oven.  The very thing for one pot cooking and it's so very easy to clean too as it's non stick.

I ordered from CSN stores late on Friday night and the pot was delivered on the Tuesday!  What's more the delivery was free on this item as it is on many others too!

At the time of writing the cheapest I could find this same product on Amazon was £59.99 plus £7.95 delivery.

This mean by shopping with CSN stores you save £21.95 on just this one product.

Packaging was faultless, the clay pot arrived in perfect condition.  It was packed in a box that was in a box, that was then wrapped in bubble wrap and in yet another box!

Great service too.  I had to phone their freephone helpline, only to check stock availability before I ordered, and CSN's customer service was fantastic - very welcoming, friendly and helpful.
I would highly recommend having a look at CSN's store.
For the UK site click here and for the USA and Canada click here
it's as simple as that!
Thank you again to Eileen from CSN stores.


Pot Roast Chicken with a Sweet and Sour Sauce

 Ages ago I made Jamie Oliver's pot roasted chicken with a sweet and sour sauce and did a post on this blog.  I've since made it many times as it's so yummy.
This time though I didn't have a whole chicken, so I wondered what would happen if I used chicken portions.  
The reason I wondered about it was because in his whole chicken recipe the chicken gets stuff with a lot more ginger than I used and also the parsley goes into the chicken.  Therefore it isn't actually in the dish its self if that makes sense.
Sooo, I used a lot less ginger and I put a small bunch of parsley underneath the chicken, then removed it at the end of cooking.
Not the best of pictures, but better than the one in my original post - I used to use my mobile phone to take the pictures for my blog.  A bit sad I know!

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