Roasted Aubergine and Butternut Tagine

I thought for a change I'd make an all vegetable Tagine of nice things.  Lovely spices mixed with nicely roasted butternut and aubergine.  I added a bit of this and a bit of that till it tasted good!

Although we're both meat eaters we didn't miss the absence of meat or chicken at all.


Chicken Cooked in a Roasting Bag with Rose Harissa

Another of my chicken cooked in a bag recipes!  Roasting bags can be found in any good supermarket and are a great way to cook chicken.  Your oven will still stay shiny and the chicken will be tender and moist - can't be bad!
 Serve with some nice rice to soak up all the lovely juices, although of course, you need not pour the whole amount of juice onto your plate.

Leek and Carrot Soup

 I've had this recipe written down for an age but have only just got round to making it.  I now can't remember where I found the original recipe, so I'm unable to give the person or book a mention and give credit to them.
What I can tell you is it was delicious!  The addition of oregano I think really sets it off.


Young's New Kingsmill Breaded Range and Chip Shop Mackerel

I was kindly sent some Young's new fish products to try: 
Yummy cod fillets coated in their new breaded range uses Kingsmill freshly baked loaves resulting in a lovely crunchy coating.  
And another new product in their 'Chip Shop' range, Mackerel, which I must say was very really nice too as you can see.
Below: Mackerel coated in a lovely crunchy beer batter. 

Young’s Chip Shop Mackerel is now on shelf, thanks to the support of two major supermarkets. Tesco and Morrison’s.  Both supermarkets will be stocking the product across 650 stores nationwide.

The introduction of Young’s Chip Shop Mackerel was inspired by the Fish Fight programmes shown on Channel 4 in January. The programmes highlighted Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ‘Mackerel Mission’, to encourage more people to try sustainable mackerel at Fish and Chip shops. The campaign continues and just 1 and a half months after the Fish Fight aired, this new product has been launched to give consumers provides a way for consumers to enjoy mackerel baps at home.
As Britain's best loved name in fish, Young's has used mackerel many times before and has been seeking ways to increase its profile for some time.  Now, inspired by the TV programme, Young's is giving mackerel even more exposure by adding it to Chip Shop: Britain's favourite battered fish brand.
New Breaded range using Kingsmill bread:
Young’s, have been supplying fish to the UK for over 200 years and both cod and haddock are available in the new Kingsmill coated range.
Below: Cod fillets with the new crunchy Kingsmill coating.

We did find the new coating to be really nice and crunchy.  The fish was nice and moist too, just as you would expect from Young's.

 There's nothing like a nice plate of good old fish and chips!

Nutritionist’s often recommend we consume at least two portions of fish a week to contribute to a healthy and well balanced diet. With the launch of the breaded variants to the Young’s range, being healthy has never been easier and there is sure to be something to suit every appetite.

All the fish in Young’s products is sourced with proper care for seafood sustainability and the marine environment as part of their flagship sustainability programme, Fish for Life.

You can find Young's on FaceBook or Twitter @youngsseafood
Thank you to Hazel and Young's for sending me these to try. 

Jan's Teriyaki Pork Burgers

Quite liking the Chicken Teriyaki skewers I made the other day, got me wondering if I could make a Teriyaki burger.  
Thinking I'd invented something (silly me) I made some.  Oooh and they were very nice!  
Later on after tapping into Google 'Teriyaki burger', I learned I hadn't 'invented' them at all.  Clearly I need to get out more!  
Hey ho whatever, they were nice and juicy and full of flavour and I'll be making them again.  No breadcrumbs to be found in these, just good, fresh ingredients.

Dauphinoise Potatoes with Leeks

Yesterday I seem to have had 6 big fat leeks in my fridge.  Why?  Because they were only 1 pence more for another pack of three than it was to buy just one pack of three - so, I feel a soup recipe coming soon!
Anyway, I fancied making dauphinoise potatoes and decided it would be a marvelous idea to put leeks in with them.
They turned out rather nice as you can see.

Jan's Chicken Teriyaki Skewers

Now these were nice, very nice indeedy!  Moist tender chicken with lovely charred bits of sticky goodness.
They're really very easy to do and all you need to serve them is some nice pita bread and salad.  Although greedy us had some skinny chips with them too!

Parma Ham Pizza with Two Cheeses, Pear and Honey Caramelised Onions

Discover the Origin is a campaign promoted by the European Union, Italy, France and Portugal and achieved by the office representative of five key European products: Burgundy wines, Port and Douro Valley Wines, Parma Ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese. 
This scrummy Pizza was total yum on a plate!
Recipe taken from the book - Discover the Origin which sadly, isn't available to buy, I was very kindly sent a Promotional copy.
The aim of all of them is to enhance knowledge of the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) among consumers, distributors and food professionals and to educate on the benefits of the provenance indicator schemes, the relevant checks, controls and traceability systems that are put in place to ensure ongoing quality, and to differentiate the products and raise their profiles.
All five of these products carry a guarantee of their provenance and quality: the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for Parma Ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, AOC for Burgundy wines and DOC for Port and Douro Valley wines.  If you see these labels on any food or drinks, you can rest assured that you will be rewarded with excellent quality.
Over at the Discover the Origin website you can learn more about the campaign and also watch a video of chef Lesley Waters making rather yummy looking 'Parmigiano-Reggiano and Parma Ham Polenta Muffins'
Thank you to Louise for sending me the book.
If you would like the recipe for the Parma Ham Pizza click continue reading:

Spiced Lamb Koftas with Minted Yoghurt from Cookery School Book

I've very kindly been sent the Cookery School book by Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan.  Richard wrote the book to accompany 'Cookery School' the Channel 4 television series in which he stars along with Gizzi Erskine and is shown every week day at 2.05pm.

Spiced Lamb Koftas

Scummy yummy lamb kofta kebabs with a mint and cucumber yoghurt dip.
The book is so easy to follow and as it's title suggests.  Many of the recipes and cooking techniques have step by step instructions with pictures. 

The only thing that the book is missing is a ribbon book mark!  But that's just my suggestion and no big deal at all, as it is of course, easy to use a piece of paper as a bookmark.

Bag Roasted Sweet and Sour Chicken

A good while back Jamie Oliver made a fantastic dish 'Pot Roasted Sweet and Sour Chicken', in which he uses a whole chicken.  Very nice it is too.  We're not talking the kind of sweet and sour you get in the Chinese with that very sweet red sauce.  Far from it, this is simply chicken cooked with delicious things; Red and yellow peppers, red onion, red chilli pepper, pineapple, ginger, crushed fennel seeds and sugar.  Once it's cooked you add Balsamic vinegar to taste.
I've cooked the whole chicken recipe, and then I made it using chicken portions which you can see here
 Last night I wondered (as you do) could it be done in a bag?  Yes it can!
Picture below - ready to go into the oven.
 Sadly my picture of it cooked is quite awful so it's on the next page instead of the first! 

Coconut Pancakes with Caramelised Bananas - Weight Watchers ProPoints

Now you can have pancakes on Pancake Day (Tuesday 8th March) without worrying about your weight!  We loved the caramelised bananas with the maple syrup, they just finished the pancakes off nicely!
Remember a couple of posts back I did a Jamaican Pork recipe from the Weight Watchers ProPoints book called 'Seriously Satisfying? 
I was kindly sent a second ProPoints book called 'Oriental Express' which is available to buy now and is packed full of more yummy recipes.
'Oriental Express' covers everything from stir-fry recipes. light bites, grills, rice and curries to desserts like this one above - all based on the ProPoints plan.  This pancake and banana dessert is only 7 ProPoints.
 The book has a bottom that opens out to form a base so the book stands up, making it easy to read and follow your chosen recipe.  I really like the flip style pages too.  For the coconut and banana recipe, and to watch a short video on the weight loss system, click continue reading:

Bacon and Egg Muffin - Classic Breakfast Sandwich

Classic Breakfast Sandwich from the book 'The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches'.  
What a great book this is - I'm loving it!
Packed full of recipes for the most delicious sandwiches ever - the photography is the book is fantastic - unlike mine of the above muffin!
There's a lobster roll that just looking at the picture, I'm sure you'll agree with me, you could eat it right now! 
How about a Denver Sandwich?
There's even a recipe for an ice cream sandwich!  Every recipe is really easy to follow.
The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is due out in April but can be pre-ordered here at Amazon.  
 Written by Susan Russo who writes for NPR's Kitchen window.  The Photography is by Matt Armendariz (author of 'On a Stick') you can see my review of that book here.  Published by Quirk Books.

Thank you to Mat from PGUK Publishers Group for sending me this seriously good book.
Click 'continue reading' for the Classic Breakfast Sandwich recipe....

Beef in Black Bean Sauce with Green Peppers

Beef in Black Bean Sauce, just like the Chinese takeaway. No sorry, I'll rephrase that, better than the takeaway!  All freshly cooked, what can be better? 
 I first raved on about this over a year ago, but as it's so good I'm posting it again.  Fermented Black beans are usually preserved in ginger and salt, they will need rinsing and soaking before use. 

Jamaican Pork with Rice n Beans - Weight Watchers ProPoints Recipe

 Jamaican Pork with Rice n Beans is a 30 minute meal from one of two Weight Watchers books I've kindly been sent.  
The first is called 'Seriously Satisfying'. and uses their ProPoints Plan to help you loose the weight you want to. 
The second book is a brand new ProPoints book called 'Oriental Express' which is available to buy from today!  I'll be making Coconut Pancakes with Caramelised Bananas from it later on this week - how does that sound?!
  I will of course post it here including more about the book.
The pork with the pineapple was really nice and full of flavour.
For the recipe and to learn more about the ProPoints plan click continue.

The Sleekster Easter Egg Box from Hotel Chocolat

Oooh lucky me - look what the postman delivered! 
A lovely box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat to review.
 Named 'The Sleekster Easter Egg Box Selection' these little mini Easter eggs are full of delicious things.
Some have alcohol in them, which of course, I claimed as all mine. Paul didn't get much of a look in as far as those ones were concerned!
Very rich chocolates filled with pralines, truffles with blueberry, amaretto and whisky, strawberry, liquid caramel and more.
The packaging of the selection box looks expensive but at only £20 I don't think that's bad at all, considering the great all round quality.  

I love the fact that they also sell 'Chocograms' which can be delivered without any fuss. The packaging is designed to fit through most letterboxes.
So, you can send them to someone as a surprise without the worry of if they'll be home or not to take delivery - marvelous!

Hotel Chocolat deliver to the UK, Europe, USA and the Rest of the World so, pop over and take a look at their fantastic range of Easter gifts.
Thank you to Beth and Hotel Chocolat.

Caviar Galore - Top Five Reasons to Buy Caviar

Top Five Reasons to buy Caviar
Of course, everyone knows what caviar is, but so few people actually experience caviar. And fewer people get to experience caviar in a favorable setting. I’ve found that there are two formidable caviar myths that can be attributed to the public’s general skittishness towards caviar: 1) It’s too expensive, and 2) Fear of the Unknown, because so few have gotten the opportunity to try it. I want to debunk these myths and let you know why caviar still makes the perfect hors d’oeuvre!

Caviar is a versatile ingredient in cuisine
Caviar is traditionally associated with Russia and Iran, however, did you know that caviar is produced and consumed in many other countries, such as Sweden, Japan and N. America? In Greece, for instance, caviar is made from carp roe then processed into a paste-like spread called Tarama. In Italy they make a condiment similar to the Greeks, but it’s called Bottarga. And, in Japan they use salmon roe in some sushi preparation.

There are many types of caviar for many tastes
Traditionally, caviar comes from the roe of sturgeon that can be found in the Black Sea basin. Such varieties include, Sterlet, Ossetra, Sevruga and the most expensive, Beluga, from the Beluga sturgeon. There is many other caviar varieties from many other fish, however, such as roe from cod, whitefish, salmon and even carp. Additionally, every individual species of roe has its own flavors and gourmet proclivities.

Caviar is affordable and available
The mythos relating to caviar’s hefty price tag can be attributed to the flourishing of Iranian and Russian caviar markets around the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As the early caviar markets took off so had the idea that only the best caviar came from the Black Sea basin. But this is only a myth. Today, there are many varieties of caviar that are also affordable. True, most ‘black caviar,’ which comes from the Black Sea basin, is still expensive, but caviar is raised and fished in many other areas of the world. In North America, for instance, affordable and tasty caviar is produced and shipped all over the world.

Caviar has health benefits
Caviar is made with very little processing, so it retains most of its vitamins and minerals while also remaining low in calories. Many also agree that caviar is good for the health of your heart and skin, due to the fact that it contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. Though caviar can be healthier for you it can also be unhealthy for you if you consume too much. This is because caviar, like all fish products, contains trace amounts of mercury that can cause health problems if too much is consumed.

Caviar makes the perfect hors d’oeuvre
Caviar makes the perfect appetizer because it’s healthier than fried food and won’t weigh your guests down with grease and oil. Caviar is also versatile; ranging from sushi to spreads this awesome ingredient can take any party hors d’ oeuvre to the next level. You’ll be able to find a variety of recipes for any kind of caviar. Additionally, caviar is more affordable than you think, so you’ll be able to find affordable caviar for your foodie fantasies. More ideas for caviar and its uses can be found at! 

Guest post by Anthony Portz from Caviar Galore
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