Chicken Roulade with Pork, Apple and Date Stuffing

Chicken breast fillets, with pork apple and date stuffing.  Now the stuffing mixture of pork, date and apple came from a ready made stuffing I saw in Sainsbury's and I just had to have a go at making it myself! 
 Not the best of pictures but I admit to forgetting to take one of them finished - so this was a rush job as I didn't want mine getting cold!
I wrapped the chicken in pancetta and served with goose fat roasted potatoes, some nice veg and a Marsala gravy.

Cured Pork Loin with a Madeira and Honey Glaze

The perfect glaze for pork loin or gammon especially at Christmas.  It's so very easy to do, yet if you were to buy it like this already done in a supermarket they'd charge a fortune for it.  I used a nice piece of cured pork loin. 

Cut a criss cross pattern just through the fat.  The mixture of brown sugar, runny honey and Madeira adds a lovely sticky glaze.

Thyme Cumin and Orange Flavoured Butter

Here's another yummy butter from Jamie Oliver's 'Christmas with Jamie' DVD.  This one goes perfectly with carrots.  

If you fancy a chestnut and bacon butter for your Brussels then you'll find it here.  

Roast Potatoes in Goose Fat

 Perfect roast potatoes - everyone loves them!  But there's a difference between a good roast potato and a perfect roast potato.
You probably wouldn't want to use goose fat for every roast dinner throughout the year, but for Christmas, you must give it a go.

Chestnut Bacon and Sage Flavoured Butter - Jamie Oliver

Imagine this, butter that's ready sliced and flavoured, with crispy bacon, chestnuts and sage.  Ready to put a slice on whatever you fancy. 

Picture above: just give the sprouts a stir and the butter will melt.

Oooh what to do what to do?  Brussels sprouts at Christmas or of course anytime you fancy.  Or how about on a jacket potato?   I saw this on an oldish (2005) Jamie Oliver DVD - Christmas with Jamie.
Now it's all very simple to have this butter ready and waiting in your freezer for when the mood takes you to use it.

All you need is:
Greaseproof paper - a large sheet say 16x12 inches
250g pack unsalted butter - at room temperature
10 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
200g vacuum pack of ready cooked chestnuts
a handful of fresh sage leaves - kept whole
and a frying pan

How to do it:
Heat up your frying pan, there's no need to add any oil.  Fry the bacon until it's a lovely colour and really crispy.  Add the chestnuts and stir them about to soak up the fat from the bacon.  Now add the sage leaves and cook them until they're also nice and crispy.
Tip the lot into a bowl and leave the pan to cool, I mean really go cold.

Lay your sheet of greaseproof paper out on the worktop with the widest side  top and bottom.  You can run your hand under the cold tap and smear it over the paper if it won't behave and lay flat.  Dry your hands and then put the butter in the center and spread it out in an oblong.  It will probably spread to about 8 x 5 inches.  When the bacon mixture is cold put that on top of the butter.

Roll it up like a Christmas cracker.

Pop it into the fridge to set.  When it has you can unroll it and slice into thick slices.  Roll it back up pop it into a freezer bag and you have flavoured butter long after Christmas!  It'll keep for a good few months, ready to do with what you fancy.

Braised Red Cabbage with Port and other nice things

 Perfect side dish at Christmas dinner or with Lancashire Hotpot You can add a sliced apple to the ingredients if you fancy it.  
Very easy to do, you can prepare this the day before you want to cook it.  Just cover and pop it into the fridge.


Lancashire Hotpot - Best Recipe

Potatoes that are crispy on top and nicely cooked though, soaking up the lovely flavours as they cook mixed with lamb that melts in your mouth.
Just the thing for this freezing weather and so, so good served with my braised red cabbage.
It's one of those dinners that you can eat again, even though your full!
I did a post on this a good age ago but it's so good it deserves another mention.

Boozy Brownie Bites for Most Wanted - Yule Blog Bake are running a Christmas themed baking challenge - Most Wanted Yule-Blog Bake!
To enter you can bake a cake, cupcake, bread, pie, cookie or anything else that says 'Christmas' to you.
The winner will receive a £150 John Lewis voucher and two runners up will receive a £25 Lakeland voucher.

I made 'Boozy Brownie Bites' which was no mean feat for someone that doesn't 'do' baking!  I added Grand Marnier and orange pieces to the brownie mixture - resulting in double yum.

The closing date for the competition is Monday, 13 December 2010

The full details of the Yule-Blog Bake Competition on 'Most Wanted' the lifestyle magazine from

You can print my recipe here.
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