Chicken en Croûte with Goats Cheese and Garlic

Chicken fillet with a topping of goats cheese and garlic with herb crumbs - sat on a puff pastry base.  Or should I say 'nestled' in an attempt to try and tart it up a bit more?!
Yes I say pastry 'base' as it started of as a nice square of pastry that was supposed to not be sealed, but each corner was meant at least meant to stay on top of the chicken - like an open en Croûte if you know what I mean.........oh well it tasted nice!

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Split Pots - No Fat and LOW in Calories!

Split Pots are a new product from TOTAL Greek Yoghurt.
They contain no fat and are 'Totally' Delicious!  
 TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt with a side serving of either honey or a natural compote.  Available in strawberry, blueberry or tropical fruits flavours.
*Each pot contains less than 130 calories.  *Apart from TOTAL 0% with honey which has 167 calories.  
The Blueberry pot is only 123 calories so that's fantastic news if you're trying to control your weight.  You can be indulgent without feeling guilty! 
The pots are brilliant for breakfast, lunchtime or as a dessert.
They're nice and creamy and as I said before 'TOTALLY' Delicious! 
Thank you to Alison at TOTAL Greek Yoghurt


Super-Fruity Shredded Wheat from Nestlé - A Healthy Start to Your Day!

Nestlé Cereals have introduced a new and exciting variant to the much loved Shredded Wheat range;  New Superfruity Shredded Wheat combines the supreme health credentials of Shredded Wheat with the great taste of real berries plus the goodness of antioxidant inside every bite-sized Shredded Wheat square.

Available in two Superfruity combinations “Blackberry, Blackcurrant and Blueberry” and “Raspberry, Strawberry and Cranberry”.

I've very kindly been sent a box of each to try and I love them both!  Although if I have to pick, my favorite is the Raspberry, Strawberry and Cranberry.  The filling is sweet but not over sweet - just right I'd say.

Thank you to Nestlé and Ryan.

Potato Wedges with Dunn's River All Purpose Seasoning

Dunn's River all purpose seasoning is a mixture of salt, coriander, paprika, onion, chillies, celery, garlic and pimento - Marvellous stuff I say!
You can use it for so many things, with that in mind I wondered if it would taste nice as a seasoning for potato wedges.  The wedges turned out rather very nice indeedy!

Mediterranean Chicken - Jan's Shake and Bake!

This is my attempt at recreating Coleman's new product called 'Season and Shake'.  All you do is chop vegetables and chicken, put the lot into the roasting bag provided.  Shake over the seasoning and cook.  Marvelous! 
I tried their Mediterranean chicken last week with every intention of recreating it myself if it was nice enough.  It was really nice and so easy.  
So yesterday I was on a mission and had a go at making the seasoning mix myself and have called my version 'Shake and Bake'!
  I listed the ingredients used which was just a mixture of herbs and spices, guessed how much of what I thought ought to go in and it worked!


Domino's Pizza - Spanish Sizzler - a Review

Domino's have just launched a new pizza named 'Spanish Sizzler'.  So last night (being lovers of a good pizza) we thought we'd give it a try.
 Roast chicken, green peppers, chorizo and Roquito peppers on a tomato base and topped with Mozzarella cheese. 

Dominos Pizza
The chicken was tender and nice and moist. The tomato sauce had a sweet, slightly BBQ flavour to it which was really nice.

There was a good amount of all the toppings including the chicken and chorizo.
For any one wondering if, at the mention of peppers and chillies, this pizza is going to be too spicy for them - it wont be because the green bell pepper used isn't hot and the Roquito chilli pepper is a sweet chilli pepper, not a hot one. 

The pizza arrived at the time we had asked and was nice and hot too.  Also, just as you would expect, it had been pre-cut into equally sized wedges - so no one gets diddled by being left with a smaller wedge! 
Domino's have Pizza Offers every week and all in all the Spanish Sizzler is a winner in our books!


Crispy Potatoes with Chorizo, Lemon and Garlic

Tray baked Crispy Potatoes Roasted with Chorizo, Garlic and Lemon - the flavours together are amazing.  This is truly something wonderful; I mean really, whats not to like?!

Potatoes and Chorizo

Lemons are such a useful thing to have in the fridge and can be used for many things, check out this article by HealthyLeo on unexpected uses of lemons.


Boulangère Potatoes - Potatoes and Onion Baked in the Oven

Liven up you Valentine's Day meal with these melt in your mouth potatoes.  Potatoes cooked in a little stock along with the sweetness from the onions and finished with a lovely crispy, crunchy top.   
So, if you only ever go for making mashed potato, why not try these instead?  Very, very easy to make and they look good too!
A bit like dauphinoise potatoes in the last post, but without the cream. 

Quick Dauphinoise - Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals

Last night I made Jamie Oliver's mustard chicken with 'quick' dauphinoise and greens.  Well it wasn't as quite quick as it should have been!  My potatoes and onions took longer to prepare has I used a mandolin slicer and not food processor.  They also took 15 minutes more to cook than the 30 minutes stated in the recipe.
 Whatever, they were just yummy and at the end of the day 45 minutes is still quick for dauphinoise so not too bad at all.
 I used double cream and not single cream as stated in Jamie's recipe.
Why? Because I've always thought that single cream is more lightly separate when heated.  Perhaps it's just a typing error in his book and they mean double cream - who knows.


Valentine's Day Flowers and Gifts from Interflora

 Oooh now what girlie doesn't like to be sent flowers?!
I've very kindly been sent a dozen red roses bouquet and chocolates to review.  
Fantastic!  No vase needed as the flowers are already in a water pouch that's hidden by the gift bag.   So there's no messing about and of course that way they stay arranged beautifully.  There's a gift card included with a personal message of your choice.
The roses, as you can see are in excellent condition, just as you would expect of Interflora.
So, if you're looking for flowers or something a bit different for your Valentine this February 14th, pop over and have a look at the fantastic range of Valentines Gifts from Interflora.
Interflora are well known for their excellent range of flowers online for any occasion including of course, Valentines Day.
Thank you to David and Kate on behalf of Interflora.

Red Cabbage Braised with Port

Red Cabbage is just so yummy, but braised with port and other nice things it is truly something delicious. are running a competition for the best cabbage recipe.

Proper Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

This is so very tasty you want to eat more.  I dabbled about in my kitchen  and come up with this.  Now it has to be said my Special Chicken Chow Mein is the best - even if I do say so myself!  You can of course use pork instead of chicken, or indeed as well as chicken.

Chow Mein

Stir frying is easy-peasy and it really is up to you what else you fancy putting in it.  You really need a wok for this; you can get a really decent wok for under £20 over at Amazon. 
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