Caribbean Butternut and Mango Curry Recipe

Hello again everyone how has your week been? I've been busy painting and decorating our second bedroom as you do! But also as it’s Caribbean Food week 20th-27th of August to celebrate ALDI challenged me to create a Caribbean recipe using their lovely fresh fruit and veg along with other products that are available in store everyday. 

As we love Caribbean food it was a doddle for me to come up with this easy to make, Caribbean Curry packed full of lovely veggies. I shop at ALDI every week so I'm already aware of the fantastic quality and excellent low prices of their fresh foods.

Caribbean Butternut and Mango Curry

Until a few years ago I will admit I'd never shopped at ALDI but when they opened a store very near to us and when I ventured in I was so impressed I wrote a post about it. I now shop there every week. I'm also a big fan of their wine - check out this Kooliburra Australian Chardonnay it costs just £3.99 which I say is a proper Billy bargain!

Eat More Veg:
My Butternut and Mango curry is a great way to get everyone eating more veg, of course if you're feeding kids you may want to leave out the Scotch bonnet chilli and perhaps use a much milder chilli or perhaps leave it out altogether.

Lir Chocolates Discovery Collection - Now Available in the UK

Lir - Ireland's much loved chocolatiers have just launched their Discovery Collection here in the UK.

The Discovery Selection Box features 16-pieces, each encased in a deliciously smooth Belgian chocolate exterior, from Dark Chocolate Torte, Chewy Pecan Caramel, Praline, and Coffee to more exotic ingredients like Persian lime. My favorite is the Salted Caramel (using Irish Atlantic sea salt) 😋 Paul (the husband) didn't have a favorite - he loves chocolate and happily finished them off giving them all a big thumbs up!

Lir Chocolate Discovery Collection
 Image supplied by Lir

The Lir Discovery Collection is available in selected Morrisons, Tesco and Co-op stores for £10
We think the price is excellent for such a very impressive box of chocolates; far cheaper than a certain high street chocolate brand I had best not name! Lir Discovery Collection is just as beautifully presented and we decided they taste just as good too. Yep we're totally impressed.

Space Saving Pop & Store by Addis - Review

I think Addis have made the Pop & Store range just for me!

Seriously, my kitchen is so tiny you wouldn't believe it. But then again with all the bits and bobs and gadgets we all love to have in the kitchen these days, storage space is a bit of a problem in most modern homes. So, with that in mind Addis have developed this range to help solve the issue of storing lunch boxes and food storage pots. No more cramming them into cupboards because they collapse 👍 

Addis Pop and Store Lunch Box

I know the storage boxes I had before these seriously used to do my head in. Because they weren't collapsible I had to try to store the bottoms inside each other (although they never fit snugly) so then I have no lid to match the bottom 😒

But the Addis Pop & Store have collapsible silicone sides which massively helps the storage problem and saves up to 60% of space - marvelous!

Chilli Honey and Lemon Chicken - Judge Table Top Grill

Gotta tell you about the new Table Top Grill by Judge Cookware! Such a handy piece of kit whether you use it indoors or out. Having been sent one you know me, I couldn't wait to give it a go! As you can see from my picture it does a great job 👍

Keep reading for my delicious marinade to make Chilli, Honey and Lemon Chicken. Yes I know we have the perfect weather for a BBQ at the moment but sometimes you can't be bothered with the hassle of charcoal briquettes and the like - not to mention the clearing up. Okay it might not be quite the same as an actual BBQ, but this table top grill is ideal for cooking up a feast and is big enough to cope for, I dunno say four people. 

Chilli Honey and Lemon Chicken with Mediterranean Veg

Keen to give it a go I thought I'd try cooking some lovely Mediterranean veggies and chicken; you need a hot grill to get a lovely colour so I put it to the test.

Controllable heat temperatures from 120 to 240C makes it suitable for a range of foods - I've even made cheese and onion toasties on it and it's ideal for feeding a lot of hungry people at once. Just butter the bread on the outside of each sandwich and set the grill to MAX and you're on the way to cheese toastie heaven! Plus you can even use it as a hot plate to keep food warm.

Wagyu Burgers - ALDI Specialbuy Review

As of yesterday Thursday 2nd August, supermarket ALDI are selling their very popular Specially Selected Wagyu Burgers, in stores across the UK and I was asked to try them and report back my thoughts.

Well I can tell you I think they're excellent 👍 read on to find out more. Made from 86% premium quality Wagyu beef from cattle bred and grass-fed on open New Zealand pastures. Wagyu beef has a distinctive marbling which melts as it cooks resulting in a beautifully tender burger.

Wagyu Burger

Now, having cooked Wagyu beef before I do know you really don't need to add any oil due its high fat content. But you do need a good non-stick pan and high heat to sear then turn down to cook. The cooking instructions on the pack say to add a tablespoon of oil to a frying pan but I truly don't think you need to; I didn't add any oil and the burgers were just fine. Of course you can pop them on the BBQ or under the grill.

Ispini Sausages from Clonakilty Blackpudding

Clonakilty make Ireland's favorite Blackpudding using a recipe that originated in the town on Clonakilty in the 1880's and since then the recipe hasn't changed much at all. Since the Twomey family took responsibility for the secret recipe in the 1980's the popularity of the Blackpudding has continued to grow and is now available around the world. In recent years they've added Whitepudding, sausages, rashers and bacon to their range of foods.

Clonakilty have just launched Ispini (sausages) here in the UK  and having been sent a range of products to try I must say we are impressed! Made using 100% Irish pork they are meaty with a have a nice firm bite to them and a soft casing; we really like them. Perfect for breakfast, dinner BBQ or a cheeky sausage sandwich 😋 I fried the sausages but of course you can grill them or pop them in the oven if you prefer; whichever way you cook them they brown well and taste good.

Full Irish Breakfast

As I've already mentioned, they also make Whitepudding (which personally I prefer) but Paul's dad says this is the best Blackpudding he's ever had! (Paul's my husband in case you're wondering). I will say it has a lovely spiciness without being overpowering. The Whitepudding tastes very slightly sweet but again it's nicely spiced and both have a good texture.

One thing's for sure, if you eat a Full Irish Breakfast you won't need feeding again for a good while!

Beach Hacks and Tips to Save Your Summer Holiday

Ooh I do love a nice beach holiday 😊 The feel of soft sand under your feet and between your toes, there’s nothing quite like it. But let’s face it sand, gorgeous though it is can be a bit pesky. Why? Because it gets just about everywhere you don’t want it to which could end up with an expensive repair job if, for example, it gets into the speaker of you mobile phone!

Pilar Beach
*In case anyone is wondering the above picture was taken at Pilar beach, Cayo Guillermo. 

So with a little bit of forward thinking you could end up saving yourself a hefty repair bill just by using some top tips!

Save your phone from a possible bill:
Pop your phone into one of those clear plastic bags that are suitable for holding liquid. You can still read your messages whilst on the beach and you won’t get sand or sticky sunscreen all over your phone. I’m not saying it will make it properly waterproof but it will certainly help with splashes of water and is cheaper than buying a case.
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Caribbean Butternut and Mango Curry Recipe

Hello again everyone how has your week been? I've been busy painting and decorating our second bedroom as you do! But also as it’s Carib...