Kitchen and Bluetooth Diet Scale from Stellar - Review

Thursday, 6 December 2018
Before I start again the new year I'm on a mission to lose weight before Christmas (yes again I know) 😳 Anyway, I keep trying to eat kind of healthy and watch my calorie intake with things like my Weetabix with and Berries and Chia Seeds Smoothie etc. But for me the most difficult part about eating healthily is keeping track of calories when making home cooked meals. It's all fine and dandy if you buy ready meals with all the info on the packaging but in my opinion they're rarely healthy packed with far too much salt and an alarming amount of fats.

Armed with these shiny new Bluetooth Diet Scales from Stellar I've been testing them out. The App tracks daily intake of weighed calories, fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, fibre, protein and sodium and its possible to add new custom foods too. The scales give highly accurate measurements of weight and volume, in grams, ounces and millilitres. With one-touch measurement conversion and a tare function for the addition of other ingredients.

Kitchen and Bluetooth Diet Scale from Stellar

You can find out the calorie content your food and monitor your calorie intake via the App. All you do is add ingredients to the wipe-clean weighing plate and press the appropriate button for an instant read-out that's transferred to your phone and will appear in your daily intake on the App; compatible with Android and iPhone see note at the bottom for more info. 

Iberian Ham and the Ibeham Project

Tuesday, 4 December 2018
I was recently sent some lovely Iberian ham to try. First of all let me tell you about the 'Ibeham project'. Products certified under the seal of approval 'Protected Designation of Origin always come with a guarantee of traceability, origin, natural feeding and traditional elaboration processes, as well as the excellence of the end product.

Iberian ham

Jamón ibérico de bellota (red label) 75% Iberian
From pure Iberico pigs fed on a diet of acorns during the Montanera and granted DO status. These hams are aged for at least three years before being released and often labelled 'reserva' and 'gran reserva' to denote their age.

Red Letter Days Review - Tranquillity Spa Day for Two

Friday, 16 November 2018
I was recently contacted by Red Letter Days and asked if I'd like to review a Red Letter Days experience and so of course I said yes. Booking our chosen experience was really easy.

If you're buying one as a gift there's no need to worry that they may not like what you've chosen because they can easily exchange it for something else making Red Letter Days the perfect Christmas or wedding gift. They can even choose a more expensive gift by simply paying the difference. Once you have your gift card or voucher you just pop over to Red Letter Days website and click on 'use voucher' and follow the instructions. The only thing that's difficult is choosing something; there are so many Experience days and Gifts it really is hard to pick!

Peckforton Castle

Once you've decided you book your chosen directly with the place you've chosen to go; in our case we chose the Tranquillity Spa Day for Two at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Oh my goodness such an impressive place and way too big to fit it all in my photo! It's a shame the weather wasn't nicer for taking photos but hey ho it is November I suppose.

Lavender and Lovage - Book Review

Monday, 12 November 2018
Last week I was lucky to receive an advance review copy of the book 'Lavender and Lovage - A Culinary Notebook of Memories and Recipes from Home and Abroad' by Karen Burns-Booth.

I've known Karen for many years now and her recipes can be trusted to actually work and her photography is truly stunning. She's a very busy person and so I've never actually met Karen in person but we have spoken on the phone before and via FaceBook messenger. Now this book stands out from many cookbooks because it's full of 'snippets and memories' of Karen's life. It's just so interesting, I sat there on Saturday morning and couldn't put the book down.

Cover of Lavender and Lovage

Of course as a food blogger I love reading recipes too but I found myself reading the bits about Karen's life; she's such an interesting person. Stories of her life growing up (I think she's lived in more places than you can shake a stick at) and she has traveled to just about everywhere! She has so many tales to tell and little stories behind her recipes.

How to make Bread Sauce - Kaufmann Sienna Stainless Steel Saucepans

Friday, 9 November 2018
My first thoughts on seeing this 3 piece set of stainless steel Kaufmann Sienna range saucepans was how well they are made and how expensive they look. But in fact they're seriously fantastic value for money at under £38 for the set; plus they come with a 10-year guarantee and a 5-year non-stick warranty.

The core collection includes a 3-piece saucepan set, a 2-piece frying pan set and a 5-piece saucepan and frying pan set.

Bread Sauce
Recipe from Saturday Kitchen by James Martin, photo above is my own. Expendable Trivet by Stellar Cookware.

Lovely, mirror polished stainless steel is not easy to photograph you could either see the reflection of me in the saucepan, or the trivet, or both! But before we go on to the Bread Sauce recipe let me tell you more about these saucepans.

5 Food Proposal Ideas

Thursday, 8 November 2018
You’ve decided that you want to pop the big question to your other half, but how are you going to propose? Will you go down on one knee in of a beautiful sunset? Will, you go on holiday and propose on the beach? Will you get dressed up, go out for a fancy meal and ask this question with a glass of champagne in hand?

For the food-fanatic fiancé to be, you may want to incorporate their love of everything edible in your proposal. Here are our top five food proposal ideas,that we guarantee they’re going to love.
Two forks together with a love heart
(c) Can Stock Photo / carrieduay

Tell your partners fortune:
If your other half is a lover of Chinese food, create your very own custom fortune cookie with the message, “Will you marry me?” inside. There are companies who can do this for you, but it's easy enough to do yourself. Fortune cookies are malleable when heated, so all you need to do is zap it in the microwave for a few seconds until it becomes soft, unfold it, put your message inside and then refold. For more in-depth, instructions check out this guide. This is a great way to propose if you want something low key at home or a Chinese restaurant. Just swap the cookie they give you without them seeing.

Book People Review

Wednesday, 24 October 2018
I have to say I hadn't heard of Book People until I was contacted by them and asked if I'd like to pick and review a few cookbooks from their Hand-picked Favorites. Now, I do love a cookbook and so of course I said yes 😊

But before I go on I'd just like to point out that all thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not required to write anything positive. I haven't been paid to write this post but I did receive compensation for my time in the way of free books.

Bundle of ten cookbooks

With all that out of the way let's get back to the books! The first thing I noticed was the low prices of these books. With the likes of Amazon to be honest I didn't expect anyone could math or be lower than them; but this is not the case. Book People have a lot of bargain books; I'll tell you a bit about a few of the books.

The Wine Making Process - How it is Made

With wine being one of the nations favorite drinks, have you ever wondered how it's made? Barefoot have come up with this this step by step guide on how those juicy grapes end up in becoming wine.

The Wine Making Process: How Is It Made?
Provided by Barefoot Wine

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Kitchen and Bluetooth Diet Scale from Stellar - Review

Before I start again the new year I'm on a mission to lose weight before Christmas (yes again I know) 😳 Anyway, I keep trying to eat ki...