Chilli Honey and Lemon Chicken - Judge Table Top Grill

Gotta tell you about the new Table Top Grill by Judge Cookware! Such a handy piece of kit whether you use it indoors or out. Having been sent one you know me, I couldn't wait to give it a go! As you can see from my picture it does a great job 👍

Keep reading for my delicious marinade to make Chilli, Honey and Lemon Chicken. Yes I know we have the perfect weather for a BBQ at the moment but sometimes you can't be bothered with the hassle of charcoal briquettes and the like - not to mention the clearing up. Okay it might not be quite the same as an actual BBQ, but this table top grill is ideal for cooking up a feast and is big enough to cope for, I dunno say four people. 

Chilli Honey and Lemon Chicken with Mediterranean Veg

Keen to give it a go I thought I'd try cooking some lovely Mediterranean veggies and chicken; you need a hot grill to get a lovely colour so I put it to the test.

Controllable heat temperatures from 120 to 240C makes it suitable for a range of foods - I've even made cheese and onion toasties on it and it's ideal for feeding a lot of hungry people at once. Just butter the bread on the outside of each sandwich and set the grill to MAX and you're on the way to cheese toastie heaven! Plus you can even use it as a hot plate to keep food warm.

Wagyu Burgers - ALDI Specialbuy Review

As of yesterday Thursday 2nd August, supermarket ALDI are selling their very popular Specially Selected Wagyu Burgers, in stores across the UK and I was asked to try them and report back my thoughts.

Well I can tell you I think they're excellent 👍 read on to find out more. Made from 86% premium quality Wagyu beef from cattle bred and grass-fed on open New Zealand pastures. Wagyu beef has a distinctive marbling which melts as it cooks resulting in a beautifully tender burger.

Wagyu Burger

Now, having cooked Wagyu beef before I do know you really don't need to add any oil due its high fat content. But you do need a good non-stick pan and high heat to sear then turn down to cook. The cooking instructions on the pack say to add a tablespoon of oil to a frying pan but I truly don't think you need to; I didn't add any oil and the burgers were just fine. Of course you can pop them on the BBQ or under the grill.

Ispini Sausages from Clonakilty Blackpudding

Clonakilty make Ireland's favorite Blackpudding using a recipe that originated in the town on Clonakilty in the 1880's and since then the recipe hasn't changed much at all. Since the Twomey family took responsibility for the secret recipe in the 1980's the popularity of the Blackpudding has continued to grow and is now available around the world. In recent years they've added Whitepudding, sausages, rashers and bacon to their range of foods.

Clonakilty have just launched Ispini (sausages) here in the UK  and having been sent a range of products to try I must say we are impressed! Made using 100% Irish pork they are meaty with a have a nice firm bite to them and a soft casing; we really like them. Perfect for breakfast, dinner BBQ or a cheeky sausage sandwich 😋 I fried the sausages but of course you can grill them or pop them in the oven if you prefer; whichever way you cook them they brown well and taste good.

Full Irish Breakfast

As I've already mentioned, they also make Whitepudding (which personally I prefer) but Paul's dad says this is the best Blackpudding he's ever had! (Paul's my husband in case you're wondering). I will say it has a lovely spiciness without being overpowering. The Whitepudding tastes very slightly sweet but again it's nicely spiced and both have a good texture.

One thing's for sure, if you eat a Full Irish Breakfast you won't need feeding again for a good while!

Beach Hacks and Tips to Save Your Summer Holiday

Ooh I do love a nice beach holiday 😊 The feel of soft sand under your feet and between your toes, there’s nothing quite like it. But let’s face it sand, gorgeous though it is can be a bit pesky. Why? Because it gets just about everywhere you don’t want it to which could end up with an expensive repair job if, for example, it gets into the speaker of you mobile phone!

Pilar Beach
*In case anyone is wondering the above picture was taken at Pilar beach, Cayo Guillermo. 

So with a little bit of forward thinking you could end up saving yourself a hefty repair bill just by using some top tips!

Save your phone from a possible bill:
Pop your phone into one of those clear plastic bags that are suitable for holding liquid. You can still read your messages whilst on the beach and you won’t get sand or sticky sunscreen all over your phone. I’m not saying it will make it properly waterproof but it will certainly help with splashes of water and is cheaper than buying a case.

Quick Fix Instantly add Value to your Home - Bathroom Renovation

Okay I realise I haven't been posting much at all lately but we've been busy here this past year trying to sort our house out! Having lived here for 13 years (it was a new build when we moved in) things by now, have definitely needed 'sorting out' because rooms that have been decorated a while ago now need doing again.

Whilst a whole new bathroom doesn't have to cost the earth it isn't exactly cheap, but one thing's for sure a new bathroom is a relatively quick fix that will instantly add value to your home and make it easier to sell if and when you want to. Over the past few weeks we've now had our bathroom and the ensuite completely renovated and we're totally thrilled with them both.

Dark Grey Tiles and Glossy White Bathroom

You know how it is when you're looking for a plumber or someone and you hope to goodness they do a good job. Recommendations are all you can really go by so it was lucky for us that our friends across the road had just had their bathroom done. When we went to see their new bathroom that was it, we just had to have this plumber! I can't recommend SR Plumbing and Heating Telford enough.

As you can see there's a big change in looks; the old bathroom was tired and dated with unnecessary pipework on show which looked awful. From day one of moving in I never did like the toilet with all those nooks and crannies - the new one is far nicer and easy to clean.

Old and Tired Looking Brown Bathroom

Furi Professional Kitchen Knives - Review

Anyone will know that good knives are an essential piece of kitchen kit and I've been testing two quality knives from the Australian brand Füri Pro range. A blunt knife is dangerous to work with as it increases the chance of it slipping and cutting yourself; I know because I've been there, done that! 😟

I was sent the Füri Pro Utility knife 15cm/6" and the Füri Pro East/West Santoku 13cm/5" knife. Both knives are really comfortable to hold and use. They have a good weight to them and I must say - yep I'm very impressed. Used by celebrity chefs including Nigella Lawson and Kylie Kwong, they have to be good.

Furi knives on wooden chopping board
*Beechwood chopping board by Stellar Cookware; read my review here.

The Füri Pro Utility is an everyday preparation knife that is excellent for slicing or trimming meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and cheeses. It's so comfortable to hold and use.

It's would be hard to but if I was asked to choose, my favorite has to be the Füri Pro East/West Santoku 13cm knife but only because my style of cooking is why I use it more; I prepare a lot of stir-fry meals and this is a smaller edition to the more usual 17cm version and for me it's the perfect size.

What to Cook for a Mexican Tapas Party

One of the most popular cuisines, Mexican food combines the best of a wide array of vegetables and spices, including courgette, corn and tomatoes (red and green!).

Mexican food on a table
Image by © Can Stock Photo/lunamarina

World renowned for its chillies, enchiladas and tacos, authentic Mexican is naturally fresh, healthy and boasts a mix of superfoods. Native ingredients include avocados, cocoa, tomatoes, squashes and vanilla.

In more recent years, the cuisine has experienced some strong European influences, among these include meats such as beef and chicken, cheese and a host of herbs and spices.

If you’re planning a Mexican tapas party, you may be looking for a little inspiration. The good news is that most dishes are quick and easy to make, and you’ll also find you can reuse many ingredients which form staples of many dishes, which means excellent value for money. Mexican food is best served fresh, and the ingredients listed above feature in abundance, offering a delicious cuisine for your guests.

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Chilli Honey and Lemon Chicken - Judge Table Top Grill

Gotta tell you about the new Table Top Grill by Judge Cookware! Such a handy piece of kit whether you use it indoors or out. Having been sen...