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Hello people 😊 I'm Jan and although I'm a Londoner I now live in Shropshire with my husband Paul. Long story about how I ended up here; I could start another blog about that one!

Anyway, I started this blog in March 2008 and I love cooking and especially eating of course; always hungry am I. We love cheese and probably eat far too much of it, but hey ho.

Now you may well be wondering where the name A Glug of Oil came about. 

Well, I don't believe in measuring exact amounts when making a recipe; unless of course, it's baking and that's only because by law you have to or the recipe just won't work.

But for general cooking, I make up as I go along and only make a note for the purpose of writing recipes for this blog. 

I taste as I go and using a pencil I start with a scrap of paper and write down what I put in then if I add more I alter it - simples!

For more info on a glug of oil or a knob of butter pop over to my 'Measurements' page. 

Give me a kitchen gadget to review and I'm in my element. I love gadgets, especially the kitchen kind. I'm getting a bit concerned that I might be becoming a hoarder.

Everything from a Sous Vide (water oven) to a fancy combination microwave and steam oven. Oh, and I love my Optimum Vacuum Blender and my Acti-Fry, Opti-Grill, Magimix, Ninja Foodi and, well you get the idea.

My kitchen is really tiny and I have to shuffle around to fit in my latest gadget and store something else in my big cupboard that's in our living room; thank goodness for that cupboard.

Also quite bothering, is I am most definitely a food shopaholic; yep I've said it. When I've done a big food shop I worry that we might not have enough of this or that and so I buy more.

I hate food waste so I'm quite good at using up leftovers to make for example fridge cleanout recipes.

I’d love to hear from you whether you have a question or a comment that you'd rather not make public.


Jan x