What is a Glug of Oil?  Measurements - and why you don't really need them.  

I'm not really one for actually measuring anything in the way of ingredients. I don't believe there should be any rules when it comes to the amount of oil or anything else used recipes.

If you're making a cake or bread then you’d have to be more accurate which is probably why I don't make cakes; oh and because I don't really like them also has something to with with it!

For other recipes, just go with the amount you feel is right. 
Have a taste; add more if you need to and less or none of the things you don't like. 

Cooking should be fun and an experiment of the flavours you like.  No strict to the very gram measurements; that would make cooking boring.  As long as you understand flavours, just go with what you think is best. 

If you really must have a measurement:
A glug of oil is probably just over a tablespoon.
A knob of butter is about 15g - just a small slice.

Printable Conversion Chart:

As a general rule, Europeans and Australians follow the metric measurement system and Americans follow the imperial system. The conversions listed here are approximate for imperial.

Oven temperatures
°C Fan°C °F Gas Description
110 90 225
Very cool
120 100 250 ½ Very cool
140 120 275 1 Cool
150 130 300 2 Cool
160 140 325 3 Warm
180 160 350 4 Moderate
190 170 375 5 Moderately hot
200 180 400 6 Fairly hot
220 200 425 7 Hot
230 210 450 8 Very hot
240 220 475 8 Very hot

Weights for dry ingredients
Metric Imperial
7g ¼ oz
15g ½ oz
20g ¾ oz
25g 1 oz
40g 1½oz
50g 2oz
60g 2½oz
75g 3oz
100g 3½oz
125g 4oz
140g 4½oz 
150g 5oz
165g 5½oz  
175g 6oz
200g 7oz
225g 8oz
250g 9oz
275g 10oz
300g 11oz
350g 12oz
375g 13oz
400g 14oz
425g 15oz
450g 1lb
500g 1lb 2oz
550g 1¼lb
600g 1lb 5oz
650g 1lb 7oz
675g 1½lb
700g 1lb 9oz
750g 1lb 11oz
800g 1¾lb
900g 2lb
1kg 2¼lb
1.1kg 2½lb
1.25kg 2¾lb 
1.35kg 3lb
1.5kg 3lb 6oz
1.8kg 4lb
2kg 4½lb
2.25kg 5lb
2.5kg 5½lb
2.75kg 6lb 

Metric Imperial Aus US
25ml 1fl oz

50ml 2fl oz ¼ cup ¼ cup
75ml 3fl oz

100ml 3½fl oz

120ml 4fl oz ½ cup  ½ cup 
150ml 5fl oz

175ml 6fl oz ¾ cup ¾ cup
200ml 7fl oz

250ml 8fl oz 1 cup 1 cup
300ml 10fl oz/½ pint ½  pint 1¼ cups 
360ml 12fl oz

400ml 14fl oz

450ml 15fl oz 2 cups 2 cups/1 pint
600ml 1 pint 1 pint 2½ cups
750ml 1¼ pints

900ml 1½ pints

1 litre 1¾ pints 1¾ pints 1 quart
1.2 litres 2 pints

1.4 litres 2½ pints 

1.5 litres 2¾ pints 

1.7 litres 3 pints

2 litres 3½ pints  

3 litres 5¼ pints

UK-Australian tablespoon conversions:

1 x UK or Australian teaspoon is 5ml

1 x UK tablespoon is 3 teaspoons/15ml

1 Australian tablespoon is 4 teaspoons/20ml

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