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Great BBQ Places in Rochester NY

According to statistics, in the United States alone, there was about $1.47 billion worth of barbecue and grills that were sold in 2016.

About 88% of consumers in the US typically barbecue steaks or meat, and the classic American barbecue includes burgers, hotdogs, and steaks.

Steak on grill

If you're one of the millions of Americans who love barbecue, then you shouldn't miss visiting the best BBQ places in Rochester, NY.

But, what do these restaurants have in common? Let's find out.

Offer Broad BBQ Menus:

Great BBQ places in Rochester NY, like Dinosaur Barbecue, offer broad BBQ menus, from brisket, tender ribs, and pulled port, to burnt ends, hush puppies, coleslaw, and barbecue sauces. And who will miss ordering beef steak? It's an all-time American favourite when it comes to grilled food recipes.

Here's what you'll usually find in great BBQ places in Rochester, NY:

Pulled Pork: The best BBQ restaurants serve tender pulled pork that’s either machine or hand-chopped. They serve properly cooked pulled pork without appearing too mushy or too soft on the mouth.

Also, it satisfies the taste buds because of the great combination of the smoky flavour and fresh spices.

Ribs: The best ribs are not overcooked. Great tender ribs don't fall off the bone but easy to bite. It has a crispy exterior, a pinkish hue, and a deliciously tender interior.

Burnt Ends: The best barbecue restaurants in Rochester NY serves the best-burnt ends or tender briskets with crispy trimmed ends in an irresistible smoky flavour.

Hush Puppies: Children just love hush puppies with a crisp exterior and a rich corn flavour. Of course, the best hush puppies don't have too many interior grease rings, which indicates incorrect frying.

Brisket: The best BBQ restaurants know that what makes a perfect brisket is neither overcooked nor undercooked, and one that you can pull off with some elasticity.

Coleslaw: Every barbecue recipe craves for the perfect coleslaw. Great BBQ restaurants have crisp and fresh cabbage without the overpowering amount of mayonnaise.

Barbecue Sauce: A great BBQ restaurant knows that you don't want the best steaks to be covered with a lot of barbecue sauce. That's why they provide barbecue sauces that are just enough for dipping, and you can always request more if you wish.

Unique and Unforgettable Dining Experience:

With the proliferation of BBQ restaurants in New York, having a unique and unforgettable dining experience is what the top players offer to their loyal customers. But, what makes a great BBQ dining experience?

Aside from a wide range of menu options, the best BBQ restaurants know the importance of keeping a perfect ambiance to attract new customers and retain loyal ones.

Here's what you'll expect to experience when dining in a great BBQ place in Rochester, NY:

Unique Events: Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, a great BBQ restaurant always has something new to offer to their customers, like a mini show, live band, concert, or contests.

Great Amenities and Ambiance: It's nice to dine in one of the best BBQ restaurants in Rochester, NY, with a buzzing and electric atmosphere that many families love to visit. Also, they provide enough parking spaces for everyone.

Excellent Customer Service: If you'll read customer reviews, the best BBQ restaurants in Rochester, NY, provide excellent customer service aside from a great ambiance. It encourages customers to come back and spread the good news.

Amazing Food Experience:  With every recipe come bursting with flavour and tender meat, nothing can beat the best food experience in a great BBQ restaurant. This inspires you to eat every mouthful.

Reasonable Prices:

Great barbecue recipes and services don't need to be expensive. There are many barbecue restaurants in New York offering affordable prices so that you and your loved ones can enjoy eating gourmet barbecue recipes without hurting your budget.

Whether you’re dining alone, as a couple, or in a large group, the best BBQ restaurants offer great prices for high-volume or family-sized orders. Of course, expect enormous barbecue sauce options and grilled meat recipes that everyone will enjoy.

BBQ sign with lights


Rochester, New York, is lucky to house the best barbecue places, allowing families and a group of friends to enjoy an unforgettable and unique dining experience with incredible menu options.

Enjoy eating the best barbecue recipes grilled by master chefs. Savour every quality time spent with your loved ones with endless chats and laughter, and unlimited barbecue only from the great barbecue places in Rochester, NY.

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