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Froothie Evolve High Speed Blender - Review

Let me introduce you to the Froothie Evolve; this is a High-Speed Blender with Cook and Steam functions.

Froothie Evolve Power Blender

Not one but two tempered glass jugs, so there's no longer any contact with plastic.

One has vacuum technology which means zero oxidisation for perfect smoothies that last without separating.

It's a good size too at 1.8L; the other jug is 1.75L which you'll use for soups and general blending. In the box you'll find a recipe book, user's manual, steaming basket, measuring cup, cleaning brush, tamper tool and a spatular.

Available in a choice of colours; Black, Silver, Red, Blue or White.

Rated Power 1400W for blending, 900W for Cooking, Max Blending Motor Power 1800W

Heating power 900W

Stainless steel 6 blade assembly made from high-quality steel made in Japan and are tough enough for ice, nuts and frozen fruit and veg etc.

Froothie Evolve 6 balde assembly

The Froothie Evolve has Smart Voice and Bluetooth activated for Hands-Free Blending which is fantastic if you're trying to watch your little ones.

You can just say 'Hey Froothie make my soup' (yes really)! It also has a Baby Food function too.

The vacuum setting is perfect for making smoothies that don't separate. Overall it's really easy to use.


To clean just fill the jug with about 10cm of warm water, add a tiny amount of washing up liquid and select clean, or you can use the pulse button.

Now depending on what you've made or cooked in the jug, you will probably find as I did that although that works well you might still need to wash by hand.

But as with pretty much all blenders you must not get the bottom of the jug wet because of the electrical connection.

So, I hear you wondering what sort of trick you need to perform to achieve this?

Well, it's no biggie; all I do is put the blender jug into a clean and dry washing up bowl.

Add a little warm water and use the cleaning tool (not your hands as those blades are sharp) give it a nice wash taking care not to splash over the side of the jug because of the connection; then rinse under the tap and dry well.

Your blender will be nicely spruced and ready to use again 😉

As well as the preset functions which you can use the DIY (manual) buttons to alter temperature, time and speed. There's also a pulse button.

So, how does the Froothie Evolve compare to Vitamix?

Froothie Evolve Blender compared with Vitamix

I've been busy testing this power blender and yesterday I used the Smooth Soup function to make a really nice and warming Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the Froothie Evolve and love the soup function, it's so easy to make delicious, healthy homemade soups without much effort at all and in 30 minutes or less.

All thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not required to write anything positive.


  1. Looking forward to your soup recipes. I can't wait to make soup in mine. Love your silver Froothie. Aren't all the colours amazing.

  2. Great review, can't wait to see the recipes you make with this new blender.

  3. Great review, I look forward to seeing what else you make in it!

  4. Such a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment, I absolutely love mine! Really like your silver version!

  5. I love mine too and it does make such gorgeously smooth soup! I need to try a butternut squash one next too

  6. Love that top photo. It makes the Froothie Evolve look even more appealing. Looking forward to seeing your video too. I'm with you on the soup function. It's great. We've been pretty much living off soup over the last few days.

  7. Love that top photo, it makes the Froothie Evolve look even more appealing. I almost want a silver one now. I'm loving it so far. I'm with you on the soup function too. It's brilliant. We've been living off soup for the last few days :D

  8. Great review, Jan, and lovely photos. Such a fab blender, isn't it?! xx


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