Cooking with the Rayburn from AGA

A while back I saw a TV programme about Rayburn from AGA and I’ve wanted one ever since.  We live just down the road from where they're made in Telford and the program showed how they are ordered and shipped to many parts of the world and are especially popular the United States.  But sadly our kitchen is so very tiny that there wouldn’t be room enough left for so much as a salt and pepper pot never mind the kitchen sink!   

My friend has one and it’s brilliant, and like shes says it's British engineering at it's best and is designed to last a lifetime.  She gave me a demonstration which resulted in me really wishing we could move house so we could get one!   If I could have one, it would have to be the new ice cool white they’ve recently introduced to their range of colours. 

 The oven is cast iron and uses the principle of indirect heat which is kind to food and locks in moisture.  I will say one thing, I used to think that a Rayburn had to be on all of the time but they don’t.
They have a simple on/off switch and the hotplates are good to cook on in just 10 minutes.  In half an hour your oven is also ready to cook.  Another thing I wasn’t aware of is the hot plates can be set at different temperatures so you move your saucepans around to go from fast boil to simmer and back again if needed.

They have a huge amount of oven space which is fantastic for cooking for friends and family.  Because cast iron stores heat so well your oven burns off any bits and bobs stuck to it from cooking meaning the oven is self cleaning too!

If you watch this short video you'll see why I want one so much!

 Choose the right one to keep your house warm and provide your hot water too:
These days with the high costs of electricity and gas, everyone is concerned about how much energy their home uses and we’re all looking for ways to use less fossil fuel. Homeowners are looking at ways to use energy from renewable and sustainable sources.
There are many choices available so it can be really confusing to know how best to run a greener home.  AGA Rayburn, have created a portfolio of products to help you cut your energy usage.  This means you can easily choose the Rayburn that’s right for you.
They also hold demonstrations so you can learn how to use your oven to take full advantage of it.

This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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