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After cooking almost any kind of meal you end up with washing up or some sort of cleaning that just has to be done.  Also, we all have to either wash, bath or shower every day.  Keeping our homes (and ourselves) clean makes for a better living environment, and that in turn makes us feel good too. 

First of all, what is Method?  
Method is a brand of non-toxic cleaning products - for people who simply want a better way to clean with ingredients that come from plants.


Method is certified by PETA as a Cruelty-Free and Vegan Company – none of their products are ever tested on animals.

Method products do not contain any hazardous ingredients, making them safe to use around children.

A Wide Range of Cleaning Products
Method has a wide range of products to cover almost any cleaning situation!  From everyday surface cleaners, bathroom, laundry, hand care and washing up.  They even have specialty products to clean granite and marble, wood, stainless steel, leather and floor products. 

Method Cleaning Products

Lovely Smells Too!
With fragrances such as lemon and ginger (hard floor cleaner) pink grapefruit (multi-surface cleaner) peony blossom (laundry detergent) eucalyptus mint (bathroom cleaner) French lavender (gel hand wash) to name but a few!

Better for the Environment
Non-toxic products are so much better for the world, the place we live in.  The company’s primary goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and their company. In California in 2008, they began by using trucks that run on biodiesel.  Originally the trucks ran on a 20% biodiesel blend, but they have now increased this to 50%, meaning a significant portion of the diesel is replaced by renewable, lower emission biodiesel from secondary waste vegetable oil sources and that means no "bad biodiesel". Many more other efficiency ideas have been put in place and are ongoing to make the carbon footprint of their products even better still.  

Clean and Be Happy!
You can watch this short video that has been made to help inspire more people in the world to be against dirty.

To find out more about Method cleaning products and where to buy them pop over to the Method website
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