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Joseph Joseph Nest Plus 9 Piece Set - Review

Kitchenware that is not only space-saving and practical, but looks good too.   The Joseph Joseph nest plus 9 piece set stacks neatly inside the other.  

Joseph Joseph Nest Plus 9 Piece Set

I love the bright colours!  The two bowls have non-slip bases and handles making the mixing of ingredients a doddle with no fear of the bowl slipping about.

The blue bowl has measurement markers on the inside of the bowl up to 1 pint on one side and 500ml on the other.
Five measuring cups that snap together are also part of the set, again with each one fitting neatly inside the other.  The measuring cups have milliliter markings on the underside as well as the equivalent cup measurement.

All items are dishwasher safe too.

So it's out with my old bowls sieve and colander and I now have a bit more space in my very small kitchen!  The whole set can even be stored away neatly in a kitchen drawer.

All in all I would highly recommended this product to anyone - you certainly won't be disappointed.  As with all the other Joseph Joseph products I have reviewed the build quality is excellent.       

This Joseph Joseph Nest Plus 9 Piece Set would make a lovely wedding or new home gift, or why not just treat yourself!

More about the Joseph Joseph Nest Plus 9 Piece Multi-Coloured Set;

   1 x Large Non-slip Mixing Bowl 4.5 L
    1 x Small Non-slip Mixing Bowl 0.5 L
    1 x Colander 3 L
    1 x Sieve 1.65 L
    1 x 1 Cup (250 ml)
    1 x 1/2 Cup (125 ml)
    1 x 1/3 Cup (85 ml)
    1 x 1/4 Cup (60 ml)
    1 x 1/6 Cup (5 ml/15 
 The collection measures approx 32 cm x 27 cm x 14.5 cm

 Find Me a Gift have a great range of gifts to suit every occasion.

Thank you to Jo at Find Me a Gift for sending me this to review - I love it!

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