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Rogan Josh - Jamie Oliver

Vegetable rogan josh, Jamie Oliver recipe, was delicious you must read on to find out what is, in my opinion, a vital missing ingredient, but I soon sorted it!

Vegetable Rogan Josh Jamie Oliver
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Vegetable Rogan Josh

Read on to find out what I truly think the original recipe is missing.

I made the curry and Jamie's Lemon Pickle and Carrot Salad and both are seriously good.

According to Jamie when he cooks it on his Channel 4 television series all this can be done in 30 minutes.....having given it a go, I think not.

In my tiny little kitchen, it is impossible. Like most people who are cooking in their kitchen at home, you have to clear up as you go. Jamie doesn't since it's for the television!

Anyway, 1 hour and 20 minutes later! I was ready to serve this delicious Rogan Josh 😀

I think a lot of the time was spent trying to keep up with the book. It's written as he cooks it on the television program and goes from the curry to the rice then back to the curry; it's like you are in a marathon. You can buy Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals in any good bookshop or over on Amazon.

How Spicy is Rogan Josh?

Rogan Josh basically means 'red meat' and the colour comes from the tomatoes along with paprika and chilli powder. It's not a hot curry and so it can be enjoyed by those who do not like too much spice.

Vegetarian Rogan Josh

I've rewritten the recipe so that now it's in some sort of order and should be easier to follow but I still don't think you'll do it in 30 minutes!

I say there are in fact two missing ingredients (one vital) that in my opinion, really should be included in this which are a tin of good quality tomatoes, and a good pinch of dried chilli flakes.

Whilst the curry was kind of tasty, I wasn't happy with it so I added a tin of good quality tomatoes. I find Cirio brand is the best as the juice is thick and not watery at all.

I also think an extra chilli is needed to liven this curry up!

Tin of Cirio tomatoes

When you try to follow the recipes in the book it does feel like you're in a race!

I say pour yourself a nice glass of wine and just enjoy cooking. But of course, please drink responsibly.

Basmati rice

The rice came out perfectly too. I say Jamie's 30 Minute Meals really is a book worth buying.

By the way, if you're looking for more Jamie Oliver recipes, scroll to the bottom of my home page on this blog and click on the Celebrity Chef Recipes tag.

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Vegetable Rogan Josh

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  1. Looks good Jan. I haven't made anything from the book yet, but I am loving it and have a bunch of recipes earmarked!!!

  2. This looks amazing Jan! I'd never manage to get it done in 30 mins either; I'm notoriously slow at preparing!

  3. Hi Jan,
    I've done quite a few of his 30 minute meals and while they are all really tasty, I can't do it in the time allowed. He times just the cooking not getting his 30 minute head on or clearing up.. he probs had minions to do that for him...unfortunatly I don't!!! His midweek roast took me nearly 2 hours but I did use a different cut of beef as my budget couldn't stretch to fillet for the 6 of us!!
    Great looking curry tho... think I'll try this next! Check out the risotto photos on my blog, the spinach salad was fab!

  4. Hi Thanks for the follow:) Your recipes look delicious, and full of flavor. I host a monthly event were bloggers can show off their best or favorite recipes, it is called YBR. Please stop by and see if you would like to join us for the November installment that will be published at the end of November. Your blog is great !

  5. thanks for posting this recipe, i tried it after i saw it on the tv, and its not on his website anymore! its also really nice with prawns and if you use jalfrezi!!!

  6. Thanks Anon - sounds good! I did add a can of tomatoes as I said in this post and I think it really needed them. Great dish though - but not in 30 lol

  7. Hi thanks I have lent my book out so needed this tonight - but no mention of the spinach in the method!

  8. Thanks WLS - now sorted!

  9. It took an hour to prep. I did cook in 30 minutes. I did take your advice on the tomatoes. Next time i will cut up everything smaller and i didn't feel the chick peas were needed. This was a fantastic meal and everyone loved it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Unknown - Thank you so much for letting me know - so happy you all liked it.


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