Aunt Doreen's Corned Beef and Baked Bean Pie

When I was a kid I was a VERY fussy eater, a bit strange seeing as I can now eat for England. Always hungry am I and I'll now eat 'almost' anything going!

My mate Jacky's mum Doreen used to make corned beef and baked bean pie and I would eat that and I loved it.
Corned Beef and Baked Bean Pie

So, when I went I sometimes stayed over night and me and Jacky would chat all night long and hardly slept at all!
Doreen isn't an actual aunt of mine, she and my mum are really good friends and have been since they were kids. I just always called her aunt, as you do when you're a kid.

The only other thing I would eat was 'Bird's Eye' cod balls with chips - yes that's what they were called! Pieces of cod in batter that were round in shape, so cod balls is what they were called. Errr before you ask - no they probably don't sell them anymore with a name like that 😀

Corned Beef and Baked Bean Pie

Yield: 3-4

Corned beef and Baked Bean Pie

Doreen isn't an actual aunt of mine, she and my mum are really good friends and have been since they were kids; I just always called her aunt. Anyway this is her recipe for Corned Beef and Baked Bean pie.


2 x 500g ready made pastry - shortcrust
330g tin of corned beef
415g tin of Heinz baked beans
1 small onion - very thinly sliced
1 Oxo cube - beef
a little milk


Preheat your oven to 200c/400f or Gas 6

Roll each of your pastry blocks out to about 4mm thick - one to cover the bottom and one to cover the top of a shallow pie dish.

**Leave the pastry to rest for about five minutes and it won't shrink so much when it's cooking.

 Lightly butter the pie dish and cover the bottom with one sheet of the pastry. Mines about 25cm (10 inches) round.

 Trim the pastry around the dish.

Tip the corned beef into a bowl and mash with a fork and then spoon it into the pie dish.

Now evenly pour the whole tin of baked beans over - including the juice.  

**Don't buy cheap ones or there will be too much juice and your pie will be horrid.

Sprinkle the very thinly sliced onions on top of the corned beef.

Crumble an Oxo cube very finely over the top of that.

Wet the edge of the pastry and cover with the other sheet - pressing down with a fork to seal it all round.

Trim the excess pastry off and make a little hole in the middle of the pie. Brush with milk and pop it in the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes.

Serve with mashed potato and you can make a bit of gravy if you fancy it. 
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  1. No wonder you have fond memories of this aunt. Her pie looks simply outstanding

  2. I was also a fussy eater but now will eat for Britain! This pie looks yummy.


  3. This looks such a tasty pie - perfect comfort food. x

  4. Our tastes really do change as we get older. This sounds delish Jan:D

  5. Oh yes - nostalgia fest! I was hooked on this too. Wednesday night classic - first helping before dashing off to cubs, second helpings afterwards with Knightrider - that was real living!

    My great aunt's version was with mash on top rather than pastry. Oh and cheese on top the mash too - everything's better with cheese. Makes great camping food - was one of the first things I made as the Scout camp cook. Also one of the most popular things when we were camping last yr too. A tin of corned beef is a store cupboard essential.

  6. I've made a version to this before but was with sausagemeat in, very tasty too! Though the OH loves corned beef so this would be a winner for him!


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