The Perfect Jacket Potato

The perfect jacket potato has to have a nice crispy skin and be perfectly cooked through on the inside. There are many people who will cook a jacket potato in kitchen foil but to me, it isn't going to be anywhere near as nice if the skin isn't crispy.
The Perfect Jacket Potato

Please see my latest blog post with more information on the variety of potato to use.

Pre- heat the oven to 200c/Gas6
Be sure to get nice big potatoes and leave them in their skins.
Wash the potatoes and then dry them.
Now rub the skins with a little olive oil and rub on a little crushed sea salt.

Prick the skin of the potatoes here and there with a knife a few times all over.

Bake directly on the bars of a preheated oven for at about 1 hour to an hour and a half.

The actual time will of course, will depend on the size of your potatoes and the variety.

The potato is done when you can easily insert a knife into it and it and the skin is nice and crisp. There's nothing worse than a baked potato that's not cooked through so make sure it is.

Cut a big cross on each potato and add a big dollop of butter and some salt. You don't have to add salt but it just won't taste the same.

Be sure to serve straight away.

Perfect Jacket Potato


  1. i agree with you this is definitely a perfect jacket potato..i love that crispy skin..yummy

  2. Beautiful photos Jan and I agree with your method of baking the potato...the skin has to be crisp and I will eat it!

  3. Perfect potaotes! We love our potatoes cooked this way. We have some sort of widget that you can stick 6 potatoes on and bake them too, just a little handier, I guess. I am not sure if the salad counteracts the calories, but if you store your cheese on the top shelf of the fridge, you should be ok. Calories are afraid of heights and they will all jump out!!!

  4. Jan thats just the way I cook them too. I cant be doing with the skins soft. Crispy is th eway to go!!!! Lovely!!!

  5. That's just the way I like them, too. I like to save the skin until last, and add more butter to it before eating. Yum!

  6. Baked potatoes, so simple and yet so good!

  7. Mmmm, that does look like a perfect potato! I find that even when I'm in a rush and cheat in the microwave, rubbing a little salt on damp potatoes improves the skin texture. Love the ultra-colourful relish too!


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