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Why Pizza is the Perfect Comfort Food

Pizza offers a wide range of flavours and toppings to satisfy every need, whether you're celebrating or commiserating. There are many different adaptations of this dish to suit the tastes of various cultures worldwide.

A large pizza pictured with tomatoes and rosemary.
Image by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

Wherever you go, you will find a variety of regional toppings and styles to complement your local taste. Pizza provides satisfaction and comfort like no other food, but why is it such a comforting food? 

Below we explore why food lovers worldwide choose pizza as the ultimate comfort food.

Pizza is Perfect for Any Occasion

You may need comfort food for a variety of reasons. A difficult day may have left you craving your favourite food, or perhaps you're getting ready for a movie night with your friends and want to set the right mood.  

Whatever the occasion, pizza is the perfect meal! Dealing with heartbreak, order pizza. No time to cook, then order pizza. A stressful day at work, you guessed it - pizza! 

Pizza is perfect for parties and events, as everyone loves pizza, you can never go wrong by ordering a few different ones to satisfy everyone.

The Science Behind Pizza

Pizza is quite literally associated with the symptoms of addiction. This isn't as scary as it sounds, considering pizza isn't that harmful and is an addictive behaviour without ramifications. 

Clinical psychologists have noted that its addictive quality may be related to its reward potential. Comfort foods trigger dopamine, and since pizza contains a combination of ingredients that are not naturally found in nature, our reward system makes it more effective for satiety.

Choose Your Own Flavors

The great thing about pizza is that its appeal is so wide-ranging. There's thin, thick, and stuffed crust, and that's just the base! Choose a delicious base sauce and decide if you should go large or small, but not before deciding on your perfect pizza toppings. 

A golden, melting indulgence comes in the form of one of the most versatile foods available, and there's a flavour to satisfy any palate. 

The Boston-based pizza gurus at Pizza Dorchester MA knows the importance of choosing the best delectable toppings for the perfect comfort food. Note that the order of your toppings is equally significant for the ultimate taste.

Pizza Brings People Together

Although pizza is a perfect way to indulge alone without feeling guilty, when we think of pizza, the image that comes to mind is sharing. Its very form requires us to cut it into slices making pizza so easy to share amongst family and friends. 

The fact that 15% of Americans list pizza as their number one comfort food, almost twice as many as any other food.

It's so easy to call for a pizza, kick back and relax while waiting for delivery. Eating pizza comes without much fuss and is relatively inexpensive, making it food for convenience and comfort.

Slices of pizza - perfect comfort food!

Image by Brenna Huff on Unsplash

Are you convinced yet? We are! Obviously indulging in too much pizza isn't the healthiest food option, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself if you need a pick-me-up or don't have time to cook - because sometimes life gets in the way. You can always add a mayo-free coleslaw in order to eat a bit of veg! 

So, curl up, flick on the TV, order delivery, and feast away on the perfect comfort food that is pizza.

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