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How To Prepare for A Great Outdoor Party

As hot days approach, outdoor garden parties are taking over indoor events. The breeze of fresh air, the blue sky, and the cosy feeling of being around people you care about seem almost perfect.

Meat cooking on a BBQ for an outdoor party.
Image by Marek Mucha on Unsplash 

Almost, as there are a few things which you can do to make it even better. Preparing in the right manner will ensure your yard party remains memorable. Read on, as we’ll discuss some ways in which you can achieve it.

Preparing the lawn

The first thing you can do is prepare, by cutting the lawn, hanging the right decorations, making sure there is enough space for everyone to stand and even sit, and finally, setting up a counter where people can pick up their snacks and food.

Drinks are an integral part of the whole event, it goes without saying, and of course, make it look nice with balloons, colourful patterns, and maybe even a pinata to spice it up.

Clean the corners of debris, check if there are any puddles, and make sure to set up some speakers for the music.

All these little preparations can take a lot of time. Plan and make sure to start early in the morning. Also, don’t forget to align the time of the party with everyone’s schedule. 

Preparing the meals

The type of dishes you'll serve will be determined by the type of party you're planning.

When it comes to this, you can either go for some snacks, appetizers, or finger foods, or you could host a real BBQ party with some meat, sausages, and even a turkey. People love them and the fresh smell of burning coal and roasting meat just feels like euphoria in the air.

There are numerous recipes on the internet for how to prepare the turkey, how to prepare a perfect marinade, the perfect roasting temperature, and much more. What people often miss out on, is the thawing part.

One thing you are probably aware of is that meat spoils, and it does so quickly, and bacteria feed on the meat repeatedly at room temperature. That is why you should look for alternative ways to roast the meat. You can find some here, and make sure the meat stays fresh and healthy before roasting.

One interesting way is to defrost it in a cooler. Why? Because, the temperature of the cooler is often below 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius), which makes it perfect as the meat will slowly defrost without the danger of bacteria infecting it. 

Everything above 40 degrees Farrenheit is often a health hazard, which is why you should never leave the meat on the counter for two hours before serving it. 

As you prepare the drinks and the BBQ and gather the wood for the fire, your turkey will be perfectly thawed. Also, look for some great salad ideas and dressings, as they will give an extra kick to the whole meal. 

One interesting hack to keep your drinks cold longer is to use ice spheres or big ice cubes in the cooler, as they’ll melt slower and keep the drinks colder, this is especially important during hot days when everyone is craving a refreshing cold drink. 

Garden Furniture

One interesting way is to make your own furniture by using old pallets and creating a unique and rustic look. Or you could simply get the regular garden furniture, like deck chairs and some parasols for the sun. Or, this might seem unconventional, but you could use lazy bags.

Lazy bags are often everyone's favourite when it comes to garden furniture and they give you a more relaxing and casual vibe than chairs and plastic tables.

Everyone can chill in a lazy bag with a plate of food in one hand and a cold beverage in the other, consider the idea, as it goes especially well with the whole theme of a yard party.

Outdoor LED lighting - lightbulbs on a string.
Image by Shayla Kirby on Unsplash


Like with every party, having some games is a great addition to the whole thing, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Look for interesting party games which can be played by everyone involved, they could form teams of two or four, or they simply take a bat and start throwing punches at the pinata you prepare beforehand. Twister is an outdoor party favourite, as everyone has enough space to make the needed moves.

In the end, the goal is for everyone to have a really great time and spend it enjoying the food and the meals.

Just keep the food in check, make sure everyone has a drink in their hand, and the expressions on their faces will tell you they are having an amazing time.

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