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5 Reasons to add MCT Oil into your Diet

Have you ever heard of MCT oil?

MCT, short for medium-chain triglyceride, is a healthy saturated fatty acid. As a supplement, MTC oil is often added to smoothies, salad dressing, and coffee.

This popular oil has been linked to various health benefits, such as improved cognitive function and weight management.

>Many people on ketogenic diets and those who have malabsorption syndrome use MCTs. Some opt to use coconut oil as a natural MCT source. However, only 54 percent of the fats in coconut oil are MCTs. MCT oil, on the other hand, has 100 percent MCTs.

While you may have been taught to avert as much fat as possible, recent studies have shown that MCTs offer numerous health benefits and should be incorporated into your diet.

If you’ve heard whispers of MCT oil being the next “superfood” but don’t quite know why to take some time to understand the product and the potential advantages of adding MCT oil to your favourite foods and drinks.

What Exactly is MCT Oil?

MCT is a lab-made substance derived from coconut oil and palm oil, which are high in MCTs. Unlike with coconut and palm oils, the MCT oil refinement process extracts everything but MCTs.

Talking a bit more technically about MCT oil, MCT oil is made of medium-chain fats that have six to 12 carbon molecules and easier to digest than long-chain fats.

In turn, MCTs are easier for the body to break down and quickly use as energy. You can click here for more information about MCT oil.

How Can MCT Oil Help You and Your Body?

MTCs are generally considered healthy fats because once digested, they are sent directly to your liver. Then, thanks to their thermogenic effect, the body quickly burns it for energy instead of storing it as fat. In other words, MCT oil works as a metabolic fat burner.

A study published by the National Institutes of Health in 2018 showed that for this reason, MCTs are beneficial for enhanced exercise performance and improved weight loss.

What are Five Reasons to use MCT Oil?

Using MCT oil can benefit the body in numerous ways. Some other positive effects of consuming MCTs include:

1. MCT oil not only helps burn fat through the metabolic process described above, but they also help you feel full MCT oil increases the release of peptide YY and leptin, two hormones that promote the fullness feeling.

2. Adding MCT oil to your diet can reduce risk factors associated with heart diseases such as weight gain, high cholesterol, and inflammation.

3. By reducing fat storage and increasing fat burning, MCTs can help you control your blood sugar levels.

4. MCTs can help reduce lactate buildup during heavy exercise.

5. Studies show that MCTs may help maintain a healthy intestinal ecosystem by fighting off micro bacteria.

How can you add MCT Oil to your Diet?

As a clear, flavourless liquid, MCT oil is simple to add to your diet. Common ways to consume MCT oil include:

● Mixing the oil into salad dressing

● Adding it to coffee

● Blending it into smoothies

● Stir-frying vegetables and meat in the oil

● Including it in marinades.

As with any oil, be sure to check the supplement’s smoking point to avoid a burning flavour and destruction of nutrients. Also, keep in mind that MCT oil is still a liquid fat that has 100 calories per tablespoon.

It’s all Benefits with MCT Oil:

While adding MCT oil to your diet requires little work or creativity, the payoff can be huge. From your heart to your intestines, MCT oil can improve wellness across the body.

If burning fat, feeling full, and making exercise less taxing appeals to you, talk to your doctor about incorporating MCT oil into your diet.

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