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Get Rich Quick - Sort of

How to get rich quick; sort of.

There are a hundred reasons why any of us would want to temporarily inflate our finances.

Of course, we’d all love to surprise the bank manager with a life-changing lump sum of hard cash, but when large expenses crop up, a temporary cash-flow boost will do (for extra help with savings, visit site).

gold piggy bank with dollars

For some of us, a partner’s birthday or forgotten-about plans to go away with friends or a day trip to Harrods in London can mean a last-minute raid on our savings.

For others, perhaps a fault with the car or home repairs of some sort will mean overspending this month. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there, and the reasons keep coming.

Cash in your drawer full of mobile phones:

Everybody keeps hold of a spare phone in case our current model breaks. Then we upgrade again and think to ourselves “My old phone is super old now, nobody will want it”. Then we upgrade again, and again; and again.

That drawer of phones can be sold online to any one of the various phone-buying services for a small but useful profit (it’s not the performance they’re after in most cases, but rather the components and the precious metals used to make them).

The same goes for tablets and laptops - and don’t forget that most of the sites that will buy your old and unwanted devices for cash will also happily take any old CDs or DVDs off your hands (the pay-off isn’t quite as good, but every little will help).

Sell your old clothes:

Everybody with the earning power to buy clothes has a wardrobe full of things they don’t wear any more. Sometimes we buy something to go with a particular outfit and end up only wearing it once.

Sometimes we buy something as a makeshift stopgap and end up wearing it until it is threadbare and looking really quite sorry for itself. But whatever the state of your clothes, there’s a good chance they’ll find a buyer.

Theatre companies, students, charities, people looking for discontinued styles, and even crafty people looking to purchase garments to repurpose the material into something else, could all be clicking “add to basket” the very minute post a few well-lit shots online.

Finally, plan now for a quick buck later - with Disney?!

Disney knows how to make us want something we’ve already got. Which is quite a skill; what am I on about?

Well, you may have already seen Disney’s 101 Dalmatians or Jungle Book or Little Mermaid, but did you know that Disney cleverly restricts the release of hard copies of these “classics” (of which there are more than 50) to limited runs spread out over different years.

You may think nothing of it as you walk past a stand of Fantasia Blu-Rays in the supermarket, priced as you would expect

But these classics (that you have probably already seen) are not available for long - as the runs are cancelled, the rarity value causes the value to triple and quadruple online.

Why not grab a handful and wait for that time? It’s the long game, sure, but could see you make a very tidy profit just when you need it most.

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