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Smoother Younger-looking Skin with Fillers

Age, lifestyle and the stress involved in our daily lives are all responsible for the changes in the way we look. This is most visible in the largest organ of our body; the skin.

Botox injection womans face
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Botox and dermal fillers are participants of the dream team that are available at your dermatologist’s clinic. While they both seem to do a good job at improving your profile; they are a little different from each other.

The popular choice; Botox, took little time to align itself. An injection holding specific bacteria, the injection is aimed at freezing muscles. What this does is simply minimizes wrinkles and fine lines that usually occur on your face.

In the same light, dermal filler is a term given to a host of ingredients that make you look supple. Fillers swell the facial nooks that seem to sag and have lost its elasticity.

The age factor is usually responsible for this. Effective on the cheeks, lips, and areas around the mouth, dermal fillers; they are also known as tissue fillers are intended to be placed below the layer of the skin.

Defining Botox?

A temporary arrangement to tackle facial lines and the emergence of creases; its results can last nearly close to a year.

Using botulinum toxin; a temporary fix made with a purified version of botulinum bacteria. This helps in relaxing facial muscles, emerging facial laugh creases and crow’s feet. 

It only takes a few shots with minimum pain. Botox treatment usually takes about a week to reveal its results.

If you choose to continue its result, you may need a refill every 6 months. In time because your skin already has a dose, the frequency also decreases. Common side effects of puffiness, bleeding and staining get resolved within 24 hours.

How different are dermal fillers from Botox?

Fillers are similar to cream-based substances that are administered for allowing the skin to restore its lost viscosity and size; thereby softening wrinkles, fine lines or even enhancing the corners of the face that so far sagged due to age. Popular for being crease fillers, dermal fillers augment the overall profile of the patient.

While doing their job, they are plump up areas needing attention. Nasal lines, laugh lines, a large portion of the cheek and the sides of the eyes and chin are areas that need immediate attention. These are all injected with fillers.

The presence of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin combined with Calcium hydroxylapatite, present in our bones, aid in building up collagen creation.

The market is flooded with several treatments that are used to enhance your beauty. Supple smooth skin is the result of several factors, Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, administering Poly-L-lactic acid, or Polymethylmethacrylate, better known as PMMA.

Each procedure is exclusively articulated for achieving a firm quality and thickness. This means that some fillers work best for some and other procedures are best suited for a certain range of people.

Whatever your need, your physician can be your best guide in determining the type of handling that you would need. Nonsurgical procedures have a way of making one look beautiful.

In an age where looking good is all so important, there are several options that you can partake as per your choice.

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