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Simple Ways to Refresh your Bathroom for Summer

Simple ways to refresh your bathroom 

Summer is a lovely time of year when I think we all feel better due to the sunnier days and warmer weather, it makes me actually want to do stuff around the house.

Rolled lime green towel
Image by Biplob Bhorali Pixabay

Last year we had a complete bathroom renovation with everything taken out (literally) and our shiny new bathroom was completed in a week. 

Obviously to have a complete bathroom refurb means spending quite a bit of money, but ours badly needed doing. 

However, the good news is you can do up your existing bathroom making it clean and fresh easily without it costing a fortune. Here’s how.

Deep Clean

Start by giving your bathroom a proper deep clean. Washing down the walls and floors is a good place to start, scrub that grouting and get it looking good.

Then, of course, give your toilet and bath and/or shower an extra pampering by really giving them a good deep clean.

Cleaning the grouting will do wonders. To clean bathroom grout, start by applying a baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and water paste to the grout and then scrubbing it with an old toothbrush or a nail brush.

Now, spray the grout with equal parts white vinegar and water. Let the vinegar and baking soda bubble and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing well. 

Dry and buff with a soft cloth and you’ll be surprised how well it comes up. You could also replace the sealant around the bath if it needs it.

Bathroom Taps

Are the taps letting your bathroom down? If so consider buying some new ones; if you can’t fit them yourself then get a plumber to do the job. Be sure to get a quote first though so you know the cost beforehand.

Bathroom Luxuries has a lovely range of all things bathroom, especially by the brand Crosswater, they’re very stylish.

Towels, bath mat, shower curtain or screen

I love buying new towels, I really think they can make a huge difference to the bathroom. Nice thick, soft Egyptian cotton towels are the best and although you will pay a bit more, they last ages and are absorbent, fluffy and durable.

You should never use fabric softener when washing towels as it stops them from being as absorbent as they ought to be.

A new bath mat is another small thing that will make a big difference to the end result of your summer bathroom makeover.

Don’t forget the shower curtain and rail if you have one as that’s another cheap thing you can replace that will make a big difference. If you have a shower screen you’ll just have to get that looking shiny like a new pin; no excuses!

Bathroom lighting and accessories 

If you have a window in your bathroom, a nice plant on the window ledge will cheer things up and if you don’t have a window you can get seriously life-like plastic plants these days.

Some are that ‘real’ looking I actually bought one once and watered it before realising…... Oh dear, I know, I am a worry!

If you have a roller blind at your bathroom window consider replacing it. They’re ridiculously cheap to buy these days and a new one will make a huge difference.

LED lights are much brighter than regular light bulbs plus they’re loads cheaper to run and will really brighten up your bathroom.

Have you seen those rope storage baskets? We bought one for storing toilet rolls; always good to have spare loo rolls in the bathroom.

They look good and are available in different sizes and can be bought from well-known high street shops or online. You could also buy a couple of smaller ones to hold toiletries, keeping them neat and tidy.


Make your bathroom smell nice with one of those automatic battery-operated air fresheners that release a puff of air freshener when they detect someone entering the room.


Now your bathroom is fully refreshed and ready for summer run yourself a nice bath, add your favourite bath bubbles, lie back and relax.

Oh and by the way, for added bathroom luxury you could also buy those bathhead pillows, yes indeed!

 We have one; it stays in place with a rubber suction pad so it can easily be moved for cleaning - a marvellous invention.

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