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Styling Tips for Your Next Instagram Photo Shoot

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites. It had one billion users in 2018, and that figure is growing every day. Celebs love Instagram. Stars such as the Kardashians post gorgeous photos every day, highlighting their lavish lifestyles, amazing style, and enviable figures, but you don’t need to be an A-lister to be a hit on Instagram. With some simple styling tips, you can easily post beautiful photos and attract a large following. Here’s how to do it.

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Location, Location, Location
Pick the right location for your Insta photo shoot. It has to be somewhere picturesque, such as an idyllic beach or dramatic cliff. If you don’t have access to an amazing view, look closer to home for a suitable backdrop. Insta stars often take photos inside their home, making good use of stylish d├ęcor and attractive furniture. Do remember to tidy up first, however, so you don’t end up inadvertently showing off embarrassing objects.

Think about the type of look you want for your photo shoot. Hair looks best when it’s natural. You don’t want your photos to look too staged. Wash and style your hair, using hair products to add shine and smooth out any frizz. Consider using heated rollers to add body and bounce.

Makeup is essential. Excess shine looks terrible in a photo, and the last thing you want your Instagram followers to see is your shiny forehead gleaming in the sun. Use a light layer of foundation and powder to give your skin a matt base. If you want a natural look, stick to neutral shades of eyeshadow and blush. For a more dramatic look, go with dark colors and vibrant lipstick. Always check your makeup before taking photos, so you don’t end up with any smudges or stray eyebrow hairs.

Fashion styling is very important. You want your followers to be impressed at your amazing sense of style. Throwing any old outfit on isn’t going to make a good impression; have a selection of outfits ready to go. Even if you decide to take some shots on the beach, you still need to wear stylish swimwear.

It’s best to be subtle when styling your shoot. Head to toe bling is a bit OTT and could alienate your followers. Mix and match designer items with a few of your own hand-chosen pieces. For example, for a casual beach shoot, wear a pair of Balenciaga sneakers with some sexy denim cut-offs. You can browse the selection of high-end designer shoes at SSENSE if you need ideas. This store stocks all the designer footwear you need.

Always use a tripod if you want to eliminate camera shake. Ideally, have an assistant to take the photos, but if that isn’t possible, use a timer on your camera or smartphone. Take a few test shots to set up the pose and check exposure settings.

Be careful when editing photos for Instagram. People are wise to editing techniques and your followers will call you out if you make a mess of it.
For best results, post daily and always use plenty of hashtags to make your images searchable.

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