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Honey Halloumi and Sweet Pepper Flakes

To celebrate British tomato fortnight with the British Tomato Growers Association I have very kindly been sent a LOT of delicious tomatoes from second generation family run business Glinwell

Halloumi in Pita Bread with tomato salad

They are accredited to BRC, Soil Association, and the Farm Assurance Fresh Produce Scheme and I can tell you their tomatoes are delicious.

I was sent a variety of tomatoes but the Piccolo tomatoes are just the best 😋 Piccolo are the smallest variety you can get in the UK and are super sweet and juicy and a truly gorgeous colour. They can be used in salads and in a range of hot dishes too.

This year British tomato fortnight runs from 20th May-2nd June and so why not grab yourself a pack or two when you next shop. From what I've read Piccolo tomatoes were first grown in the Isle of Wight after their introduction from a small French seed house.

They can be roasted or popped onto a skewer along with Halloumi for a quick veggie BBQ - be sure to check the Halloumi you are using is suitable for vegetarians as not all Halloumi is.

Personally, I like them (and any other tomato variety) just as they are and I could snack on them all day; which is just as well because I do have a lot of tomatoes to get through!

Piccolo and other tomatoes varieties in a box

The yellow tomatoes in the picture are actually as yet unnamed as apparently, they are a trial cherry tomato. Unnamed or not, they get a big thumbs up from me.

The orange ones in case you are wondering are called Royal Star and are a speciality, Orange Cherry. In the photo, you might also be able to spot the Belacio which is a Premium Baby Plum tomato.

We are big lovers of Halloumi so I cut it into slices and coated it in a mixture of runny honey and smoked paprika with sweet pepper flakes. It takes literally minutes to make and I served them with a salad of mainly tomatoes; of course! 😋

Halloumi, Pitta bread, Lunch, Dinner, Snack
Lunch, Dinner, Snack,
Yield: 2

Halloumi with Honey and Sweet Pepper Flakes

Grilled halloumi is delicious anyway; but when you add a little runny honey, smoked paprika and sweet pepper flakes it's even better.


  • 1x225g pack of Halloumi
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons runny honey
  • 1 teaspoon sweet smoked paprika
  • Sweet pepper flakes - to taste 
  • To Serve
  • 2 x Pitta bread
  • Salad
  • Sauce of your choice


How to cook Halloumi with Honey and Sweet Pepper Flakes

  1. Remove the halloumi from the packaging and pat dry on kitchen paper.
  2. Slice into almost 1cm slices; not too thin or it will break.
  3. On a small plate mix together the olive oil, honey, and smoked paprika. 
  4. Add the halloumi slices and turn to coat well, taking care not to break the halloumi. Sprinkle both sides generously with the sweet pepper flakes 
  5. Heat up a medium-sized frying pan and add the halloumi and fry for just a minute or so each side. 
  6. Serve while hot with fresh pita bread and enjoy with a nice salad and fries if you're feeling hungry!
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Pop along to your nearest store and pick up some gorgeous British Piccolo tomatoes to try for yourself.

Many thanks to @glinwellplc for sending me the lovely tomatoes.

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