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Beach Hacks and Tips to Save Your Summer Holiday

Ooh I do love a nice beach holiday 😊 The feel of soft sand under your feet and between your toes, there’s nothing quite like it. But let’s face it sand, gorgeous though it is can be a bit pesky. Why? Because it gets just about everywhere you don’t want it to which could end up with an expensive repair job if, for example, it gets into the speaker of you mobile phone!

Pilar Beach
*In case anyone is wondering the above picture was taken at Pilar beach, Cayo Guillermo. 

So with a little bit of forward thinking you could end up saving yourself a hefty repair bill just by using some top tips!

Save your phone from a possible bill:
Pop your phone into one of those clear plastic bags that are suitable for holding liquid. You can still read your messages whilst on the beach and you won’t get sand or sticky sunscreen all over your phone. I’m not saying it will make it properly waterproof but it will certainly help with splashes of water and is cheaper than buying a case.
Keep drinks cold, save your legs and the environment all in one simple hack: 
Having just recently come back from the Cayos (islands off of Cuba) we picked up a few handy tips for the beach. Last year we noticed a lot of people had bought with them double-walled insulated drinks mugs so this year we did the same.  What a marvellous idea as when you go to the beach bar not only to have to go less often saving your legs because they hold far more than those tiny little plastic cups, but they keep your drink cold for ages (if you can possibly keep a drink for ages that is)! But you’re also saving the environment from yet more plastic being used; fantastic.

Talcum powder to remove sand on your feet:
In fact it was this idea I’d found when searching the net before we went as I came across this handy beach hack guide over at Travel Republic; there’s actually some brilliant ideas that will make you love the beach even more than you do already. The one I liked in particular is the talcum powder trick; when you come off the beach use talcum powder to remove sand from your feet. Let me tell you I tried it and it works a treat. There’s nothing worse than putting your flip flops on and getting a nasty blister because there’s still sand left. I love that tip!

Beach towel pegs:
A couple of years ago we went to Fuerteventura one of the Canary Islands, and we saw some really crazy oversized pegs that are used to hold your beach towel to the back of your sun lounger to stop it blowing away. Some are just like bigger versions of traditional clothes pegs and they come in all manner of bright colours. But some are a little weird 😮 We saw some people had ones that looked like skeleton hands; creepy.....why would you want them?! Well obviously people buy them as they did! 

You don’t have to have babies or kids to use baby wipes:
We haven’t got kids but in my opinion they are absolutely vital as part of your travel kit. Whether you’re going to the beach or not, baby wipes are the best for removing sticky sunscreen and melting ice cream. Yep all that but especially after touching loo door handles……just saying you can’t be too careful, I can get through a packet just being on the plane!

Do you have any beach hack that you use? Let me know in the comments section below as I’d love to hear them. 

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