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Furi Professional Kitchen Knives - Review

Professional Top Quality Japanese Steel Kitchen Knives

Everyone knows that good knives are an essential piece of kitchen kit and I've been testing two quality knives from the Australian brand Füri Pro range.

Furi professional knives review.

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*Beechwood chopping board by Stellar Cookware.

A blunt knife is dangerous to work with as it increases the chance of it slipping and cutting yourself; I know because I've been there, done that! 😟

I was sent the Füri Pro Utility knife 15cm/6" and the Füri Pro East/West Santoku 13cm/5" knife. Both knives are really comfortable to hold and use.

They have a good weight to them and I must say - yep I'm very impressed. Used by celebrity chefs including Nigella Lawson and Kylie Kwong, they have to be good.

The Füri Pro Utility is an everyday preparation knife that is excellent for slicing or trimming meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and cheeses. It's so comfortable to hold and use.

It would be hard to choose but if I was asked to my favourite would have to be the Füri Pro East/West Santoku 13cm knife.

I say this because of my style of cooking and that's why I use it more - I prepare a lot of stir-fry meals and this is a smaller edition to the usual 17cm version and for me, it's a perfect size.

I've used these loads since receiving them a couple of weeks ago and the fine dicing, chopping and paper-thin slicing is a doddle.

I really love this knife and I'm not sure how I managed it, the scallops on the blade reduce friction and make cutting extra easy.

Both knives are extremely sharp and very well made from high-grade Japanese steel.

The seamless design ensures no food or dirt can get trapped as it might in the rivets of some cheap brands of knives.

Whether you’re a passionate home cook or a professional chef in a busy kitchen I say these knives are perfect.

Top Tip!

It's always best to use premium quality chopping boards made from wood or plastic because glass, ceramic or marble will easily blunt or damage your knives.


Clean knives after use. Hand wash with a mild detergent in nice hot water.

Keep the blade pointing away from you and never submerge a knife in a bowl of water so that you can't see it as there's always the chance of picking it up by the sharp blade and cutting yourself.

Once washed, rinse and dry well with a clean cloth. Dishwashing is not recommended as food salts, detergent and heat can cause corrosion.

All in all

I say these are excellent knives, very well made and comfortable to use. 

To find the knife that's right for you pop over to Harts of Stur or Emporium Cookshop and you'll be surprised as I was to find they are very reasonably priced too.

Furi professional knives on a beachwood chopping board.

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Disclosure: I was sent the knives to try. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write anything positive.

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