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Whip it Up - Guide to Home Baking

Cake, it’s quite possibly everyone’s favourite sweet treat and we all know how much better a home-baked cake is compared to a shop-bought one, so how do you get started with home-baking?

Guide to Baking

We’ve got your list of essential baking equipment broken down into three easy to understand categories:

1) Measuring

Baking is a science so make sure you measure your ingredients accurately to avoid any catastrophes! You’ll need a jug for your liquid ingredients, measuring cups and a set of scales.

2) Mixing

An integral part of the baking process, your ingredients should combine perfectly, for this you’ll need a strainer/sieve, a hardy bowl and a good mixer/whisk (electric is best).

3) Forming

The all-important final few steps, for baking your cake you’ll need a tray that is suitable for your bake a timer and a thermometer to help achieve that perfect finish!

Now that you have all your necessary utensils it’s time to ask the question that strikes fear into most home-bakers.

'So, how do I know how long to bake my cake for?’. Now assuming you have good quality cookware/bakeware there are a few different factors you should consider.

1) Oven type

Do you have a standard electric, fan, convention or gas oven? This will probably play the biggest role in how long your cake takes.

Electric fan ovens tend to bake much faster but the best thing to do is to learn how your oven tends to bake, this may take some trial and error but that’s all part of the fun!

2) Ingredients are key

The more liquid-based ingredients like eggs, milk or melted butter generally the longer your cake will take.

3)Your pan size!

A general rule is that the larger the pan size the lower the temperature (this stops the cake from burning around the edges and being raw in the middle, every baker’s worst nightmare!).

For a great guide take a look at the infographic below!

Baking times chart

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