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Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO with Induction Technology - Review

I am soooo excited to tell you about the Optimum Induction Pressure Cooker PRO from Froothie! Oh my goodness, you know how I love a good kitchen gadget?  Well this machine is just the best. It's time saving, money saving and delivers great results.  I'm going to be cooking up some healthy recipes as I'm taking part in #Jumpstart17 in my bid to lose a bit of weight.

Oh yes this electric Pressure Cooker AND Slow Cooker is one super-duper amazing piece of kitchen kit.  With 16 set functions it really does make cooking pretty much fool proof.

It also uses Induction heating technology.  Induction is a method of heat transfer, induction heating generates an electric current to create a magnetic field that transfers heat to a cooking vessel.  It is more energy efficient than standard heating technologies, such as electrical cookers, and cooks food more evenly - pretty cool ah?

This multi-cooker has automatic pressure release and voice warning when pressure is about to be released.  It also has handy delay start and keep warm functions.

Pressure Cooker PRO

So what can this mean machine actually do?
Well along with 7 pressure levels and Slow Cook, Meat, White Rice, Stew, Soup, Porridge, Steam, Braise, Cake, Pizza, Pasta, Roast, Deep Fry, Defrost, Yogurt, Simmer and DIY functions this really is one very versatile machine.  So it's not just a fancy Pressure Cooker; because it's a Multi-Cooker it means is can also be used as a Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer and even a Deep Fryer too.

Optimum Pressure Cooker Pro
Of course been playing with my new toy over the past week and I've cooked a Vegetable Pasta dish in which there's no need to cook the pasta first!  How marvelous!

Check this out; just throw in dry pasta straight from the packet along with stock and the other ingredients. Here's a pic of all the ingredients thrown in the pot; all I had to do was press 'Pasta' then set the time for 12 minutes and the result was a rich and tasty tomato sauce that coated the pasta perfectly. You can find my recipe here.

Optimum Pressure Cooker Pro Pasta Bake

I've also cooked this Chocolate Cake (yep there's a CAKE setting) not that I'm a one for cake but the husband was pleased!  The sponge cake was lovely and light.  Just mix together the ingredients (there's a recipe provided), pour directly into the cooking pot and select 'Cake' adjust the cooking time to 55 minutes, close the lid and cake happens.

I know this isn't the most brilliant chocolate cake you've ever seen, but I wanted to show you exactly how it came out of the Pressure Cook Pro.  All I did was sprinkle over a little cocoa powder but you can add frosting to make it look special.  In any case this is a better chocolate cake than I could make since me and baking don't get on together.  I can cook but I can't bake so need all the help I can get!

Chocolate cake

One slight niggle is the recipe book is online - I'd have much preferred a hard copy.  With that said the recipe book isn't too amazing but I've found that to cook my own recipes is pretty simple.

Since the Pressure Cooker Pro and I are going to be best buddies in the kitchen I've used it a lot and cooked 1.5kg Chicken using the 'Roast' setting which I think turned out brilliantly on my second attempt.  My first attempt was a disaster but I realise now it was my fault that the chicken wasn't cooked in the 30 minutes it said it would take.  But it was because I overloaded the poor machine with vegetables and the chicken was stopped the machine getting up to the proper pressure as it was touching the valve 😐 you live and learn.

Anyway since then I've cooked another one and that was excellent and really tasty.  I threw a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and celery into the pot.

I poured over a glass of white wine and chicken stock then rubbed the chicken with a tiny bit of olive oil and a dry rub I made from paprika, thyme, oregano, paprika and salt and black pepper.  Put the chicken on top of the vegetables in at the same time and everything was cooked nicely in just 30 minutes; which is pretty good going and also saves on electricity too 👍 If I'd cooked the same meal in the oven it would have taken 10 minutes to preheat and then say 1 hour and 45 minutes so the Pressure Cooker Pro really does save time and energy.

Find out more about the Optimum Pressure Cooker Pro with Induction technology.  As I'm an ambassador for Froothie if you order ANYTHING (excluding the VibroFit) you can get FREE Delivery  as long as you add this 'Free Ambassador Delivery 2403' in the comments section of your order; the delivery cost will be credited back to your card.

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Disclosure: Froothie UK sent me the Induction Pressure Cooker PRO to keep and review.  I have not been paid for this post and was not required to write anything positive.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are included in this post.  I only every write about products I truly love.


  1. I'm still of awe of anyone baking cakes in a pressure cooker, it just seems like alchemy to me. The chocolate cake looks lush. I am looking forward to that pasta recipe too, How convenient is that?

  2. I'm a big fan of pressure cookers and slow cookers, so am fascinated to see this combination. You made a good job of the cake for a self-professed non-baker, and that pasta recipe looks so easy, perfect for making when you come home from work starving.

  3. This sounds a great pressure cooker! I don't have one so often borrow my mams but hers is accient and I mean accient! It is just a bit pan type cooker with two handles and a lid with a whistling plug type thing that you pop on the top! I would love a more updated and less scary pressure cooker to use of my own!

  4. Cooking a one pot pasta is a really cool idea. This really does sounds like one mean machine. For a non-baker, that chocolate cake looks pretty impressive.

  5. I like pressure coolers but my wife does not, this could be the one to make her change her mind!

  6. I like pressure cookers and my wife does not, this could be the one to change her mind!

  7. I think I would give your vegetable pasta bake a go, it looks lovely :-)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'm in love with this pressure cooker! Must try pasta in it!!! :)

  10. Wow this sounds like an amazing gadget! Can't believe you can make pasta and cook a cake in the same machine!! Eb x

  11. I would cook neck of lamb, so I could make a stew with tender Lamb neck as I find that neck can be a bit on the tough side


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