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Ion8 Leakproof Cafestor - Review

The Ion8 Caf├ęStor reusable cup is vacuum insulated and I can honestly say the Cafestor really does keep drinks hotter for longer than it would in a paper cup.

With a huge increase in of people picking up a takeaway coffee on your way to work it really makes sense to invest in a good thermal insulated bottle, plus you'd save a small fortune!

Black coffee drinking bottle

No more trying to balance a paper coffee cup on your way to work, as the Cafestor flips open with one finger, and can be just as easily locked closed.

The Test

My husband is a window cleaner and took his coffee to work but only ended up drinking half of it since he was too busy he said! 

Anyway, that was perfect for me to test the temperature and the coffee (remember the bottle had been opened and was now only half full) and it was still hot enough to drink 6 hours later.

I tested the temperature with my Thermapen and it read 71°C which we think is pretty amazing.

We did make the coffee with boiling water and powdered milk so it would have pretty much still been 100°C when we filled it up; but still, we were impressed.

It really is 100% leak-proof (with the lock on), so you can pop it into your bag without fear of it leaking. 

Light and compact plus it will fit in most cup holders. Made from food-safe, Pro-grade stainless steel. 

Far better than a traditional flask since you drink straight from the bottle. It has a two-stage one-touch release mechanism is designed purely for hot drinks and safely relieves pressure before opening to provide a vented, smooth liquid flow.

The lid of the cafestore flask

Highly odour resistant, corrosion-free, BPA Free and easy to clean (handwash only). The Cafestor is available in a selection of colours and finishes; Red, Pink, Gold or Black.

The ION8 Cafestor Leakproof Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is available in two sizes.

360ml is £19.99 and the 480ml is £21.99 from Leakproof.

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write anything positive.

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