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Great Products from KitchenCraft - Review

KitchenCraft are one of the UK's largest kitchenware companies and have a range of kitchen, dining and housewares. Having just launched a new range of Masterclass Crusty Bakeware they asked if I'd like to try that and a couple of other products. So since I really needed a new cooks blowtorch and just love anything terracotta my choices were soon picked.

Small baking tray

Masterclass Crusty Bakeware:
Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes but I love this dinky (24cm x 18cm) cute little tray. It's true there are no soggy bottoms with this one - the perforated holes allow food to crisp since the moisture can escape. The tray is excellent quality and it feels heavy for it's size. It doesn't warp when in use and is oven safe to 220C/428F

Guaranteed for 20 and 5 years non-stick. Yep this is a proper good tray.

Medium Terracotta Baker - World of Flavours Mediterranean Collection:

Perfect for lasagne or roasting veg. This baking dish is traditional style and is glazed all over apart from the bottom. Dishwasher and microwave safe and oven safe to 250C/482F

This particular one is 29cm x 21cm although it is available in other shapes and sizes and I just love the KitchenCraft terracotta tapas dishes they also sell. Guaranteed for 12 months with proper use of course. Since I'm quite lazy I did put mine in the dishwasher and it came out just fine.
Vegetables in a terracotta dish

Master Class Deluxe Cook's Blowtorch:
Perfect for finishing a Crème brûlée as you can see in my picture. Oh yes, this blowtorch made short work of caramelising the sugar top. Of course the anti-flare flame is adjustable and is easy to light, just hold the trigger down and it's good to go. Fear not, there is a safety catch on the side for when it's not in use!

The flame works at all angles too; the blowtorch is easy to fill and has a fill level window. The stand is detachable making it easier to use. All in all yes I say this is well worth investing in - great also for browning meringues and melting cheese etc.

Cooks Blowtorch and Creme Brulee

To find out more pop over to KitchenCraft - you can also follow them on Twitter @KitchenCraft

Disclaimer: I was send these items in order to write this review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

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  1. You had me at the Blow Torch - something I've always wanted:-) Will put on my list to Santa!


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