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Pork Ragu with Rigatoni Pasta

A nice steaming bowl of pasta with a lovely rich meat sauce is always a good thing.

I usually make ragu with half beef and half pork mince, but my freezer failed me there was no beef mince to be found, and in anycase, just using pork turned out to be just as tasty.

Bowl of Pork Ragu with Pasta
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If you've never tried Sacla sun-dried tomato paste then you haven't lived, it's marvellous stuff. Rich and sweet tasting and great in pasta dishes or soups - just saying!

If you fancy adding chocolate to your ragu you might like my Pork Ragu with Chocolate recipe - yes seriously it works!

Pork Ragu

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  1. I could just eat that for my lunch, right now! Love a hearty bowl of pasta...

  2. Nothing like a homemade ragu, when you want comfort food!

  3. Looks like that would be good to stockpile in the freezer. I usually make my pasta sauces with beef but I should try pork for a changge.

  4. That looks absolutely amazing - especially since all I got was a half a piece of stale old cake for dinner :'-( Absolutely amazing!

  5. It's hard to beat a good ragu, especially as the nights grow chillier...


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