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Cajun Chicken - Gousto Recipe Box Review

Gousto delivers fresh food recipe boxes directly to your door.

Each box contains everything you need to make the recipe and includes a really easy to follow recipe card.

Cajun Chicken with Couscous

Having just been sent three meals each serving four people one of the meals was this Cajun Chicken with Couscous.

Now, I must say this really was delicious - the chicken was nicely spiced and the couscous and yoghurt dressing complimented the meal perfectly.

Since I last wrote about Gousto a while back they have lowered their prices by 17% and now meals cost between  £4.00 to £5.80 and that included delivery.

According to MoneySupermarket.com on average that's 16% better than most supermarkets.

Gousto has worked very hard on these improvements, and have happily passed on all the savings to the customer.

Gousto Recipe Box Review


Ordering is really easy, you choose which meals you would like and how many you need to serve either 2 or 4 people.

Just click on the meal you fancy and select add.

You can choose form a list of ten different recipes each week including photos and information on each meal. You'll then see your choice/choices like this screenshot below.

Gousto order screenshot

Are there any vegetarian meals?

Yes, I found there was a really good selection of vegetarian recipes to choose from.

Delivery and recycling

The box was extremely well packaged and I'd say the best food delivery box I've ever seen.

The box was divided and the contents were separated so the herbs and vegetables didn't spoil by getting too cold by being too near the meat and poultry.

On the other side of the box, the meat and poultry were packed in a special woolcool bag which kept them perfectly cold.

The bag is also biodegradable and can be put in the compost bin when taken out of the plastic.

In fact 95% of the packaging materials Gousto uses are recyclable. Cardboard boxes can be disposed of in your recycling bins.

What about quality?

The vegetables are and Soil Association certified organic and Gousto use meat and poultry from high-quality animal welfare British farms.

I must say I was totally impressed with the whole box of food.

Everything really was first class and I couldn't find any fault whatsoever.

Are the recipes easy to cook?

Each of your chosen recipes comes with a card showing pictures of every ingredient you need to make it (which of course is included in your box) apart from say salt and pepper to season or olive oil to cook.

Other bits and bobs such as spices and even stock cubes are included if the recipes requires them.

The instructions couldn't be easier to follow and actually worked and the portion sizes are good too.

One of the great things is there isn't any waste.  Often you buy more than is really needed so at least there's no waste.

Everything in the box gets used in order to make each recipe. Even the spices are measured out so there's no faffing about.

The Pork Steak and Salsa Verde

This was another winner although my picture doesn't do it justice - I hate the darker nights for photography! We loved the tomato stuffed peppers.

Pork with Salsa Verde

The third recipe in my box was Italian Sausage and Lentils which I actually haven't got round to cooking yet and I had freeze the sausages, but I will make that sometime this week.

More about Gousto

Gousto has recently launched a new website, so you can now easily make choices on your mobile phone. You can rate your recipes too and they're launching a few dozen over cool features over the upcoming months.

Have a look at their menu - with 10 recipes to choose from each week there's something for everyone. There's no commitment either, so no monthly cost just a whenever you fancy ordering a box to make life easier.

Fantastic for a stress-free dinner party too. That said why don't you give it a go and see for yourself!

Disclosure: I was sent a recipe box for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.


  1. Food looks nice, although I find the concept of a company sending me ingredients for recipes bit strange. I think I'd rather have left over ingredients to make other dishes by choosing direct.

  2. Everything looks really tasty, I like the fact that you get to choose your own meals from a selection. I'm trying to get my OH more interested in cooking whilst I'm busy writing up my thesis. If the recipes are easy and all the ingredients are lined up in front of him, I think he could manage!

  3. Sarah - I agree with you but then we are both seriously into cooking. For those that are not a load of spices and stuff would get wasted.
    Jen - Both mine and your husband is the kind of person the boxes are aimed at :)


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