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More Raclette Party Recipe Ideas

It's easy and so much fun, there are certainly no rules on how to throw a raclette party.

There's no need to try to track down raclette cheese because you can use regular Cheddar, Feta or Mozzarella. It's entirely up to you, pretty much most cheeses work.

Raclette Dinner Menu Ideas
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Raclette Party Recipe Ideas

Please note, all pictures were taken BEFORE being cooked.

What is Raclette cheese?

Raclette cheese is a semi-hard cheese and is commonly used for melting but as I've discovered, any cheese that melts will work perfectly.

If it's your first time using a raclette cooker my suggestion is to keep things simple. You don't have to go all traditional either.

Anything from nachos raclette recipes, seafood recipes to simple skewered recipes, anything goes.

When I first bought my Raclette grill I had no idea we'd use it so much. It's such fun making up your own mad food concoctions!

I wrote a post on Raclette Dinner Party Ideas a while back and as it's been so popular, I thought I'd share my latest and rather yummy ideas.

Nachos with Salsa, Cheese and Jalapeño Peppers. All you do is crumble up your nachos, top with salsa and a little grated cheese then top with jalapeño peppers.

Once they've melted under the raclette you can top them with sour cream.

You don't have to do this but as there are only the two of us, I like to prepare a few dishes beforehand for less faff at the table since we have little room.

Our table seats four people but the food takes up all the room making it tricky to actually have anywhere for anyone else to sit, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, it means you have more to eat!

There you have it, a perfect romantic raclette dinner party for two!

From left to right and ready to cook in the grill pans we have:

Egg, Feta and Roasted Peppers (from a jar) sprinkled with a few Chilli Flakes.

Egg, Grated Cheese, Sweetcorn and a generous sprinkling of Smoked Paprika. The 3rd pan along is a repeat of the first.

Then Nachos, Salsa, Cheese and Jalapeño Peppers from a jar. The next pan is a repeat of the 2nd pan.

More Raclette Ideas

Sliced bread drizzled with olive oil ready for toasting on the top of the raclette.

The chicken strips were marinated in a little oil along with a good dose of Chipotle Chilli Paste.

At the table serve a selection of whatever else you fancy, but remember the meat and chicken most certainly have to be cooked on top of the grill (or they will not cook through properly).

Along with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, cooked potatoes, bread etc.

Things like cheese, eggs, cooked peppers are good to go into the grill pans - basically, anything you want to heat up and melt.

More Raclette Ideas for a Dinner Party

If you haven't got one of these marvellous inventions then you must get one immediately because they are great fun!

Your Raclette will come with little wooden spatula type thing you use to turn your food with, the dishwasher is the best place for these after use to get them beautifully clean. Dry thoroughly before storing.

A pair of skinny tongs are good for adding any meat items to the grill.

Personally, I think this raclette grill by Swan is great. The stone top is removable and really easy to clean once it's cooled down of course.

Some of these grills have a non-stick top but, to be honest, nothing ever really sticks to this one and it has lasted ages and still looks like new.

Sadly though, they don't seem to sell the very same 'Swan' raclette I have, this raclette grill over at Amazon has mostly good reviews.

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Author: Jan Bennett
Raclette Recipe Ideas

Raclette Recipe Ideas

Here are just a few ideas on what you can cook on a raclette grill. There are no rules, you can make up your own dishes, that's why I love raclette so much as I'm sure you will too!
Prep time: 30 MinCook time: 10 MinTotal time: 40 Min


Ideas of what to cook in the Raclette melting pans.
  • Egg, feta cheese and roasted peppers (from a jar and drained from oil) sprinkled with a few red pepper or chilli flakes.
  • Egg, grated cheese, sweetcorn and a generous sprinkling of smoked Paprika.
  • Sliced tinned potatoes (tinned because they're already cooked) making them perfect for raclette.
  • Pepperoni, sliced bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, tomatoes, small thinly cut slices of bread, such as a baguette.
  • Chicken,  meat or fish work better if you marinate it first, or at least mix with a tiny bit of oil to allow it to cook easily. 
For the raclette nachos
  • Nachos
  • Salsa from a jar
  • Cheese - I used grated Cheddar
  • Jalapeño peppers (drained from a jar)
  • Sour cream


Cooking on a raclette grill
  1. Remember to cook on a raclette - meat/poultry and fish cook directly on the top otherwise it will not cook properly. 
  2. Any other bits and bobs in the melting pans that go underneath the grill.
  3. Add your choice of ingredients, cook and enjoy!
To make raclette nachos
  1. Crumble up your nachos, top with salsa and a little grated cheese then top with jalapeño peppers. 
  2. Once they've melted under the raclette you can top with sour cream.
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