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Raclette Recipe Ideas

Raclette Grill

Find some simple raclette recipe ideas to impress your guests. 

I know Raclette grills have been about for ages, and I've always wanted one, but since our house is already overrun with more kitchen gadgets than you can shake a stick at!

Raclette recipes - raclette grill dinner party ideas.
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I'd controlled myself from buying one; until last week that is. Oh my goodness, raclette cooking is so much fun. I say everyone should rush out and get a Raclette Grill immediately, if not sooner!

Relaxed and sociable eating along with drinking, a raclette meal can still be going on hours later.

What can be nicer than cooking your own meal at the table, picking and choosing for yourself just what you fancy?

If you're wondering where you can buy Raclette Cheese, both Waitrose and Sainsbury's sell Emmi Raclette Classique Swiss Cheese Slices.

Yes it's in slices but that's okay; go ahead and add it to your raclette shopping list!

However, you can use any cheese that melts such as Gruyère but I tend to use Cheddar cheese and it works just fine.

Raclette recipes - raclette dinner party ideas.

Whoa! I've just noticed that CHEESE is missing from the table, I must have brought it out after the pictures.

And in case you're wondering about drinks, the wine hadn't got to the table at this point either; not very organised am I?!

The only slight problem I need to overcome is there isn't enough room at the table for any more people once it's filled with the grill and all the food.

What is a raclette grill?

The name 'Raclette' refers to a meal and also to a type of cheese with the same name but as yet, I've not been able to find it here in the UK - although I have been told you can get it here, in Lidl or Waitrose.

Traditionally raclette is a dish of melted cheese and boiled potatoes served with small gherkins and pickled onions along with dried meats, ham, sausages, etc.

These days we can now buy one as an electrical appliance called Raclette grills, which are tabletop machines and come with either a stone top or a metal griddle or pancake griddle.

Raclette grills also come with individual melting pans (called coupelles) that sit underneath the top and are used to melt cheese or heat already-cooked foods such as boiled potatoes.

Ingredients list

You can have whatever takes your fancy but cheese is a must. Clockwise from the top starting with the Lazy Susan turntable.

Sliced mushrooms, sliced red and green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweetcorn, and baby tomatoes.

I sliced new potatoes (feeling lazy I used potatoes from a tin).

Thinly sliced strips of beef marinated in Jack Daniel's Hot Pepper Steak Sauce, thinly sliced chicken fillet marinated in Old El Paso Original Smoky BBQ spicy mix for fajitas.

Pepperoni soured cream and chives (only because I had some living on the fridge) which needed to be used up and sliced onion.

The Raclette grill came with 8 melting pans and since there were only two of us at this 'Raclette party for two' I made a couple of dishes ready to take out to the table and for these pictures.

As soon as I've started eating, sorry folks but pictures just ain't gonna happen!

Here they are BEFORE being cooked:

Raclette Melting Pans

Above is a concoction of an egg (just crack into the melting pan) topped with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese and sprinkled with a little paprika for a bit of colour.

Verdict - very moreish and truly delicious. And my next concoction, a pizza-style fiery mixture of cheesy goodness!

Raclette cheese and egg in melting pan

Into the melting pan, slices of cooked new potatoes, topped with a mix of grated cheeses fiery from the added crushed chillies (available in any good supermarket).

Add to that, slices of pepperoni halved baby tomatoes and a couple of jalapeno peppers taken from a jar.

A few snipped chives, why did I use those? Because I had some left from making a sour cream dip earlier.

Raclette Party Pepperoni and Cheese

All that's left to do is pop the pan underneath the raclette to bubble, melt, and then enjoy. You might like to read my other post for more ideas on what to cook on a raclette grill.

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Author: Jan Bennett
Raclette Recipes

Raclette Recipes

Here are just a few ideas for a Raclette party. You can, of course, make up your own.
Prep time: 30 MinCook time: 10 MinTotal time: 40 Min


Cook in the Raclette melting pans
  • Some sort of cheese is a must. If you can't get Raclette cheese, don't worry, I couldn't. Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Gruyère and even Feta cheese all work well.
  • Sliced mushrooms, sliced red and green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweetcorn, and baby tomatoes.
  • Sliced new potatoes (feeling lazy myself I used the ones in a can).
  • Crack an egg into the melting pan and top with grated Monterey Jack cheese then sprinkle with paprika.
  • Pepperoni, soured cream chives and sliced onion.
  • Nachos with Salsa, Cheese and Jalapeño Peppers: Crumble up your nachos, top with salsa and a little grated cheese then top with jalapeño peppers. Once they've melted under the raclette you can top them with sour cream.
Ideas to cook on top of the Raclette grill
  • Whatever you are planning to cook be sure to slice chicken, beef or fish thinly.
  • If you're not going to marinate chicken, meat or fish it's a good idea to drizzle with a tiny bit of oil and mix before cooking, it just helps to cook it better and stop it sticking.
  • Thinly sliced strips of beef marinated in Jack Daniel's hot pepper steak sauce, and thinly sliced chicken fillet marinated in Old El Paso's original smoky BBQ spicy mix for fajitas.
  • Sliced mushrooms, sliced red and green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweetcorn, and baby tomatoes. and sliced new potatoes from a tin.


To cook on a Raclette grill
  1. Prepare all your ingredients first and cover with cling film.
  2. Refrigerate meat, fish and poultry but remove from the fridge 30 minutes before you plan to start cooking.
  3. You can prepare a few dishes beforehand or let everyone do their thing, which is what's supposed to happen.
  4. But if you're having a Raclette party for two I find it better to prepare a few first, only because I know what we both like to eat.
  5. Remember meat, fish and poultry have to be cooked on top of the grill to allow them to cook properly.
  6. Vegetables can go on the top too and they can also cook in the melting pans.
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  1. Oh my word!! I now want it, my friend in France was telling me about these and now seeing it,my interest has possibly quadrupled! Raclette can be bought here I have seen it at markets but Waitrose online sell it.

  2. Wanted one for ages, but not seen one locally (in Hull) before today. Just bought one today (23 Dec 13) from Lidl for £17.99. Can't wait to get started on it tonight. Ian

  3. Wanted one for ages, but not seen one locally (in Hull) before today. Just bought one today (23 Dec 13) from Lidl for £17.99. Can't wait to get started on it tonight. Ian

  4. Wanted one for ages, but not seen one before today in shops in Hull. Bought one this morning (23 Dec 13) in Lidl for £17.99. Can't wait to get started on it tonight. ian

  5. We also got one from Lidl for 17.99, works a treat!
    We also got the raclette cheese there, much cheaper than waitrose and tasted amazing melted over boiled potatoes :)

  6. We buy the cheese at lidl and freeze it as it isn't on sale very often and flies off the shelf!

  7. We buy it from lidl and freeze it as they don't sell it regularly.

  8. we've had a raclette for years now and have done every kind as to seafood and wine with the adults to pizza night with the grandkids the youngest being 7 they love it..we love it

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  10. I am looking for a good starter recipe book. Just been given 1st Table Top Raclette for Christmas. So can anyone recommend. Are there any Magazines that I can buy?

    1. Hi Jon, I’ve not heard of any magazines that are all about starter recipes, also I’m not sure if you’re in the UK or not.
      I think if you Google you’ll find hundreds of suitable recipes.

      Happy Raclette days ahead!

    2. I have bought so many raclettes as gifts and have several of my own. I always buy Swissmar Cast Iron now as they have even heat and are my favourite, but there are other choices. They come with a booklet but you can order it online. It is called Raclette Recipes. I like to have 3 different sauces for a dinner, and we always have a combination of seafood and meat. Portabellas are a favourite veggie as well as zucchini, onion, asparagus, peppers and yams. On the trays, it is fun to do chips and cheese to make nachos and then serve with salsa. We also love mashed potatoes on the trays, with a good melting cheese, such as fontina. Prawns, scallops, even sausage or European wieners are great on the grill, and we love marinated salmon on the tray. The more you do raclette, the more creative you get. Simple, or just a few items, it is great fun. We have become spoiled, so now usually do 2 persons per raclette, but you can certainly do more. Have fun.


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