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Yogurt Recipes

Homemade Yogurt Recipes

You may have seen my post How to Make Yogurt in a Yogurt Maker which was my first attempt.

Homemade yogurt recipes using an electric yogurt maker.

I made Summer Berry and Vanilla yogurt but if you missed it just click the link and have a quick read. I said I'd come up with a few more ideas and since this yogurt maker is so very easy to use, I've not stopped using it since it arrived!

I made the yogurt in the usual fashion following the easy to follow instructions that came with it. As before, I used Jersey milk and Yeo Valley Natural Live Bio Yogurt as the 'yogurt starter'.

But at the time I wondered what would happen if I added banana flavoured Nesquik to the prepared milk (once it had reached the cooled down to 40C stage and after mixing in the yogurt starter (live yogurt).

Now, if you have no idea what I'm talking about you really need to have a quick read of my post and hopefully, it should become clear!

Strawberry and Marshmallow Yogurt

Once the yogurt has been made and has cooled in the fridge, just add chopped strawberries. Top with mini marshmallows just before serving. Great as a lunch/anytime snack.

Banana and Chocolate Chip Yogurt

Once the yogurt mixture has cooled down to 40C and you've added your 'starter' mix in 21 tablespoons of Nesquik powder and make sure it dissolves properly.

If you don't want all 7 pots banana flavoured just remember each pot takes 160ml so if you only want one pot flavoured, you will need to divide the cooled milk/starter mixture and add 3 tablespoons of Nesquik to 160ml and so on.

Once the made yogurt has cooled in the fridge stir in chopped banana and chocolate chips.

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  1. I've always fancied making my own yogurt, you've made it look really easy. Marshmallows in yogurt sound rather naughty!

  2. ooh yum Jan I have not made yoghurt at home for years but if and when I do this is exaclty the kind of stuff I would try


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