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Strawberries and Ice Cream Eton Mess Dessert

Now, this dessert came about since I couldn't wait to try out the Strawberry Huller - new from OXO Good Grips and of course the Berry Bowl.

Perfect for summer this Eton Mess style dessert takes no time at all to make and makes perfect eating whilst watching Wimbledon!
Strawberries and Ice Cream Eton Mess Dessert

First things first - you need good tasty strawberries and it has to be said these strawberries; kindly sent to me from Berry World were seriously the best we've ever had.

The 'Sweet Eve' is a truly British born-and-bred strawberry. They were so, so sweet and juicy and really didn't need anything else with them.
But I was asked to make a dessert and so I did!
The new Berry Bowl from OXO Good Grips is really handy and just the right size to hold a full punnet of strawberries.

There's a colander so you can wash and drain your berries before removing the hulls with this neat Strawberry Huller, also from OXO Good Grips - more about that in a bit.


The Berry Bowl with the colander removed has a nice tight-fitting lid so you can store your berries in the fridge (I suggest before washing or they will go soggy).

Strawberries in a OXO Good Grips Bowl

The lid clips on and keeps your berries fresh. Of course, you don't have to use it for berries, I'm just saying. This bowl is great for salads too.

OXO Good Grips Red Bowl with lid

Now for the Strawberry Huller - this really is a brilliant little gadget that takes up hardly any space in the kitchen drawer. The prongs fold up inside the main part after use. The whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning.

To use you press a button at the top to expose the blades and push it onto the strawberry. Twist and press the button again to release the hull. Simple, fast and it works a treat as you can see.

Strawberry Huller

Now for that dessert - it's too easy so there's no need to print a recipe card. All I did was whip some double cream in a bowl and added shop-bought meringue broken into small pieces and mixed it together.

Add a scoop of strawberry ice cream to a serving dish and layer with strawberries, whipped cream and meringue mixture, more ice cream and strawberries - job done.

Eton Mess

Many thanks to OXO Good Grips and Berry World.
Disclaimer: I was sent the berry bowl and strawberry huller from OXO Good Grips for the purpose of this review along with some strawberries from Berry World. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.


  1. I do like Sweet Eve strawberries, easily the best tasting and looking.

  2. Eton mess is one of my favourite desserts, as it is so sweet, but so easy to throw together.

  3. Looks like a useful gadget, I am guilty of slicing the tops off mine with a knife which is quite wasteful.


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