Sponsored Video How to Make Potato Piglets - Spanish Tapas

I just love these cute Potato Piglets with Cinco Jotas ham (shown in the video below) a mini Master Class video by with Three-starred Michelin Chef Pedro Subijana of the world renowned Akelarre restaurant in San Sebastian.    

They are perfect as part of Spanish tapas and although they might seem a tiny bit time consuming, the video is easy to follow and they can be made at home.   Potato puree is prepared and in a series of drying it out in thin layers, and then by re-hydrating it again to make it pliable the potato is rolled out like pastry, cut into pig shapes and deep fried for a few seconds which produces lovely fat puffed up potato pigs!   

A little bit about Cinco Jotas Pure Ibérico Breed Acorn Fed Ham:
Production of the ham first began in 1879 and to this day it is still as exquisite now as it was then.  The ham is made in Jabugo by artisans who have painstakingly handed down the know-how from generation to generation.
In a class of its own, Cinco Jotas´ mission to produce only the best quality requires the use of only Pure Breed Ibérico (Pata Negra) pigs.   

The company’s effort toward preserving this once endangered breed began over a hundred and thrity years ago and remains as strong as ever allowing this masterpiece to be enjoyed into the twenty-first century.   The pigs spend their lives freely roaming in the South-western Iberian Peninsula meadow, on five glorious acres per animal, eating a natural diet including acorns (bellotas) during the montanera season (typically October through March).   

The result is simply the world’s finest quality, sought-after ham which is Cinco Jotas Pure Ibérico Breed Acorn Fed Ham.

High in Omega-9 oleic acid:
Cinco Jotas has a unique flavour reminiscent of acorns and other nuts.  The Pure Ibérico Breed Acorn Fed Ham has high levels of Omega-9 oleic acid (the same “healthy fat” found in olive oil that helps reduce bad cholesterol).  Thanks to the natural diet provided by nature including acorns, aromatic herbs, mushrooms, and other nutrients, Jamón Cinco Jotas contains more antioxidants than other hams.

Masterpieces do not come easily; they are made with passion and inspire passionate joy. They cannot be simply imitated and are instantly recognisable.  Cinco Jotas, a modern masterpiece steeped in tradition with maximum expression of quality and purity, is one of Spain’s most prized national treasures.

See how to make your own Potato Piglets with Cinco Jotas’ Iberian ham in this short video:

 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cinco Jotas but all thoughts are my own.

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