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BIG NEWS - Garrett Popcorn is Coming to the UK

Oh my goodness, now there's popcorn and there's POPCORN!

Garrett Popcorn in the UK

Having been sent a tub of Garrett Popcorn to try - our opinion is this really is the bee's knees of Popcorn, and I really mean it!

This tub was shipped over from the USA and then overnight to our house. It arrived still fresh as a daisy. Oh yes, this is truly delicious.

Pictured above, The Chicago mix - loving the little scoop that came with it.

The 'Chicago Mix' is a blend of two flavours that complement each other beautifully - sweet 'CaramelCrisp' and savoury 'CheeseCorn'.

The Caramel crisp is buttery brown sugar with a cream brûlée crunch. the Cheese corn popcorn is flavoured with melted sharp cheese and tastes amazing.

About Garrett:

Garrett, the Original Handcrafted Gourmet Popcorn which began in 1949. It has become a household name in Chicago and the rest of the USA and has since spread to the Far East and the Middle East.

So anyway, I've been asked to write this post because I'm told that Garrett Popcorn is coming to the UK.

Apparently, Garrett Popcorn is launching a UK Shop at the end of summer in London, which is fantastic news.

Many thanks to Emma for sending us some to try, we (myself and Paul the husband) are both well and truly addicted.

All thoughts and opinions are my own and I only ever post reviews on products I love and therefore would buy myself.


  1. Hi, I cant see how old this post is. I am from Chicago and would die for a bit of Garrett's!! Are they really opening a shop here?

    1. Hi Greta. Sorry I hadn't realised I had the date turned off on posts- sorted that now. This was written in July 2013 and at the time of writing they didn't know exactly where the shop would be.

      Searching on Google I still can't find out! Sorry I can't be more help but a London store isn't even mentioned on their website so perhaps it never happened :(


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