Cheat's Char-Grilled Pepper Salsa Recipe

My salsa recipe is so easy to make and requires no cooking at all.  Salsa adds vibrant colours to chicken or fish and of course Mexican dishes and as a dip for tortillas. 

No need to fuss around roasting or char-grilling peppers, just buy a jar of ready char-grilled ones and apart from a bit of chopping your all set to go.

So simple you don't really need a recipe - just throw the lot into a bowl as you go.
Chop into small dice a red onion, halve a few baby cherry tomatoes and finely chop one red chilli.
Take a few char-grilled red and yellow peppers from a jar and also chop into dice.

Season with a small pinch of sea salt and a pinch of freshly ground black pepper.  Pour over a glug of extra virgin olive oil - say about a tablespoon or two depending on the amount of the ingredients you used and give it all a mix.

Leave for at least half an hour at room temperature before using.
Just before serving add a few chopped coriander leaves and add a squeeze of lime juice and have a taste.

Serve with whatever takes your fancy - I served mine with pan-fried chicken and freshly baked crusty bread for dipping and mopping.

 You can if you want print the recipe here, just click on the printer icon.


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  1. I bet the breaker soaked with the juice from the salsa was yummy :)


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