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ColourTone Knives from Stellar Cookware - Review

Stellar Cookware have recently added these Colourtone Knife Sets to their existing product range.  They're not only good-looking and stylish, but importantly, the knives are sharp just as you'd expect.  The steak knives cut through steak effortlessly. 

Good Sharp Knives are Essential in the Kitchen:
You are far more likely to slip and cut yourself if using a blunt knife.
These knives have a soft-grip two-tone handle, matching non-stick steel cutting blade.  Instead of the usual pre-cut knife slots the block has thousands of long fibre rods which when faced with a knife will move to securely grip any shaped knife.

The Range:
Five of the most popular knives are in the range, Utility, Santoku, Chef and Bread and Steak knives and they available in many different formats: Separately with a sheath, in multiple packs, or in knife block sets.

The 5 piece knife block sets are available in Lime Green or Black with 5 knives. 

What about Cleaning?
The knives are dishwasher safe and have a more hygienic mode of knife storage too.

Knife Safety Considered & Perfect for a Picnic:
When purchased individually each knife comes with its own protective sheath; a must-have safety precaution for anyone who has smaller children, or those who like to store their kitchen knives in a drawer.  The sheath also makes them safer when taking out and about on a picnic.  
Each Style of knife is available in the four colours they are all very affordable too with prices starting at just £3.84 for the utility knife.

All the knives in the range come with a lifetime guarantee.

All in All:
The steak knives cut through steak effortlessly, they're easy to clean and look good too - I love the chubby knife block!  
Having also been sent the utility knife, which is also nice and sharp, I think this collection is most certainly worth buying. 
 In a few words, the Stellar Colourtone Knife collection Bright, Bold, Fun Effective and Excellent Value for Money.
Big thank you to Pam and Stellar Cookware for sending me the steak knife block set and utility knife to review.
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.


  1. Interesting idea for a knife block ... a bit more versatile than the normal chunk of wood.

    Does it hold the knives securely?

  2. Hi Rich - yes is does hold the knives securely and of course you can just buy the knife block and use it for existing knives you may have - marvelous!


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