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My Dream Kitchen - Electrolux Appliances

 Since I spend most of my life cooking, I'd love a bigger kitchen as ours is so small. Electrolux have a vast range of beautiful, stylish yet practical kitchenware, everything for a dream kitchen.

 Picture from Electrolux website.

If Money didn't Matter!
Sometimes I imagine that if money wasn’t any problem what kind of house and kitchen I’d have.  It would have to be one of those huge, swish, top notch kitchens with everything in its place and I’d have every kitchen gadget going.....Okay, I’m near that part as I do have ‘almost’ every kitchen gadget going, but sadly not the space to put it all in!  
My dream kitchen would have to have loads of work space.  An Electrolux CombiSteam oven would be fantastic with a fancy extractor cooker hood, and I'd also have an induction hob.  A combination microwave is handy to have and I'd have a huge fridge, a separate freezer and one of those wine coolers too.  I’ve always wanted a warming drawer so plates nicely heated at dinner parties.

Eating and Relaxing:
I'd have space for a big kitchen table so friends could come round to eat, drink and have a good chat.  Dining rooms are great for more formal occasions, but for everyday use, the kitchen is the place for me. Another kitchen essential is a TV, not that I'm addicted to television, but I do love to catch up on cookery programmes whilst cooking!

In the kitchen or utility room, these days almost every household has a washing machine.  The house we're in at the moment doesn't have the luxury of a utility room and so my washing machine is also in the kitchen. Oh and before I forget, a dishwasher would also have to be included.

What would your Dream Kitchen include?
Brief History of Electrolux:
Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use.  But it all started with a single vacuum cleaner.

Back in 1908, Axel Wenner-Gren was strolling the streets of Vienna when he caught glimpse of a bulky vacuum cleaner.  Although the machine was costly and heavy (around 20 kilograms!), he was inspired: in his mind, the machine became smaller, lighter and less expensive.  And so the Electrolux story started.

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