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Steak and Caramelised Onion Melt - Pub Grub

No real recipe for this one - so it's nice and simple.

Get yourself a baguette and slice it in half. Top with thinly sliced cooked steak and caramelised onions. Finish off with a good helping of grated cheddar cheese and a few fried chillies - then melt under the grill.

Steak and Caramelised Onion Melt

To make caramelised onions - just slice thinly and cook gently and slowly in a little oil and butter. Try not to stir too often - just don't have the heat high or they will burn. Cooking slowly is the secret here. Add a pinch of sugar and they will begin to look and smell delicious.


  1. Yum, YUM< YUM!!! Looks fab as always. I hope you have a great holiday Jan!! Stay safe and have fun!

  2. Is it wrong that I want it for breakfast? Cheezy good!

  3. It may be easy but it looks mouthwatering as well.

  4. Looks super, Jan. I hope you have a fabulous holiday.

  5. Simply delicious...A perfect example of less is more.

    Thanks for sharing, Jan...

    I'm so glad you stopped at my blog. I've been trying to get here for days. They just wiz on by lately...We're playing the Picnic Game at my blog again this year. It sounds like you'll be away on holiday. If you get back before the first of July, perhaps, you will be able to join us. If not stop back for the round-up of Picnic Game delights.

    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday!!!

  6. that sandwich looks incredible!!! wow..now I'm hungry all over again!

  7. That cheesy sandwich looks so good!

  8. Steak and onions... haven't had that in a while.


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