Friday, 31 May 2013

Thai Red Curry Foam - Cream Whipper Video

Cream Whippers are not all about Cream!  There are so many more amazing things you can do with them once you've mastered using it.  That said, they are not at all difficult to use, it's just about getting your recipe right.  

At first my Thai red curry foam either set too much or didn't set enough.  But I wasn't going to let a cream whipper get the better of me, so I now have the recipe perfected.  I'm still learning new things but in my video I'll show you how to use one and just a couple of things you can create with a cream whipper.

My video shows how to make a cold Thai Red Curry Foam that's great for serving as a starter by adding a few Prawns and there's Fizzy Fruit!
I've also mastered edible coffee but I'll show you that later on in this blog.

Soft Touch Cream Whipper 500ml:
Now, there are many cream whippers out there to choose from, but it has to be said very few are as stylish as this one by YOKO Design.
This good-looking Soft Touch Cream Whipper is available in bright green, bright orange or black.

Smooth and soft to the touch, perfect for vegetable or fruit mousses, sauces, and hot or cold creams.  The cream whipper comes with three innovative nozzles, so you can be as creative as you like.  Everything is easy to clean with the bottle brush provided.
Requires nitrous oxide gas cartridges (not included in the box) but sold separately.  It is made from aluminium and is rubber coated.

Apologies in advance for my not too professional video! 

*If the video doesn't show on your device it can be found here.

My recipe for Thai Red Curry Foam can be printed by clicking on the icon below.

A short while ago I reviewed the YOKO Design Silicone Cooking Bag, Popcorn Maker and Omelette Cooker - you can find my post and video here.  
YOKO Design products can be purchased from Emporium Direct over at Amazon.

Many thanks to Sergio at YOKO Design for sending me this amazing cream whipper.
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

Monday, 27 May 2013

ColourTone Knives from Stellar Cookware - Review

Stellar Cookware have recently added these Colourtone Knife Sets to their existing product range.  They're not only good-looking and stylish, but importantly, the knives are sharp just as you'd expect.  The steak knives cut through steak effortlessly. 

Good Sharp Knives are Essential in the Kitchen:
You are far more likely to slip and cut yourself if using a blunt knife.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

HomeMade Pizza Recipe - Serrano Ham and Chorizo

Pizzas are so very easy to make at home and of course the best thing is, you can add whatever combo of toppings takes your fancy.
For this pizza I used a selection of Spanish meats from the Tapas range at Marks and Spencer.  Even the pizza sauce for the base is a doddle to make.
Spanish Serrano Ham, Spicy Chorizo and Lomo, finished off with Sweet Bell Peppers, Cheese and a little sliced Red Chilli. 
You can use a ready-made Pizza base as I did.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Quick and Easy Salad - OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner Review

Spin up a delicious and easy salad with the new OXO Good Grips Little Herb and Salad Spinner.  Perfect for cleaning the leaves of those 'Living Salads' you can buy these days.  Or of course, if you grow your own then that's even better!
  I'm not a huge fan of the pre-packed salads you see in supermarkets.
Why?  Because they have their shelf-life extended using 'modified atmosphere' packaging, which creates a balance of gases inside the bag to retain moisture and prevent browning.  Research has shown that a manufacturing technique used to keep the greens crispy for longer also destroys vitamins and protective anti-oxidants.

So with that said, much better to buy an OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner and wash your own leaves!
This newly designed 'Little Herb and Salad Spinner' from OXO Good Grips is excellent and serves as an attractive salad serving bowl too. 

One-handed operation, the non-slip ring on the base sticks to your worktop whilst spinning salad in next to no time.
At the press of a button, the brake mechanism stops the spinning immediately.  The flat lid makes storage more convenient and comes apart for cleaning at the press of a button.  I love the shape of the bowl which has a wide base and a flat top.
There's a non-slip ring on the base which makes it stable even when spinning at top speed!
 The flat top of the spinner makes storage convenient in either the refrigerator or cupboard.  This spinner is available with a green or clear basket.

Personally I like the clear basket - don't you think it looks good?

The inner basket can be used separately as a colander and the
    The elegant, clear bowl is perfect for serving too.  Top-rack dishwasher safe Made from BPA-free plastic.

Salad of Baby Leaves, Peppers and Plum Tomato with Feta:
So simple there isn't a recipe!
Just wash and spin some salad leaves of your choice in your OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner.  Add halved baby plum tomatoes, diced bell pepper, sliced spring onion (if you fancy it) and crumble over some feta cheese.
Season and dress with your favorite dressing - job done.   

Thank you to OXO and Cherelle for sending me this to review.
  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cooking with Flowers - Book Review and Giveaway

Cooking with Flowers has to be in my Top Five Best Books, this really is, in my opinion, one amazing book.  I mean I already knew that some flowers are edible, but I didn't know just how many or of the delightful things that can be conjured up using them.  
Flowers and herb flowers make everything so pretty, especially on a plate.  I'm sure we've all seen the contestants of the fantastic 'Masterchef' on TV use flowers in their recipes or to decorate the plate - but if you want to know where to start and which flowers you can eat, this is the book for you.
Orchids are such beautiful flowers and this book shows how you can use them for example, in a seafood saute, and an orchid pineapple upside down cake.   
 Pictures taken from the book, purely for the purpose of this review:
Then there's the Dianthus flower, probably one of my favourites.
 The book has an abundance of Flower Whipped Creams and Frostings, Flower Sorbets, Lemonades, Ice Creams, Jellies and Jams and more.
Even though I'm not a one for desserts, I really have to make this Fig and Rose Cream Trifle.  What do you think, doesn't it look pretty and delicious?
In all cookbooks I always look for a conversion chart, and yes this book has one.  American, Imperial and Metric all covered including oven temperatures too - love it.
Although the book does have a few recipes calling for specialty tools and ingredients there's a handy website address list showing you where these items can be purchased.

Just a small handful of recipes that caught my eye:
Thai Orchid Beef Salad, Hibiscus Fried Rice, Lavender Lemonade, Fig and Rose Cream Trifle (shown above) Violet Flower Cupcakes, Popcorn-Chive Blossom Cupcakes and the Tulip Ice Cream Bowls - a truly lovely alternative bowl to serving your ice cream in.    

Cooking with Flowers is an hard-backed book published by Quirk Books, the author is Miche Bacher of Mali B Sweets.  
Outstanding photography is by Miana Jun.

Huge thank you to Mat at PGUK Publishers Group and Quirk Books for sending me a copy to review and supplying a giveaway copy.

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Good Luck Everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WIN Tickets to Enjoy Bordeaux Wines at Zoo Lates

Every Friday night in June and July, Zoo Lates at ZSL London Zoo will be giving grown-ups the chance to see one of the city’s most iconic attractions in a whole new light.  A Glug Of Oil has teamed up with the exclusive wine sponsor, Bordeaux Wines, to offer one lucky winner a prize pair of tickets to Zoo Lates on 14th June.
  Brand new for 2013, the Bordeaux Jardin du Vin will be nestled in the heart of the action, and our lucky winner will also be able to sample red, white and rosé Bordeaux served around the Zoo by Bordeaux Usherettes.

Lates-goers can experience why “Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux” each Friday night with an international street food festival dishing up mouth-watering meals from more than 21 vendors serving fast, fresh and fabulous cuisine from around the world.

 In addition to an incredible array of entertainment including cabaret, improvised comedy and adult-sized playrooms complete with ball pits, there is the opportunity to see the Zoo’s newest residents, Sumatran tigers Jae Jae and Melati in their £3.6m Tiger Territory exhibit.

To be in with a chance of winning the prize tickets, all you need to do is answer the following question:

Q: Bordeaux wines come from which country?  France, Spain or Italy?  
(Tip – there is a hint here:

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There is one prize in total: two prize tickets (retailing at £25.00 per ticket).   

Travel to and from the event is not included in the prize.

The event is on Friday 14th June 2013.  Timing: 18:00-22:00.

The event will go ahead come rain or shine.
 Winners must be 18 or over and photographic ID may be required.

 How to Enter!
 Entries must be via the Rafflecopter widget and the prize can only be sent to a UK postcode. 
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Campfire Cuisine - Must Have Book for Camping

Campfire Cuisine - Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors shows there's certainly more to campfire cooking than burgers and hot dogs!
Containing over 100 recipes that can be made whilst camping or in any outdoor setting.  That said, every recipe comes with a little note if your wanting to make the same recipe at home, so this book isn't just for campers!
A lovely chubby book is about the size of your hand which means it's easy to take with you.

What sort of recipes will I find in this book?
Covering a wide range of delicious sounding recipes from Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Figs (sounds good to me) to Bananas Foster French Toast, Grilled Vegetable Salad with Goat Cheese,
Salmon with Balsamic Fig Sauce, Spicy Orange Chicken, Jambalaya to Maple-Caramel Baked Apples.
There are loads of marinades, sauces and flavoured butters that can be easily rustled up too.

This book is American, will I be able to buy the ingredients easily?
In a word, yes.  Looking through, I haven't come across any ingredients that we can't easily get here in the UK. 

Always good to have in a recipe book is a conversion chart from US to metric.
There's another handy chart 'Is is Done Yet'? which shows approximate cooking times for seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables and fruit on the grill.  

Campfire Cuisine also includes tips and advice on meal planning, shopping, and equipment selection for campfire cooking.
There's even a sample meal plan for a three-day trip.

Campfire Cuisine is published by Quirk Books

About the author:
Robin Donovan is a food and travel writer and an avid camper, with more than twenty years of experience as a campsite cook. She lives in San Francisco.

Big thank you to Mat at PGUK Publishers Group and Quirk Books for sending me a copy to review.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Dream Kitchen - Electrolux Appliances

 Since I spend most of my life cooking, I'd love a bigger kitchen as ours is so small. Electrolux have a vast range of beautiful, stylish yet practical kitchenware, everything for a dream kitchen.
 Picture from Electrolux website.

If Money didn't Matter!
Sometimes I imagine that if money wasn’t any problem what kind of house and kitchen I’d have.  It would have to be one of those huge, swish, top notch kitchens with everything in its place and I’d have every kitchen gadget going.....Okay, I’m near that part as I do have ‘almost’ every kitchen gadget going, but sadly not the space to put it all in!

 My dream kitchen would have to have loads of work space.  
An Electrolux CombiSteam oven would be fantastic with a fancy extractor cooker hood, and I'd also have an induction hob.  A combination microwave is handy to have and I'd have a huge fridge, a separate freezer and one of those wine coolers too.  I’ve always wanted a warming drawer so plates nicely heated at dinner parties.

 Eating and Relaxing:
I'd have space for a big kitchen table so friends could come round to eat, drink and have a good chat.  Dining rooms are great for more formal occasions, but for everyday use, the kitchen is the place for me.
 Another kitchen essential is a TV, not that I'm addicted to television, but I do love to catch up on cookery programmes whilst cooking!

In the kitchen or utility room, these days almost every household has a washing machine.  The house we're in at the moment doesn't have the luxury of a utility room and so my washing machine is also in the kitchen.
Oh and before I forget, a dishwasher would also have to be included.

What would your Dream Kitchen include?
Brief History of Electrolux:
 Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use.  But it all started with a single vacuum cleaner.

Back in 1908, Axel Wenner-Gren was strolling the streets of Vienna when he caught glimpse of a bulky vacuum cleaner.  Although the machine was costly and heavy (around 20 kilograms!), he was inspired: in his mind, the machine became smaller, lighter and less expensive.  And so the Electrolux story started.

This is a sponsored post.

GAT Winner Collection Stove Top Espresso Coffee Pot - Review

 Just look at this wonderfully curvy and cute 2 person Stove Top Espresso Coffee Pot from the Italian maestros G.A.T.

This is a must have for any Espresso coffee lover.  You can enjoy Espresso in just a few minutes and in the comfort of your own home.
Available in eye-catching colours Orange, Purple, Green and Blue.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Save Money and Help Charities with My Favourite Voucher Codes

In this day and age money is tight for so many of us so it's always good to be able to actually save some money on the things you need to buy. My Favourite Voucher Codes shows you all the offers from hundreds and hundreds of online retailers allowing you to save money when you shop online with promo codes. 

 Everything is covered from the weekly food shop, clothing and footwear,   babies and toddlers to things you might need for your home and garden. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Contigo Morgan Autoseal Drinks Mug - Review

 I can't normally get too excited about a drinks mug.  But these fancily designed mugs by Contigo Morgan
are very good-looking, colourful and stylish.
 The Contigo Morgan has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2013

Transportable tea and coffee is an essential part of modern life and the new Contigo Morgan series from Premier Housewares is convenient for doing just that.  They have a nifty auto-seal mechanism protects against spills, advanced thermal insulation ensures that beverages stay hot for longer. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spicy Mango and Chilli Topped Chicken

There's no need to marinate the chicken for hours on end.  Nice juicy chicken fillets topped with a sweet spicy mango and chilli sauce.  Of course you don't have to add any chilli at all if you prefer.
 Serve with a mixture of long grain and wild rice or as always, whatever else takes your fancy.