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Chicken Parmentier - Great Dish for Leftover Roast Chicken

Now before I go on I must tell you I didn't imagine this dish would taste so good and therefore had no intention of writing about it. But after a quick taste when plating up, out came the camera and here we are with not the best photo but hey ho 😐 I was hungry and not in the mood for photography!

Chicken Parmentier I have to admit isn't something I'd heard of before; I know, call myself a food blogger, where have I been?  Anyway I received a box of wine the other day and one of the wines said it goes well with chicken parmentier.  So after having a bit of a Google there was the recipe along with loads of variations; in fact there were more recipes than you can shake a stick at.

But Rick Stein's recipe looked good to me but since I can't follow any recipe without interfering and doing my own thing I added smoked paprika which I'm sure neither Rick Stein or the French wouldn't approve of but I decided it would be a good thing, and as it turns out it was 😋


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