Beef Chilli with Dark Beer and Chocolate

As everyone knows there are a trillion billion 'Best Beef Chilli' recipes out there and many include the addition of chocolate.  Chocolate goes so well in any good beef chilli recipe, but until now I'd never added beer. Well let me tell you this was good stuff and I'll be making it again!

I know there's a long list of ingredients but half of them are just spices; I say this is the perfect make ahead recipe too which means it's a great meal to cook for friends. Whether you serve it with rice or potato wedges and a side salad, or even tortilla chips it's bound to be a hit.

Beef chilli made with beer

Purity Brewery are based in Warwickshire and very kindly sent me some of their Saddle Black beer. I was asked to make a recipe using it along with a few more cans to drink which made the husband pleased as it meant he dinner and beer!

Expedia have come up with this lovely 'Beer Map' of the UK and Ireland's Best Regional Breweries;
Take a look to see which breweries are nearest to you.

All the beers and ales shown on the map are not only great to drink but also to cook with too.  After reading about Purity Saddle Black I discovered that the roasted malts used to craft it give it a taste of chocolate is how my Beef Chilli with Dark Beer and Chocolate recipe came to mind. So yes, beer is not only good for drinking but for with cooking too!

Warm Potato Salad with Spinach Asparagus Tomatoes and Gremolata Dressing

We love potatoes in our house, especially new potatoes. I say new potatoes are just the best thing ever since you don’t even have to peel them!

Now that the baby potato season is now in full swing I was pleased to be asked to try 'Taste the Difference' British Gems Baby New Potatoes which are available right now until the end of August from @Sainsburys - give them a go, we're now hooked on them. Grown by British growers and freshly dug every day before being washed and packed and making their way to Sainsbury’s stores within 48 hours. They have a lovely buttery flavour and are perfect simply boiled and served with a nice salad.

Just recently we've also been trying to eat more spinach and so for my recipe I just had to include it in my warm salad with a gremolata dressing; extra vitamins and all that healthy stuff!

Cheese Tomato and Spinach Stuffed Peppers

Spinach is good for you; yes I know that, we all know that but do we eat enough of the green stuff? I can't say I'm a massive fan but recently I've taken to adding it into things like cottage pie and mashed potato or in a pasta sauce.  So now spinach is my thing!

We eat more peppers in this house than you can shake a stick at!  So with Roasted Stuffed Peppers already on my mind for dinner, I had a thought and decided to tuck spinach in among the tomatoes and the not so good for us cheese.  But the spinach will counteract all the fattening cheese right?

Cheese Tomato and Spinach Stuffed Peppers

I served these with pan fried chicken which I'd coated with smoked paprika for a lovely colour and slightly smoky taste.

Spinach is available all year round but is in season during the spring (March - June) and as I say it's well known for its nutritional qualities and has always been regarded as a plant with amazing abilities to give us energy, increase vitality and even improves the quality of the blood.

Review of Ready Meals by My Healthy Kitchen

My Healthy Kitchen, a new ready meal brand available at Waitrose as well as Ocado and Amazon Fresh.  There are six recipes in the range and each one is under 500 calories, nutritionally balanced and each has their own additional benefits, such as low in fat, sugar, high in protein etc.  myhk are great if you're busy at work and don't always have time for a proper lunch or a home-cooked dinner.
 My Healthy Kitchen Vegetable Risotto Ready Meal

Options available are:
Moroccan Prawn; Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto; Oriental Chicken; Chicken Paella; Pea, Mint & Rocket Risotto; and Prawn Katsu.

Glenilen Farm Yoghurt - Review

Glenilen Farm have quite a range of products that uses milk as the main ingredient.  Milk is sourced from Glenilen and neighbouring farms and for ingredients they can’t supply themselves they search for the best quality ingredients from suppliers who care as much about their products as they do.  This was they ensure that all of their products are made using the best ingredients available.

Having been sent some to try I can tell you they are delicious, nice and creamy and very fruity.  These yoghurts are probiotic low fat and contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

These fruit yoghurts are also available in 500g but just look at the cute little milk churn style glass jars!  Glenilen Farm even have a page on 'Jar Ideas' as of course once washed they can be used for many things as the lid still snaps on tightly after use.

Greek-Style Salad with Potatoes

You've gotta love the ingredients of a simple Greek salad.  But the other afternoon on day two of nice weather, instead of another BBQ I wanted something, quick, easy and relatively healthy.

Yes, yes I know it isn't traditional for a Greek salad to have potatoes or baby salad leaves for that matter, but that's what I fancied doing, so I did. 😊

Greek Salad with Potatoes

No point in me adding amounts since there's no real recipe for this - the amount you make is up to you.  If you can get them it is worth using those pointed red peppers as they are much sweeter and nicer than a bell pepper.  I love bell peppers but they are better cooked.

Spring Summer Men's Fashion - Jacamo

Recently I was given a challenge by Jacamo; to style my man.  Oh yes check me out, food and fashion blogger all in one!

Paul (the husband) was set to do a bit of modeling over the weekend but the weather was and still is horrid.  So instead of waiting another week for the weather to get itself sorted, I decided to just take photos of the clothes instead.  Possibly the best decision since Paul isn't quite supermodel material; although of course he is to me 😉

Anyway, just in case you didn't know, Jacamo is an online men's clothing retailer and also has a great range of footwear, sportswear and accessories.  Big brand names too; Nike, Firetrap, French Connection, Timberland and Pierre Cardin and more.

Back to my challenge:
Here's what we found for Spring, Summer 2017 over at Jacamo.
Paul's a window cleaner and loves to wear shorts; I'm pretty sure if it didn't look too daft he'd wear shorts in the winter too!  So he was well pleased when he discovered Jacamo have such a large range of men's shorts to choose from.

Jo Browns Crazy Cargo Shorts £40 sizes 34 to 54 waist:
Loving these cargo shorts; army based prints with deep pockets, machine washable and easy to iron (on the reverse side).  These shorts are very well made and look like they'd last for years.  By the way the colour is true to life and is called Tobacco.

Jo Browns Crazy Cargo Shorts

He says they're comfortable to wear and are great for a casual look.  I think they'd go nicely with either a plain black, white or perhaps a stone coloured T-shirt.

Chicken Parmentier - Great Dish for Leftover Roast Chicken

Now before I go on I must tell you I didn't imagine this dish would taste so good and therefore had no intention of writing about it. But after a quick taste when plating up, out came the camera and here we are with not the best photo but hey ho 😐 I was hungry and not in the mood for photography!

Chicken Parmentier I have to admit isn't something I'd heard of before; I know, call myself a food blogger, where have I been?  Anyway I received a box of wine the other day and one of the wines said it goes well with chicken parmentier.  So after having a bit of a Google there was the recipe along with loads of variations; in fact there were more recipes than you can shake a stick at.

Chicken Parmentier

But Rick Stein's recipe looked good to me but since I can't follow any recipe without interfering and doing my own thing I added smoked paprika which I'm sure neither Rick Stein or the French wouldn't approve of but I decided it would be a good thing, and as it turns out it was 😋

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Beef Chilli with Dark Beer and Chocolate

As everyone knows there are a trillion billion 'Best Beef Chilli' recipes out there and many include the addition of chocolate.  Cho...