Thursday, 20 October 2016

Protein in Food - all you need to know

Everyone knows that protein is an essential part of our diet but do we understand why it’s so vital and where we can get the most protein from?  It can sometimes be confusing to know what foods can offer the most protein.

I'm loving this infographic as it shows you which foods you can get protein from as part of a healthy balanced diet, no matter if you’re a meat eater, vegan or vegetarian.  You may be surprised with the results shown below.

All You Need To Know About Protein

So the next time you’re preparing your meal, you may want to think about including some of these protein packed foods.  Looks like we should be fine in this house then as we eat a LOT of chicken, eggs, Greek yogurt and cheese (too much cheese probably)! 

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Perfect Partners - Coffee Grinder and Cafetiere from Judge Cookware

Forget 'instant' coffee and instead grind your own beans with this Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Grinder from Judge Cookware.

I'd never used a manual coffee grinder before but it's really simple to use.  All you do is pour in your coffee beans, turn the handle and you have your very own freshly ground coffee.  It does take a good few turns but the smell is amazing which makes it so worth the relatively small amount of effort.


Depending on the way you are going to brew your coffee you can easily adjust the grind setting from coarse to fine - I had the grinder set to fine.

Coffee Grinder

The ceramic burr mechanism means that coffee beans are ground rather than cut which gives maximum aroma and maintains nutrients.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Top Four Halloween Themed Recipes

I know we say it every year but this year really does seem to have flown by and it's almost Halloween again!  Halloween is a time for sweets, chocolates and a whole lot of face paint.  The kids (and even the adults) are in fancy dress, the trick or treaters are on their way and October is already drawing to a close.

This year, try something new, push the Halloween themed boat out, give yourself an excuse to splash out on that Neff oven you have always wanted and have a go at cooking up some spooky, tasty and easy to make treats.  Stand out from the rest of the neighbours, have an amazing Halloween and try your hand at these top four Halloween themed recipes:

#1 Marshmallow People

These little treats are not only great for the kids to enjoy but they can be decorated exactly how you and your children like.  Transform the marshmallows from a boring old sweet to witches, wizards and other spooky people using some sweets and food colouring.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

National Curry Week - Perfect Rosé Wine Parings from Provence Wines

Just in case you didn't know, it's National Curry Week.  Personally I can't think of anything better than a nice cold glass of Rosé to cool down a lovely spicy curry.  Provence Wines have come up with this really delicious looking recipe for Curried Mussels and they've also picked a few of their wines that are the perfect match with curry.

Image supplied by Provence Wines.

Château La Gordonne, Vérité du Terroir, AOP Côtes de Provence, 2015 – £14.99 from Ocado

A bright pink wine showing notes of raspberry and redcurrant that seduces with its elegance and its freshness from the nose to the palate.

Manon, AOP Côtes de Provence, 2015 - £9 from Tesco

Boasting a brilliant pink colour, this delicious dry Rosé from sunny Provence is bursting with  aromas of  pit fruits and white flowers. The mouthfeel is rich yet refreshing with a silky structure and lingering finish.

Château d’Ollières Classique, AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence, 2015 - £12.99 from Selfridges

Château d’Ollières lies between Aix and Nice. Crisp, well balanced with a bouquet redolent of soft spices, this Provençal Rosé comes from a region that is synonymous with this style of wine.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Mini Chopper JEA75 by Judge Cookware - Review

If you're reading this then chances are you may well like cooking, but if you hate the bother of chopping onions and carrots etc. and are looking for a neat little chopper to do the job for you, then this Mini Chopper from Judge Cookware is just what you need.

It's easy to operate, just by pressing down the power button in short bursts until the desired level of chopping has been achieved.  The glass bowl allows you to see your ingredients and check how things are going.

Mini Chopper

The above image has been supplied by Judge Cookware as this product is almost impossible to photograph unless you want to see me in the shiny part of the power unit taking the photo  - not recommended!

Anyway the Mini Chopper made short work of this red onion - just a couple of 5 second bursts and voilà you have nicely chopped onion.  


Fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish can all be chopped as can bread, biscuits and crackers. Liquids up to 0.5L can also be blended at the press of a button making it great for purees and baby food.

The Judge Mini Chopper it also really handy when making soup for one, unless of course you happen to have a Judge Soup Maker which I can recommend if soup is what you cook most as it chops and cooks soup for you; how marvelous is that?

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Tuna Napolitana - Quick and Easy Recipe

If you're stuck for ideas on what to cook for dinner and you're also in a hurry, this tasty Tuna Napolitana can be on the table and ready to eat in just 15 minutes; and most of the time I've quoted is bringing a pan of water to the boil to cook the pasta.

There are no fancy spices or expensive ingredients to buy either.  To find out what the big secret is please read on.......

Packet Mix

The secret is a packet mix!

Yep it's true - Knorr Naturally Tasty packet mixes have been designed to make authentic, great tasting meals that are quick and easy to prepare.  Of course I love cooking and so I wouldn't normally use a packet mix but having been sent some to try I have to say I'm impressed and love that they contain real vegetables and all the herbs, spices and seasoning.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Buyers Guide to Olive Oil

I do love Olive Oil and use it almost daily one way or another; either for cooking, making a simple salad dressing or mixed with a little balsamic vinegar for dipping bread.

With so many different kinds of Olive oil available it can be confusing to choose the best match for what you are going to use it for.  For example, did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn't the best oil for cooking and as it's the most expensive olive oil it is actually a bit of a waste?

So if you're not sure which oil to choose check out this very useful infographic by Jamie's Italian and you'll see that different olive oil's are suited to different foods too; oh yes, there's a lot more to olive oil than you might have thought!


Disclosure:  All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received a small payment to cover my time writing this post. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Strawberry and Prosecco Jam - Tate and Lyle Recipe

Making jam isn't really a difficult thing, it can't be because if I can make jam anyone can!  Of course using top quality fruit is pretty much vital for good results and the type of sugar you use is going to make all the difference to your jam.  Tate & Lyle Jam Sugar is definitely the hero ingredient for making jam happen since it has the perfect balance of sugar and pectin.

I was recently sent a jam making kit from Tate & Lyle which included Jam Sugar and four lovely jam recipes including this one and since we both LOVE strawberries I set about making Strawberry and Prosecco Jam.

Jam making

Fruits with a high pectin level work best such as blackcurrants and redcurrants, cooking apples and damsons - Oooh and by the way, I think damsons make the most amazing tasting jam (just saying).

Fruits with medium pectin levels include raspberries, tayberries and apricots.  The lowest pectin levels are found in strawberries, cherries and rhubarb so therefore they are more difficult to set and of course jam isn't jam if it doesn't set.


Apart from the wonderful jam you'll have another good thing about this particular recipe is you only need what amounts to a small glass of Prosecco which leaves the question; what to do with the rest of the bottle?.......silly question; hic!