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Gousto Food Boxes - do the recipes really work?

There are a few online recipe box delivery people out there and I've tried many of them.  But when it comes to the actual recipes I say Gousto have nailed it.  I'm really not meaning to sound like an advert, I'm just saying.  I once joined in a 'Cookalong' with Toshiba and Gousto and their Persian Halloumi recipe has been made loads ever since in this house.

You know how it is, you see a recipe in a book and have a go at making it but most times it never actually looks quite the same as the picture in the book; well they don't for me anyway!  But I've found Gousto recipes really do work and yes these are my own photos and I can tell you they turned out the same as the picture supplied on the recipe card in the box.  Be sure to keep reading this post as I have a special DISCOUNT code for my readers 😃

This Curried Chicken with Sultana Rice with Indian Carrot Slaw was really easy to make as was the other recipe in the box; Chicken Red Pepper and Lemongrass C…

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