Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Competition - Win a Luxury Italian Cooking Kit courtesy of Galbani® worth over £350

One lucky reader of A Glug of Oil will WIN an Ultimate Italian Cooking Kit courtesy of Galbani® worth over £350!! 
Containing an Italian fresh pasta maker, Alessi Spaghetti Tongs and a whole host of Harvey Nichols food goodies.  
Plus six month’s supply of Galbani®  Dolcelatte® and another six month’s worth of Galbani® Mozzarella cheese - delizioso!
From steaming spaghetti bolognaise to scrumptious pizza, layers of decadent lasagne to zesty bruschetta – Italian food is rich, varied and always best shared with loved ones. 
Now Italian food lovers have the chance to win an Ultimate Italian Cooking Kit that will kick start their Italian culinary skills, plus an entire year’s worth of delectable Italian cheese, thanks to Galbani®, Italy’s No. 1 cheese.
 Luxury Italian Cooking Kit courtesy of Galbani® worth over £350 containing a whole host of delicious food from Harvey Nicols, an Italian Fresh Pasta maker, Alessi Spaghetti Tongs, a   Galbani®  cheese board and  six month’s supply of Galbani®  Dolcelatte® and ANOTHER six month’s worth of Galbani®  Mozzarella cheese.
Also included in the prize are the following from Harvey Nichols:
Balsamic Vinegar
Catucci Man Tea Towel
Chargrilled peppers
Fiano 2009 (wine)
Pesto alla Genocese
Mixed Olives in Olive Oil
Antipasti Mushrooms
Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Spaghetti Caddy
Tomato and Rocket Pasta Sauce

 Whether you are looking to infuse a dish with Italian authenticity or try something new, Galbani® cheeses are authentically made in Italy to satisfy the most diverse warm cooking needs.  From creamy Dolcelatte®, to fresh and milky Mozzarella, indulgent Mascarpone to light yet creamy Ricotta, Galbani® cheeses form an essential part of everyday modern cooking. 

To be in with a chance of winning the Ultimate Italian Cooking Kit, 
all you have to do is name the tricolours which make up the national flag of Italy: 
*Please note you can either leave your answer in a comment below or send it to me in an email with the subject 'Galbani Comp' - not forgetting to include your name.
A)  Blue, White and Red
B)  Black, Red and Gold
or C)  Green, White and Red 

This competition will end on on Friday 14th October at 3pm.  
The winner will be picked at random by Galbani® (suppliers of this fantastic prize) and the winner will be announced here and if possible contacted by email by myself.
Competition Now ENDED - and the winner is.......
'E Sellings' entry via email.  
Congratulations to you!!

Competition Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Lamb with Boulangère Potatoes - Recipe

Melt in the mouth lamb cooked in a lovely rich white wine and rosemary sauce topped with boulangère potatoes.  Potatoes cooked this way soak up the lovely sauce on the bottom and are nice and crispy on top.
Whats not to like? 
Marks and Spencer sell Lamb Boulangère in their 'Bistro' range and after seeing it the other day I thought, I could make that!
It's along the lines of Lancashire hotpot, but the wine and rosemary in the sauce makes it a little bit more fancy.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Good Energy - Low Carbon Cooking Recipes

Good Energy have recipes that have been prepared by top chef Arthur Potts Dawson with a view to reducing the carbon footprint when cooking.

Lovely Autumn/Winter recipes from Good Energy are:
Pictures supplied by Good Energy - 
you didn't think I'd had serious photography lessons over night did you?!
Ham and Apple Pie:
A bit like Shropshire fidget pie - which I've been meaning to make for an age now.
Sweetcorn, Chilli and Coriander Griddle cakes:
Ps: I will be these making asap!
Chicken with Fennel, Sweet Potato and Thyme:
and a Lemon Ricotta Cake:

Good Energy has teamed up with green chef Arthur Potts Dawson to produce a guide to inspire consumers to make better choices about how they buy, store and prepare food; alongside some seasonal recipes which can help you cut carbon without compromising on taste.  Arthur shares Good Energy’s passion for ethical and ecologically sourced food.  And energy.....
For a copy of 'Good Energy Good Kitchen' containing these recipes and more, please email or you can visit the Good Energy stand at The Real Food Harvest Festival (23rd – 25th September). 
You can visit Good Energy for more information.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off - Piri Piri Chicken

As part of a team of bloggers involved in the Tesco Real Food Cook Off 
I was asked to make a recipe from last nights Channel 5 show 'Real Food Family Cook Off' shown Tuesdays at 7.30pm
 I made Filipas Kay's Piri Piri Chicken with chips and salad - very yummy it was too!
Having no picture to go by and having not seen the program at the time of making this, it was a challenge for me too!  
So, armed with all the ingredients, it was time to get busy in the kitchen.
The Piri Piri chicken was served with chips although I did wedges:

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food and Cook-Along Too!

The recipe book by 'Innocent' is full of lovely looking recipes that are not only quick, but easy too. 
This book shows you how to make delicious healthy food at home and get the kids involved in the kitchen at the same time.  
We don't have any children but if we did I'd be sure to get them in that kitchen, and get cooking as early as possible!! 
 Seriously, I personally think too many parents feed their kids junk food.  With most, I believe it's just a case of simply not knowing how to cook in the first place.  Your whole family will benefit health-wise from you learning to cook a few basic recipes and cooking yourself is far, far cheaper than buying ready meals. 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Huge Yorkshire Puddings

If you want huge Yorkshire pudding this is how!  By mistake I used self raising flour instead of plain and the result is HUGE Yorkshire puds.

I shouldn't think they'd win me a prize for looks but hey ho - they were crispy and they did rise!

As you can see they took over the tin (and the oven too)!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Toblerone Snowballs

At the time of writing it's a little bit early for Christmas stuff, but I made these the other week - they were the result of an experiment that went wrong.  Toblerone Snowballs, Truffles, Sweets? Call them what you will but here they are!

I discovered that when you add runny honey to melted Toblerone it immediately goes like stiff sticky goo, but fear not - this is how my Toblerone snowballs are made!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tiny Toblerone Cheesecakes - Three Ways

 Individual no bake Toblerone Cheesecakes each using a different filling of White, Dark and Milk Toblerone Tinys.  You will need metal food rings which can be purchased in any good cookware shop or online at Amazon.

These cheesecakes are very rich so therefore you really do only want tiny individual cheesecakes. On with the recipe!

Chicken with Tarragon and Marsala Mushroom Sauce

 Now, I've made Tarragon sauce before, but this is my best recipe yet.
Yes, this is the bees knees of Tarragon sauce recipes!
  The sauce was an experiment and I'd say the use of Marsala instead of the usual white wine really makes this recipe.
Of course you can serve more than two - just double the recipe ingredients for four.
 Marsala wine is available in any good supermarket and can be used in many other recipes.  If you can't get it, or simply don't want to buy it, just use a sweet white wine instead.  The sauce, I'm sure will still be delicious - just not as good as this was - sorry! 

Dominos Firenze New Gourmet Pizza - a Review

Not too long ago Domino's pizza introduced 'Gourmet Specials'.  With three different pizzas in the Gourmet range - which to choose?
We went for the Firenze.
         *Firenze - Ventricina Salami, Pepperoni and Peruvian Roquito Peppers.
Other pizzas in the Gourmet range are: 
*Florentine - Baby Spinach, Sun-blush Baby Plum Tomatoes and Greek Feta Cheese.

*Rustica - Chicken breast strips, naturally smoked bacon rashers, baby spinach and Sun-blush baby plum tomatoes.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Find Me A Gift - Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensils!

Find Me a Gift - what a great site!  They have a huge range of gifts to suit everyone.
Joseph Joseph are well known for their good looking products, all of which are of high quality. I was very kindly sent this Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensil Set to put to the test in the kitchen!
 They not only look good and are very well packaged too.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Steak and Kidney Pie with Black Sheep Ale

Yesterday I felt the need (as you do) to make steak and kidney pie with ale.  Now, you either like kidneys or you don't - simple.  If you don't like them don't put them in and you'll still have a delicious steak pie.
My addition of Black Sheep Ale in this I think really made it something special.  The gravy (even though there was only a relatively small amount) tasted good - really good.
 Once again - not the best of pictures but I can't be letting my dinner get cold just to take a picture - blog or no blog sorry!  Trying to take a picture of something that's steaming hot is near on impossible.
Lambs kidney's don't take very long to cook at all so having read a recipe by Gordon Ramsay and found he adds them in at the end I did the same - what a marvelous idea!
You can use Ox kidney but as I understand it they take longer to cook so you will need to add them into the casserole along with the meat as you would normally.  
Anyway, on with the recipe....

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Not Quite Jamie Oliver's Elvis Burger

I say not quite Jamie's Elvis Burger for two reasons:
  The first because I thought they sounded way too massive at 250g (9oz) each (and that's coming from a quite a greedy person).  I'm sure I've missed the point of it being called an Elvis burger because mine were smaller.
The second reason for my burgers being 'not quite Elvis' is because having used half the beef that Jamie did to make 4 burgers, I still used the same amount of spices and mustard etc.
    Result - excellent!
They tasted really good and I'll be making these again!
My picture isn't too amazing but you get the gist.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Jan's Spaghetti Carbonara for Two Greedy People

Although there's no cream to be found in this Carbonara, it's still delicious.
So very easy to do and ready in the time it takes to boil the pasta.
Now that can't be bad for a quick and filling weekday meal!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mango and Chilli Sticky Glazed Chicken

Well the weather yesterday here in the UK was actually hot, yes I know it was a shock to us all.
So out came the BBQ! I hadn't planned on having one yesterday so scouted round looking for stuff I could BBQ without going to the shops.
After a quick think I came up with a nice sticky mango and chilli marinade for some chicken breast fillets I had in the fridge.
 I also roasted some bell peppers and toasted some garlic bread - all done on the BBQ and a fine time was had!