Saturday, 28 May 2011

Nicely Spiced Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Preserved Lemons

A nicely spiced, easy to make, very tasty Moroccan chicken dish.  Just the right amount of sweetness and great for a dinner party.
I think a Tagine looks impressive taken straight to the table and dinner served from the Tagine.
Don't you just love the combination of fruit and nuts used in Moroccan cooking?
 So - here's my much titivated 'made up as I went along' recipe that turned out very nice indeed!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Tesco Real Food Challenge - Great Prizes to be won

Do you fancy winning one of dozens of great prizes?  Or even the chance 
to be on TV?!  

If so, all you have to do is enter the Tesco Real Food Challenge
First of all, decide what food best matches your mood.  Pick a category and submit your recipe - it's as simple as that.
You could even go on to appear in a fantastic new TV show this September! 

I'm on the panel of judges and have been paired up with Tim Lovejoy for the category "Date Night Dinners". 
You can meet the other food bloggers - we look forward to seeing your recipes (especially in the 'Date Night Dinner' category over at the Tesco Real Food Challenge!

The list of categories are as follows:
Breakfast on the Go
Date Night Dinners
Family Favourites
Heartbreak Healers
Me-time meals
Take-away at Home
Talk and Fork
More Than Four

I will very soon be interviewing Tim Lovejoy so be sure to look out for my next Tesco Real Food post to find out how it went!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Aubergine Tomato and Goats Cheese Stacked on Garlic Bread

Slices of aubergine, tomato and goats cheese all stacked together on toasted  garlic bread - a lovely starter to a meal.
In my fridge was a nice beef tomato an aubergine and one round of goats cheese, I came up with this.  It's really easy to do too.

Special Cupcakes Book - Giveaway

New Holland Publishers have a fantastic range of food and drink books. 
This great new book contains over 50 recipes for exciting, new and special cupcakes. Packed full of cupcake recipes for festive celebrations such as Christmas, parties, Valentine's Day, Weddings and Baby Showers.
There are some interesting recipes for cupcakes using interesting ingredients and unusual flavours. There's also a chapter on not-so-guilty treats such as carrot, orange and cinnamon cupcakes and beetroot and bitter chocolate cupcakes.
 Everyone can have up to three entries to this competition!  See the rules below.

Competition Rules:
The winner must have a UK address.
To be entered into the competition: You must leave a comment on this post including your name. If you are posting as Anonymous I won't be able to contact you if you win.

For a SECOND entry: Please sign up for the free news letter over at New Holland Publishers here and tell me you done so in your comment.

For a THIRD entry: Pop over and New Holland Publishers Facebook page and 'like' it.  Again tell me you've done so in your comment.
  The winner will be picked at random next Saturday 28th May at noon and I will email announce the winner in this post, on A Glug of Oil FaceBook page and on Twitter.
Good Luck Everyone!
Competition Now Closed - and the winner is Louise!
Congratulations Louise!  Please can you email me your full postal address so the publisher can send it to you direct.

If you wasn't lucky enough to win a copy in this competition
you can buy a copy over at the New Holland Publishers website
Special Cupcakes is £12.99 however using the code GFR you will get 25% discount and FREE postage and packing!
**Offer valid until 1st October 2011 to UK residents only and can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr - the Video

Readers of this blog will remember, a couple of weeks ago I went to the 
'Best of British' Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr.  
Well here's a short video of the day!

Thank you again to Marco Pierre White and Knorr and of course Jen, Alastair and Neil for inviting me along.  

The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion - Book Review

The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion is published by Quirk Books. It's a guide to better living through alcohol, and proves that this can be done! 

It covers a huge range of drinks for every occasion - and I mean EVERY occasion!
There's a drink for 'The Coldest Day of Winter', a drink for 'The First Time Father'  and even a drink to 'Erase the Memory of Your Own Name'......
not too sure about that one! 

Featuring 151 new and classic cocktails it matches these with many social situations, dates, rites-of-passage, occurrences
– both those we encounter each and every day, and some that may be rarer!
Each drink comes with a history of how it came about, ingredients, instructions, an illustration of the glass to serve it in,
and a commentary on why it suits the event or occasion.

This is a great little book is that everyone should have a copy of.  As you flick through the pages it's also full of amusing quotes. 

Picking one at random which made me laugh was this:
"If your doctor warns that you have to watch your drinking, find a bar with a mirror" - John Mooney.
Published by Quirk Books in hardback at £9.99 and it's out next month.

A big thank you to Mat at PGUK Publishers Group for sending me a, I'm off to make a drink!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Grow Your Own Veg!

With food prices getting more and more expensive these days - why not pop over to Love the and get inspired to Grow Your Own?!

Grow your own infographic from
LoveTheGarden have a FaceBook page too!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pan-fried Chicken with Lemon and Thyme

Oooh now, this is another scrummy recipe just like my previous post it uses a Knorr stock cube made into a paste. Marco Pierre White did this recipe at his Masterclass for Knorr last week - you can read my blog post here.
However, I didn't have chicken fillets with the skin on - but the taste is the same. In a word.....Delicious!
Simple skinless chicken fillet, pan-fried and all done ready to serve in about 15 minutes.
And that includes making the paste and heating up your pan - can't be bad!

Cobra Beer - The Perfect Drink for Curry

Did you know that all but one Indian restaurants in the UK with a Michelin star serve Cobra Beer?
It's the perfect complement to curry!
 Traditional flavours, aroma, and smoothness make it the ideal drink to release the sophisticated tastes of Indian cuisine.
If you love curry like we do, pop over 'We Love Curry' FaceBook page. 
 I was very kindly sent some Cobra beer to try (which pleased Paul the husband) as you can imagine!  
He hadn't tried 'King Cobra' before so was keen to give it a go.  Although it was 8% ABV which is quite strong for a beer, he loved it! 

Alongside Cobra Beer Premium, a 5% ABV lager, the Cobra family also includes King Cobra, the world’s first double fermented Pilsner-style lager (8%ABV) for discerning drinkers and the perfect, indulgent, complement to banquets of the finest Indian cuisine.
Thank you to Juliette for sending us some to try.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Curried Chicken with Watercress - Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Readers of this blog will know from my previous post I recently spent the day with Marco Pierre White courtesy of Knorr.  Marco makes a paste with Knorr stock cubes and olive oil and uses it as a seasoning for meat, chicken or fish.
 We were given Marco's recipe for Curried Chicken with Watercress.  It won't be available on the Knorr website until next month, but we've been given permission to publish it now!  It's really very easy to make too.
Of course my picture isn't anything like as good as the professional one that will be on their website!
  I served this with baby new potatoes - simple but oh so very nice.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Like myself, have you ever wondered, does 3 Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White really use Knorr stock cubes?  Well I can tell you he does!  
After very kindly being invited to 'Best of British' Masterclass with Marco in his restaurant 'Marco' in London, I got to see just how he uses Knorr stock cubes.
He makes a seasoning paste from them - what a marvelous idea!
So easy too!  He just crumbles a Knorr stock cube into a bowl and adds a little olive oil, then mixes well to form a paste.  
To make a paste for steak Marco mixed a Knorr stock cube with a little olive oil and added a some finely chopped rosemary.  He smeared this over each steak before cooking on a grill pan.
The rib-eye steak he cooked tasted so, so good!
Marco then made a paste for chicken but added grated lemon zest to the paste instead of rosemary.  
Of course, as he said, you can add whatever you fancy.  For example, if you like cayenne pepper, add that instead of the lemon zest.
When the chicken was cooked it was amazing - chicken breast - skin on. Perfectly crispy skin, despite him insisting the way to make the skin crispy on either chicken or duck, was by putting it into a COLD pan!
Neither the other blogger's or I had ever heard of such a thing.  But in front of our eyes he did it.  Totally crispy and so very tasty from the Knorr seasoning he'd put on it before cooking.  
Marco put the chicken into a COLD pan - skin side down and let it heat up slowly.  The fat starts to cook, rendering it down.  But the chicken doesn't cook hardly at all at this point - keeping it lovely and moist.  Then the heat is turned up before turning the chicken over.  He then put the pan into the oven for about 5 minutes to finish off the cooking.  
Of course a quick check is needed to make sure the chicken is cooked though and if not, just return to the stove top to continue cooking.  A couple of minutes will do the job nicely.  
 Just a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil before serving and the end result was oh so good!
 Marco then went on to cook tuna - again using a Knorr stock cube as a  seasoning.  He cooked two tuna steaks, one with salt and one with a Knorr paste.  
We all agreed the tuna seasoned with Knorr tasted far better.   
I've since cooked his tuna recipe myself and although my pictures are in no way as good as this professional one - I'll share the recipe with you in post in the very near future.
Doesn't that dressing look amazing?!
 As you can see below, everyone of us had a great time and found Marco to be such a lovely person.  
He really was genuinely interested in us all, and answered our questions in great detail.  Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him, or his staff at his restaurant.  
The kind people from Knorr were very friendly and welcoming too.   
 The day was filmed too for the Knorr website.  The picture below was taken by myself and shows the camera crew:
You can see a fantastic selection of Marco's Masterclasses and recipes using Knorr over at the Knorr website.
We all had a lovely dinner after wards in Marco's restaurant.  I had steak which was cooked to absolute perfection.  Indeed the best steak I think I've ever had.
Marco kindly signed our 'Knorr' aprons for us:
 Next month on the Knorr website, Marco will be cooking 'Curried Chicken with Watercress' and as I've already been given the recipe, I've already cooked it.
It was delicious!  More about that in the next post.....
 For now, here's a taster (not literally)....just a picture sorry!
Picture courtesy of Knorr  - you didn't really think this was one of 'my' pictures did you?!! 
I'd like to say a massive thank you to Knorr, Marco Pierre White, Jen, Alastair and Neil for such a fantastic day.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Beetroot and Feta Side Salad with Walnuts

Earlier this week I went to Marco Pierre White's restaurant 'Marco' in London for the Best of British campaign with Knorr.  Much more about that as soon as I'm sent through the professional pictures of the day - it was a fantastic experience.  We were all fed very well indeed and along with the rib eye steak was a lovely side salad of thinly sliced beetroot with crumbled feta and walnuts.  Delicious!  
This picture is of my attempt at making it - the real thing can be seen after the page jump.
 The restaurant salad looked far better than this one I made last night as you will see in a bit!  

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Try Something Different with Pork - Teriyaki Pork Steaks

Liven up some nice pork loin steaks with just a few ingredients.  Not that there's anything at all wrong with simple pan-fried pork, but just for a change why not try this?
Of course you can buy Teriyaki marinade ready made in a jar from your local supermarket - but this, I promise will taste far, far better.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pepper, Onion, Tomato and Mozzarella Tray Bake - Oven or BBQ

 This can of course, also be cooked on the BBQ, or you can pop it into the oven as I did yesterday. 
Much the same as my Feta tray bake I made the other week, but with nice melty Mozzarella.
Get yourself one of those nice big foil tray.  If you're cooking it on the BBQ you will need a good one, nothing too flimsy.    
There is no real recipe for this - just more or less what takes your fancy but I've done a printable recipe anyway!