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Beetroot and Feta Side Salad with Walnuts

Earlier this week I went to Marco Pierre White's restaurant 'Marco' in London for the Best of British campaign with Knorr. Much more about that as soon as I'm sent through the professional pictures of the day - it was a fantastic experience.

We were all fed very well indeed and along with the rib eye steak was a lovely side salad of thinly sliced beetroot with crumbled feta and walnuts. Delicious!

This picture is of my attempt at making it - the real thing can be seen after the page jump.

Beetroot and Feta Side Salad with Walnuts

The restaurant salad looked far better than this one I made last night as you will see in a bit!

Here's the one from the restaurant - looking a lot more elegant than mine!

Beetroot and Feta Side Salad with Walnuts by Marco Pierre White

Yield: Any amount

Beetroot and Feta Side Salad

There isn't a recipe as such for this but you will need a mandolin slicer as the beetroot slices need to be really very thin.


So, all you need is some cooked beetroot (not from a jar and without vinegar).  You can buy it ready cooked in a pack in any good supermarket.

Feta - crumbled
a glug of Extra virgin olive oil
a few leaves - say parsley, Greek basil or torn basil.  I think Greek basil is just so pretty and the leaves are so small you don't have to tear them.
a few chopped walnuts and a little salt and pepper to season


Arrange the beetroot slices on a round plate starting in the middle and slightly over lapping each slice move towards the edge till the plate is covered in one layer only.  Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Crumble over the feta, sprinkle over the walnuts and season lightly.

Put the leaves on top and drizzle with a little more olive oil.
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  1. Looks delish no matter what Jan!! I love beetroot in any way shape or form. This looks just wonderful! What a great experience for you. Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Hi Jan

    Your dish looks fabulous! Looking forward to seeing lots of the pics of the evening!

    Nicola xxx

  3. Jan, your salad looks every bit as good as the restaurant's..plus there's Feta in there!

  4. Your dish looks great. It's a lovely idea, so simple too. Just need to wait for my beetroot to get bigger than the current 1 cm high seedlings!

  5. I loved the beetroot salad too and was going to mention it. You've done a great job replicating!! Can't wait to try it too. Ren

  6. Whoever said frou frou beetroot was better. Not me! Your's looks fabulous Jan!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

  7. I love what you did here. It looks like a really good representation of what we were given with our lunch.

    I'm working up my courage to make and blog my own take on it soon... ;)

    // Mike


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