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Why homemade Philly Cheesesteak is better

The best Philly Cheesesteak is homemade!

While everyone has the right to eat whatever they choose, it is vital to remember that not all foods are created equal.

Cheesesteak with fries.

You are, for the most part, what you eat. Therefore, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and consume a balanced diet of nutritious foods, you'll grow healthier.

Nowadays, people have busy lifestyles, so many are opting for takeout meals instead of preparing home-cooked ones.

For example, if you want the best Philly cheesesteaks near you, the restaurant you ordered from can deliver the order to your doorstep. This level of convenience is what contemporary society desires.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with ordering takeout meals, it’s possible that you could also make your own Philly cheesesteak at home.

There are many reasons why homemade is better than takeout.

Making your own food gives you more control over what you ingest in your body and more freedom in preparing your meals. That said, here’s a list of reasons homemade food may be better.

1. It’s Healthy

Generally, meals prepared at home are much healthier than takeout or fast food. Your favourite fast food may taste good, but it may have additives that are harmful to you. But, when you prepare food at home, the product's nutritional content is preserved.

The fast food you buy will typically have a lot of oil, butter, and spices, which may not be healthy, especially if consumed regularly.

However, when you cook at home, you control how much oil you use and may exclude any unhealthy ingredients or artificial flavours.

Also, you have complete control over what goes into your meals when you prepare them from fresh ingredients. That could significantly improve your general health.

2. Allows you to Monitor Calorie Intake

The calories in the meal you order at a restaurant or takeout are sometimes not listed. Takeout may have a lot of sugar, salt, and saturated fats. This is what causes your calorie intake to skyrocket.

Therefore, checking or quantifying your caloric intake when consuming fast food becomes challenging. But, with homemade meals, you can easily measure portion sizes for yourself to regulate calorie intake.

You may use the nutritional information on the product labels or recipes if you're preparing meals from scratch.

For people who may be on a diet, this can make a world of difference because you have the flexibility to explore different recipes while maintaining calorie intake.

3. It’s Fun, Creative, and Engaging

If you’re a fan of cheesesteaks, you can always go to a Philly cheesesteak restaurant near you. But there’s no fun in ordering a takeout Philly cheesesteak.

When you prepare a Philly cheesesteak for yourself at home, you have the freedom to play around with flavours and try out other recipes.

For instance, you can create whatever meal you choose and even mix it up with recipes like cheese stuffed mushroom.

A man making cheesesteak on a an outside grill.

4. It’s Economical

Whether you’re ordering takeout or going to a restaurant, you’ll have to pay to get a meal. It might not seem too pricey initially if you order takeout for every meal.

However, the costs will mount up and may become quite uneconomical. Nevertheless, homemade meals are the most cost-effective option.

Undoubtedly, home-cooked meals are less expensive than takeout. Buying vegetables in bulk and preparing meal portions is far less costly than ordering takeout.

Moreover, you can always pack homemade meal portions in insulated food containers to bring them to work.

5. You Can Control Portion Sizes

When ordering takeout or going to a restaurant, you don’t have much control over portion sizes. Takeout occasionally comes in big servings that you may be unable to save for another day. Even if you do, it may not taste the same when you warm it up the next day.

In contrast, you won't get full if the portion is too small. You won't experience this if you prepare your home-cooked meals. Even if you prepare a great amount of food, you can save the leftovers for later consumption.

6. Saves Time

Even though you could order fast food takeout, the restaurant still needs some time to prepare a meal and then deliver it to you.

Preparing that food can take some time. If you choose a drive-through takeout option, you might have to wait in line behind many vehicles. But if you decide to prepare home-cooked meals, you won’t have to wait in any lines.

When you have some free time, you can always prepare large meals in advance and keep them warm in a hot case. Therefore, even if you're pressed for time, you can reheat it, and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

7. Helps Manage Food Allergies

Some people may have allergic reactions to certain foods and spices. When buying takeout, you aren’t always aware of the ingredients used. Therefore, the likelihood of allergic food reactions is relatively high when eating takeout.

So, it would be best to cook your meals at home without using any ingredients you are allergic to and preserve them in insulated food containers.

8. Helps You to Connect with Friends and Family

Cooking has the power to bring friends and family together. Food is the one item that can deepen bonds between people, whether you're merely throwing a barbecue or brunch. A nice meal can brighten any gathering.

Even though you can always sit down and enjoy a meal you ordered from a restaurant, it may not be as satisfying. Preparing a home-cooked meal can be much more exciting since you can share the experience with your family and friends.

You can prepare various dishes from many cuisines and have a full gourmet trip at home. Plus, you can experiment with various flavours and learn new culinary techniques from your companions.


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s normal for people to rely on various takeout alternatives.

But ordering takeout may have significant health effects in the long run. This is because some restaurants use unhealthy ingredients.

However, switching to home-cooked meals allows you to regulate your intake much more efficiently since you have control over what you consume.

So, if you love Philly cheesesteaks, you may be better off preparing them yourself.

Additionally, home-cooked meals are much more cost-effective. Therefore, try incorporating home-cooked meals into your lifestyle as much as possible. Your body and your wallet will thank you for it.

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